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Tycoon, the Best social Crypto trading platform Best social Crypto trading platform

Best Social Crypto Trading Platform (2022)

Have you ever met anyone who was born to be a successful investor? The truth is that no one is endowed with “Congenital Success,” as it takes a great deal of hard work and determination to be successful in whatever you do, no matter your field and profession. Most especially when it involves trading, becoming a profitable investor and trader will require a bit of luck, patience, discipline, and lots of experience. This article will learn about the best social Crypto trading platform in 2022. If you are still new to trading but aspire to be a successful crypto trader without worrying too much about monitoring charts, candles, e.t.c.; then this is just right for you, and I highly recommend you go through the complete information in this article. 

Developing a successful strategy entails integrating theory with market research and putting it into action, and this is a potentially helpful mix necessary to be successful. Unfortunately, concerning investing and trading, most first-time investors or traders mistakenly believe they understand this concept, only to discover that they don’t. Suppose you are also an experienced crypto trader. How happy will you be if you have the opportunity to make money in your existing trading platform/exchange while earning some additional percentage profits from numerous followers that copy your trading strategy?

Why do you need the best social crypto trading platform?

You would agree with me that having a good mentor, a buddy, a coach, or someone with appropriate and adequate knowledge may help you learn faster instead of doing trial and error, as this indirectly prevents you from wasting your hard-earned money. Although this is easier said than done, hiring great mentors generally costs a lot of money, and most times, they are not affordable by everyone. Having someone to talk to about the market and your decisions is beneficial as you need to surround yourself with individuals who constantly question your assumptions. Ray Dalio, a wealthy investor, and hedge fund manager, explains it this way:

“I just want to be right—it doesn’t matter if I provide the correct answer.”

In this post, we look to dig deep into this best social Crypto trading platform that allows you to make money trading cryptocurrencies while providing you with the best opportunity to get started without fear.

What does “Crypto Trading Platform” mean?

For traders, social trading platforms are similar to social networking sites. They usually operate as brokers, allowing you to buy various products, CFDs, ETFs, and Cryptocurrencies. Unlike traditional trading, social trading systems will enable you to connect with other traders at the same market, replicate their moves, share and discuss analysis and forecasts, ask questions, develop your following. Also, learn quicker than you would have usually done.

Systems that allow clients or participants to trade Cryptocurrencies or Crypto-based assets in the ways mentioned above are called the “best social Crypto trading platform”; so, in 2022. Social trading platforms are ideal for crypto investors? You can learn more about this by visiting the website.

Tycoon: the best social Crypto trading platform

Tycoon Trading Platform is a social trading pioneer, a multi-asset social trading platform. As a result, it boasts the market’s most advanced crypto social trading capabilities. It is the first fully-automated best social Crypto trading platform with thousands of end-users, and currently, the company’s HQ is situated in Cyprus, with operations in different countries.

Tycoon’s original idea and how it began

Tycoon was established in 2018 by its Founder and CEO, Serdar Bisi. He has been a pro trader since 2012 and uses his own money to identify the substantial market gaps. His vision is to create a synergy between inexperienced investors and experienced, seasoned traders worldwide.

More about the best social crypto trading platform

The Tycoon platform now comprises over 40 experts in different relevant fields, steering its ship; they are always ready to provide support to the end-users and with the collective goal of achieving Tycoon’s vision.   

This platform offers a simple, intuitive, and seamless interface that lets you tap into the knowledge and strategy of the world’s greatest Crypto traders and duplicate their trades in real-time via a secure API connection with a crypto exchange like Binance. It also allows you to experiment with a growing number of Cryptocurrencies while automatically copying the underlying assets just by following experienced traders. Tycoon never stored funds, and customers always retained control.

On the Tycoon platform, users can either sign up as Traders or Followers. Using transparent tools to judge performance metrics allows you to quickly identify and choose the best traders. Do you find this article interesting? Also, it would help if you had more info about the best social Crypto trading platform. Stay with Antidolos latest Blockchain news to the end.

