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Weblock (WON) ICO Rating and Review

Weblock IEO Rating and Review

WeBlock (WON) ICO is suspected of fraud


Weblock (WON) ICO is a creative project but unfortunately is a scam.

Block means a large number of things regarded as a unit. Like building blocks. So "WeBlock" means WE are working in several different fields. If we consider "Block" to mean blocking, this phrase will not have a good meaning.WeBlock is a good name. Although not very creative and attractive, it is very simple and fluent and has no problem with pronunciation. But we preferred a unique and original name.

Score: 8/10

-Creative Project
-Ambitious Idea
-Add Value to the Market
-Large Target Market
-Some simple prototype
-High Profitability Potential
-Too Risky
-7 platforms with the lowest number of members
-No Demo Version or MVP
-Poor on Social Media
-Slow Pace of Business Growth
-A Crowded Business
-Low PR

Score: 7/10

-Acceptable Volume
-Complete Explanations
-Token Distribution
-Token Economic System
-No Legal Information
-No Team Introduction
-No Introduction to Social Networks
-No Privacy Policy or disclaimer
-No Revenue Model
-Exaggerated Business

Weblock ICO rating and review is a messy project. In fact, they plan to build a very large structure that will cover more than 7 different platforms and ideas. From building a community instantly to a payment network and a trading platform. This may be very good at first glance. But they show much bigger than they really are. Without any strong social media and with the least number of members, they want to start this big business. As a result, we are sure that they will not succeed.

Score: 6/10

WeBlock (WON) ICO has no Legal information. Also, we searched all company registration database and find nothing. There is a serious legal loophole. is scam

Score: 1/10

They have not announced their location anywhere. Also, by checking the server and IP, we found out that WeBlock (WON) ICO is probably in Russia.

Score: 1/10

Average: 3.9 / 10

IT Structure

DomainWeb ArchiveCreation DateIP
OwnerWhoisUI/UX ScoreWeb Hosting
ProtectedCheckedGood (4/5) Amazon Inc.
ResponsiveDNS RecordsSSL/TLS CertificateSpeed Grade
YesNo ErrorApproved (Buypass)65%
Connection StatusMulti-LanguagesServer LocationAbuse & Scam
Not Securedyes (7 langugaes)SingaporeYes
Short Description
A busy and confusing site with a lot of different pages, subdomains, and internal businesses. This website was not in good condition in terms of SEO and Alexa rank and did not seem to be an active website. Also according to the risk of participating in this project is estimated high.
WeBlock ICO Site

Score: 5/10

IDStart DateMembersContent Quality
Normal (3/5)
EngagementFake MembersScam Report
Low (2/5)40% - 45%No Report
Short Description
There are speculations in their group that the project is a scam. There are many fake members (last seen date) in the group. In the Telegram channel, there is a big difference between the comments of the posts, for example, one post without any comments, and the other post has 200 comments. Less than 2% of members are online. And active members is less than 10.
Fake members on WeBlock ICO Telegram
Weblock telegram is fake

They have many FAKE accounts on the Telegram group. Just open the pic

Score: 6/10

Weblock (WON) ICO has no Instagram. Only shared a few simple intro post on some pages.

WeBlock ICO Instagram

Score: 3/10

IDStart DateFollowersContent Quality
PageNot Yet4
Short Description
This page claims to have about 11 to 50 employees. The interesting point is that it has only 3 followers and 3 employees, which can be seen. The page does not appear to be active anyway. Why WeBlock (WON) ICO team stay in shadow?
WeBlock Rating and Review

Score: 3/10

IDStart DateFollowersContent Quality
EngagementAverage ClapsFake ClapsScam Report
Low (2/5)71% - 5%No Report
WeBlock (WON) Medium

Score: 7/10

WeBlock (WON) ICO has no YouTube page also no promo or Airdrop video.

Score: 1/10

IDStart DateFollowersContent Quality
Page08/15/202014KNormal (3/5)
EngagementAverage ActivityFake MembersScam Report
High (4/5)500 Feedback20% - 25%Yes (HERE)
Short Description
Due to the number of followers, the number of comments is very low. In addition, in some posts, the number of comments is unusually high. There are allegations by users that the project is a scam.
WeBlock (WON) Twitter
Weblock IEO Twitter

Score: 8/10

Weblock ICO Rating and Review has no Facebook page. So you can’t find anything on Facebook.

Score: 1/10

WeBlock (WON) ICO has no activity on Reddit. This is a huge weakness for a Crypto project.

