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US Spy Agencies hint Crypto Price as a threat to USD and Euro

US Spy Agencies hint Crypto Price as a threat to USD and Euro

Crypto price are becoming a more popular threat

A recent annual letter from Jimmy Damon, chief executive of US banking giant JPMorgan Chase & Co., is highlighted as part of the “big competitivethreat to the banking industry. According to him;

Some serious problems are emerging that need to be addressed – and very quickly: the growth of shadow banking, the legal and regulatory status of Crypto price , the misuse of financial data, the huge risk that cybersecurity poses to the system.

According to the National Assembly, the US intelligence community predicts a growing world without leaders and instability in the coming decades, as there is a time like artificial intelligence, digital currencies, and climate change in the form of global change.

According to Global Trends 2040: A World of Contested, the coming decades will be marked by a mismatch between global challenges and the “ability of institutions and systems to respond.” The result will be “more competition at every level” – especially between the United States and China.

Here are some steps in the latest quarterly report:

  • Debt pressures: The national government was “authorized by the Lumbar Flexibility Committee to deal with challenges such as climate change in the face of growing debt burdens and diversified and growing trade laws.
  • Digital currencies: The US dollar and the euro have faced threats from digital currencies such as Crypto Price. “Digital currencies are specifically exported, which complicates monetary enforcement by controlling countries’ exchange rates and other currencies,” the report said. But why Crypto Price is increasing?
  • Climate pressure: Climate change will create social divisions within countries and exacerbate international tensions. This will worsen water insecurity as well as increasing migration pressure.
  • China is decisive: Although the report states that “none of the countries” will be able to dominate “all regions or domains“, it will continue as the US government is with China on its pages. The Asian superpower will seek to “dominate Asia,” pushing the US ally to “restrict basic US access” and pushing Taiwan “closer to reunification by 2040, possibly with sustained coercion.” To win
  • New Ways of War: Increased competition between countries increases the core and increases the risk of inter-state conflict. Artificial Intelligence “Increases the performance of existing weapons, defense systems, and systems.

By 2040, China will be the United States’ largest space competitor

  • Space Race: By 2040, China will be the United States’ largest space competitor. At the time, it may have “a set of foreign partners involved in Chinese-led space activities” and the BeiDou satellite navigation system may be used around the world as a reward for the Pentagon-required GPS.
  • Persistent populism:Polarization along ethnic, religious, and ideological lines is likely to remain strong,” and this is likely to “increase political performance” and “increase the risk of political instability.
  • AI-enabled advertising: The spread of digital technology and advances in artificial intelligence have opened the door for both countries and non-governmental actors to “influence the population, including by beating information manipulation and polarizing society.” Do it slowly.

The Crypto price record in digital currencies

Crypto Price Records like Bitcoin and also continued to rise sharply. One day after the leading Cryptocurrency rose more than $5,000 and reached a market value of $1 trillion during that period, Bitcoin (BTC) set another record in its history on Saturday morning, for the first time since It crossed $57,000 and created a massive accumulation among other Cryptocurrencies like Tether.

The highest Crypto price level of this digital currency was 57,492.00. Before the start of yesterday’s entertainment and games, Bitcoin was around $51,600. The Crypto Price is currently $56,492. According to Investing, Treasury yields reached their highest level since February 2020 on Friday. And US stocks ended the trading week with an uncertain trend as investors They said that the consequences of inflation call into question the value of stocks and gold. These feelings will probably continue until the week of new trades. Oil fell below $ 60 a barrel as US production fell again late in the week.

The dollar fell for a second day on Friday despite rising returns over the same period. The two have a positive relationship that seems to have broken down. Two days of trading was not enough to strengthen the gold and return again. Instead, the yellow metal is getting weaker day by day.

US Spy Agencies Suggest Bitcoin May Be a Threat to the US Dollar and the Euro

The weak dollar has pushed up gold while rising returns have pushed investors from one safe-haven asset to another. Economic data is improving. Politics has calmed down. And interest rates are rising. Its evaluation is not particularly attractive. The Crypto price movement is weak, meaning that falling commodities are often prone to decline. And current economic data, which is improving, often means that gold is performing less well than other assets. In the case of gold, the Crypto price is slightly below $1,800 per ounce. until the end of the year; Even with rising inflation, gold shows a further decline than the current level.

The significant increase in the value of this virtual currency has been due to its increasing popularity among investors and large companies. Tesla announced earlier this month that it had invested $1.5 billion in virtual currency.


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