What is the Trading Model?

Tycoon Trading Platform is a social network for traders, featuring innovative trading features that allow users to connect with other investors and imitate their moves while maintaining security and utmost confidentiality. You may also construct your personalized news stream, similar to how you can find on social networking sites, with your favorite traders and the most up-to-date market news. 

This platform’s “Copy Trading” function is a core feature. Unlike traditional copy trading, which is done manually, Tycoon’s copy trading function is automated, and users are allowed to control or determine their risk and exposure levels. This way, you’re not entirely reliant on the actions of other traders, and you may reduce the danger of losing money by preventing your portfolio from being wiped out. It’s unique, thus making it a copy trading platform that currently exists. 

In addition, it is the only best social crypto trading platform that has its token called the Tycoon token (TYC). It provides another opportunity for investors to buy this token at this early stage and HODL. It is also important to note that this token, TYC, is needed to enjoy the maximum benefits this platform has to offer for both the trader and the follower. If you’re not quite ready to get into the world of trading by yourself, it’s worth noting that the Tycoon social trading platform and its juicy features are available to everyone, and it is entirely free to join and use. 

There is also the TYC staking function that is already active in TYC integrated wallets. It takes only a few clicks to stake the TYC token, and we encourage our users to use the opportunity as this is one of the best strategies to earn passive income. “Seeing is believing,” they say; visit now to try it out.

Trading Models for Cryptocurrency

Tycoon’s competitive advantages in the current market 

The platform can boast of its unique, valuable features and products against the other media. To mention a few, it is secure, reliable, seamless, easy to use, and with a 24-hours flawless operation (i.e., it never shuts down like the others). It does not charge hidden fees like other platforms out there. 

Traders and followers worldwide can use the platform whenever they wish and from wherever they are (i.e., accessible to everyone). It has excellent, dedicated customer service. We provide extensive instructional material and industry information to ensure that clients are constantly one step ahead of the competition.

  • Investors and traders benefit from a profit share business model
  • Tycoon never stored funds, and customers always retained control
  • Transparent performance metrics to judge the best performing traders

In short, it is “Crypto Trading Made Easy.” The platform ensures that even someone completely new to Cryptocurrencies gets the most refined atmosphere and learning materials possible to succeed in the Crypto-trading world.

As we all know, the importance of business partnership cannot be overemphasized. Visionary leaders of any business or organization are always looking forward to expanding their business. Increasing their presence while ensuring customer satisfaction is their priority. For this reason, Tycoon has partnered with Binance. Which without a doubt, has a massive user base and liquidity via the API integration. We’re seriously working hard to extend this to other CEXs (centralized exchanges). So Tycoon will soon partner with many more exchanges. 

Our corporate social responsibility

As much as possible, Tycoon organizes charity events by collaborating with outstanding partners across the globe while ensuring the dissemination of quality and sound educational materials or articles to the crypto community.

How much capital have Tycoon attracted?

First, Tycoon customers are reliable sources. So, we can trust them, and they rely on us. Over 78 million Tycoon tokens have been sold, with over $5million raised. We are also proud to have over 5,000 investors from 110 countries so far and counting. Our platform has over 200 active traders, over 20,000 registered users, and an organically grown supporting the community of more than 30,000 people across various social media platforms.

There is an excellent emphasis on evidence-based writing, reporting, and research in this current age and time. Our end-users experiences and regular feedback are a testament to how great this project is. And we take satisfaction in performing the grunt work ourselves while expanding with speed. 

Furthermore, we have created a 2-year mid-term plan to help us work swiftly. Tycoon is the leading non-custodial best copy-trading platform in the industry. With thousands of satisfied customers far more educated about Cryptocurrency than any of its competitors. 

What is the TYC plan for organic growth?

TYC is already available for purchase on Bithumb Global, Uniswap, Whitebit, and Bittrex. We’re working around the clock to ensure listings on the top-tier exchanges in the future to further cement our place as the best social Crypto trading platform.

