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What are the benefits of Blockchain technology for women ?

What are the benefits of Blockchain technology for women ?

According to Nigeria’s former foreign and finance minister, the G20 should look at Blockchain solutions to reduce the gender gap and benefits of Blockchain technology for women.

Antidolos spoke today at the G20 High-Level Independent Panel on Financing the Global Commons for Pandemic Preparedness and Response, inquiring of regulators and politicians on how Blockchain technology may assist foster financial inclusion for women during COVID-19 beyond. 

Of sure, Blockchain adds more transparency to the way business is done and eliminates intermediaries,” said the WTO director-general. “I believe that the capacity to include these transactions in the asset sector can be beneficial for women who are frequently denied access to credit. I believe this is a fantastic idea, and it is something we should investigate.”

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We have enabled more benefits of Blockchain technology for women to trade Crypto

According to Gretchen Howard,  Crypto investments are “stereotyped as a male-dominated area,” but she has witnessed a considerable increase for women over the last two years.

The chief operating officer of a stock and Cryptocurrency trading software wants to see a big increase in female users. It comes out especially when it comes to Cryptocurrency investment and benefits of Blockchain technology for women .

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Gretchen Howard stated that the number of women using the trading app has more than tripled, indicating a 369 percent rise year-over-year. Furthermore, in March, the platform claimed that 40% of its active female clients were trading Cryptocurrency, a seven-fold increase from 2020.

To me, it feels like we’ve given these ladies the ability to trade cryptocurrency,” Howard said. “[Crypto] is a relatively novel concept, especially for individuals who are new to investing. It’s also portrayed as a male-dominated environment.

The COO has been with them since early 2019, after leaving a partner role at venture capital firm CapitalG. She claims to hold some tokens herself. Earlier this year, she expressed her desire for “a big rise of female investors on the platform.

As of early 2021, about 30% of its active clients were women, according to them. The trading app has more than 30 million users as of June, with 18 million having paid accounts.

Investment of women in Cryptocurrencies

According to a Gemini survey issued in April, benefits of Blockchain technology for women are more interested in investing in Cryptocurrencies for the first time than men. Still, they are underrepresented in the Blockchain and Crypto industries, according to a World Economic Forum report. BDC Consulting. A Blockchain consulting business headquartered in the United States said that incorporating more women as speakers at Crypto conferences and expanding their media presence may boost engagement in the field.

They allegedly still scrutinize by regulators as part of their application to the United States. For an initial public offering, the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, is responsible. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ordered the company to pay $70 million in fines and reparations to consumers who claimed the platform caused them “widespread and severe harm” on June 30.

They submitted a Form S-1 registration statement with the SEC the next day, indicating their desire to raise $100 million in their possible Nasdaq debut. Following the uproar surrounding GameStop deals earlier this year, regulators are still probing into the trading app’s business methods. Do you want to find the latest Blockchain News and learn about the benefits of Blockchain technology for women ? Stay with Antidolos Cryptocurrency news untill the end of this article.

In many nations, women have had more difficulty obtaining financial services than males. A condition that may have been worsened by the pandemic’s closure of many financial institutions. Many experts have suggested that bitcoin and Blockchain tech increase financial inclusion in regions where infrastructure is inadequate. Such as developing countries. Women, in particular, may face extensive travel times to reach credit providers. Limitations on opening bank accounts, and even the inability to own property lawfully.

Underrepresented in benefits of Blockchain technology for women

According to a World Economic Forum report released in April. Women are still underrepresented in the benefits of Blockchain technology for women and Crypto businesses. The World Trade Organization has previously said that women’s economic empowerment is a priority for the organization in terms of wealth generation and poverty reduction. With the organization offering digital solutions:

What is remarkable is that using online platforms to conduct e-commerce may be a simple and cost-effective method for women to trade worldwide. Reach new foreign markets, and harness their entrepreneurship.

The use of digital currencies as a form of payment and Blockchain for banking in India and other purposes might be a natural extension of this viewpoint. It’s uncertain how particular economies would react. As some affluent countries reopen despite high vaccination rates while others stay partially or completely closed.

Gender parity within fast-growth professions in benefits of Blockchain technology for women

The “Global Gender Gap Report” is in its 15th year of tracking the growth of gender-based disparities in four areas:

  • Economic participation and opportunity
  • Educational achievement
  • Health and survival
  • Political engagement and involvement

And also political empowerment, according to Vesselina Ratcheva, new economy and society lead for the World Economic Forum.

Rachel went on to say that the research focuses on gender parity in high-growth fields. Including cloud computing, engineering, artificial intelligence, content creation. People and culture, and so on, as well as the sorts of skills required for each. Of the eight main employment clusters examined in the research, only people, culture. And content creation presently gendered equal, says the report.

To sum-up

While the study does not directly mention Blockchain trends or Cryptocurrency. Rachel noted that areas including cloud computing, data, artificial intelligence, engineering. And product development expects to have a large representation of both benefits of Blockchain technology for women and digital asset professionals. We would love to have more connections with you and help you to Request analysis ICO on the top Blockchain news website.


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