Score: 1/10

IDStart DateRead TimesComments
Content QualityEngagementFake InteractionScam Report
Good (4/5)Very Low (1/5)NullNo Report

Score: 4/10

Average: 4.1 / 10

Technical Structure

Token NameSymbolToken Type
Total SupplyDistributed TokenRemained Token
1,000,000,000 WON1%99%
TransfersHoldersICO Price
The project walletERC20 WalletTRC20 Wallet
Total Received19,000 USDT32,000 TRX = $960
WeBlock ICO has Scam Token

Score: 6/10

Token AllocationToken DistributionTotal Supply
Null-Product Fees: 30%
-Contributors: 20%
-Marketing: 15%
-Foundation: 10%
-Private Fund: 10%
-Public Raise: 10%
-Advisor: 5%
1,000,000,000 WON
Bounty & AirdropLive WON PriceLive Market CapHolders
Yes (HERE)$0.017$180,000120
WON Smart Contract

Score: 7/10

Weblock ICO rating and review

announced 6 different platforms as it’s MVP. WeBounty, which was launched as the oldest project before WeBlock. The 2nd project, Wepayu is a scam service and we got a lot of warnings about it. And WeAdmin, WeIXO, WeListing, and WeFlow projects that have not been launched yet. is scam
WeBounty rating and review

Score: 7/10

ICO (Initial coin offering) details

In addition according to a review of project wallets and the number of holders, Weblock ICO rating and review has raised about $20,000 in their ICO. Of course, there are many contradictions. They claimed to have raised $200,000 on ICOmark also announced $23,000 on their own site. These are all reasons why we think the WeBlock ICO is a scam like Cinemadron ICO.

IEO (Initial exchange offering) details

They have not had any special IEO since they launched WeToken (WON) six months ago. The only thing that caught our attention was listing at BW Exchange (HERE), which lasted only 2 hours. The partnership, according to the founders, had 300 investors. While after 3 months, they have only 120 holders. Do you think WeBlock (WON) is a scam or a dead project like Diagon ICO?

WeBlock IEO in BW Exchange

Score: 5/10

Average: 6.1 / 10


Why hasn’t WeBlock ICO rating and review released any details about its team?

We have an important question.  Like good projects such as Ideaology IEO. Why is there no introduction? And why don’t we know their names?

Why there is no resume or background too? Besides, none of them have a LinkedIn account, why? Why do they prefer to remain anonymous?
In our opinion, the answer is very simple. The WeBlock (WON) ICO is a scam. Like Cryptochrome IEO or Ucoincurrency ICO and the team members are a bunch of amateur college kids with no resumes and do not want to leave any trace! Think about it.

WeBlock ICO Team is scam

Score: 6/10

Weblock ICO Rating and Review

Abba Garba the CTO and Advisor of PhD. Researcher. Lecturer in Blockchain with 5 years’ experience with no Linkedin, CV, or resume. The judgment is yours! WeBlock ICRating and review

Abba Garba is Fraudster

Score: 4/10


Average: 5.5 / 10

Weblock (WON) ICO is a complex case. Although they have worked hard to build this multilateral platform, But there are some worrying details. On the one hand, they dream of a large multi-dimensional ecosystem, and on the other hand, they have no specific plans for it. Also, they show a group of guys in set uniforms, but the team is completely in the shadows.
Besides, they introduced 7 (creative) systems at a high cost as an MVP, but the financial transaction of the Weblock (WON) ICO hardly reaches $20K. “Weblock ICO rating and review” is looking for a broad target market but has no locations or legal documents.
Finally, we believe Weblock (WON) ICO is scam like Cinemadrom.

Weblock ICO is Scam

Here are two hypotheses: not only
1. Weblock ICO Rating and Review has reached a dead-end in terms of raising capital after 6 months.
2. Moreover, it is possible that Weblock (WON) ICO is scam. A professional scammer.
As a result, we DO NOT offer any short-term or long-term investments until they solve the main problems such as team identity. Legal loopholes, transparency, low financial transactions, etc. Listing as an IEO in a reputable Crypto exchange can increase the reliability of this project.


Weblock (WON) ICO

Business Score


IT Structure Score


Technical Structure Score


Team Score


Success Rate Variance



  • Good Initial Idea.
  • Large Business Network.
  • Multi-Language.
  • High Audience Volume.
  • Tradable Token.
  • High Activity on Twitter.


  • Massy and Chaotic Ideas.
  • Legal Loopholes / No Location.
  • Poor Social Media Activity.
  • Team in Shadow / No Advisors.
  • Low Token distribution.
  • Low Holders After 5 Months.
  • Failed IEO. No Legal ICO.
  • Available Many Scam Alert.
  • No Explanation from Managers.
  • Fake Partnership with Well known Businesses.

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