Why should people invest in Tycoon token (TYC)?

To respond to this critical question, “why should people invest in the Tycoon token?”

TYC is completely useful. You will get a staggering 25% more significant profit share (reduction in fees) using the Tycoon token. Secondly, the Tycoon Exclusive Staking Program offers staking rewards during copy trading; you’ll also get access to additional and unique educational materials on the Tycoon Insights. Having TYC would provide a significantly higher profit share for our copy traders and future access to new and exclusive services. As mentioned earlier, the TYC staking program is still running. And we’re encouraging and making sure that TYC investors are thinking long-term.

We’ve dedicated an ample number of years to developing the Tycoon Trading Platform and making it what it is today. And we promise to continue improving. TYC is an ERC20 token whose contract is public and viewable on the Ethereum Blockchain and with limited supply. For the next 15 months, Team Tokens remain locked, which further demonstrates the team’s unwavering commitment.

The current price for TYC is around $0.04 per token (still very cheap). And we are confident it will be more valuable in the future, considering what the BNB coin and the other exchange coins have done in the past.

Best copy trading platform

What are the steps to increase the price of TYC?

The TYC token is intertwined. Please note that this is not financial advice. And we encourage users to do their research by learning more on our platform 

Notably, the TYC’s being the primary token on the Tycoon platform. This forum is very useful for users and it will affect in the TYC token value. The law of demand and supply will also take over. And at some point, everyone who is currently using or intends to use this platform will need to purchase the token. 

Our dedicated team of more than 40 committed individuals is constantly working day and night to make it a reality. We have offered you the best social Crypto trading platform. And all you need to do is take action today without any delay. 

Final thoughts about the best social Crypto trading platform

If you like to be profitable and ready to take a chance, irrespective of your trading skills or experience. Tycoon is the best Crypto Trading platform for you. We recommend reading more about this unique project on “Tycoon Rating and Review” and learning how to make a good profit by using proven trading models for Cryptocurrency.

We’ll always have your back by providing you with the latest Blockchain news and information. We are always trying and improving our work. Please feel free to share this information with others. And don’t forget to share your comments and ideas here at Antidolos Rating and Review. We hope you enjoyed it.

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Pedram Hassan December 30, 2022 at 12:17 am

I don’t think this project can go back to its early days. Since the ICO, the value of their shares token has decreased and there is no news from their side even now. I guess by next altseason many projects will be doomed to Tycoon fate.

Rozitta September 23, 2021 at 1:11 pm

I think is one of the lucrative and great project on the Cryotocurrency market. I always follow their work and history and know about them. Think they just need some deep and expended advertising and marketing. They have a good stuff and people need to see this.

Sam September 10, 2021 at 1:45 pm

I’m in this project since ICO and looking forward to get onboarded really soon. The Telegram Support is amazing, it take’s only seconds that your questions are answered. Platform is really easy to use with many nice features. Tycoon is doing great!

David Jowie September 10, 2021 at 11:17 am

Marvellous project….wonderful team with big effort

David Jowie September 10, 2021 at 11:11 am

Adorable project….I’m really in for the long term. Not a pump and dump project as many others…Keep an eye on this one!

Andre September 9, 2021 at 4:32 am

Good job!

Daniel Dorner September 9, 2021 at 4:12 am

Tycoon is the best project i have ever met
the team is very strong and public
and the website is very very good
so soon nearly everybody in crypto-space will use tycoon🚀🔥🔥🚀

Deef allah saleh September 9, 2021 at 3:22 am


Bro7 September 9, 2021 at 3:11 am

Leeeeeeeet’s gooo 💥🔥 very interesting article! 🚀 #tycoontothemoon 💯💯💯

Farshad Safari September 9, 2021 at 2:49 am

Tycoon Bridge is a reliable link between professional traders and those who want to
efficiency at a professional level.
There are many people in the world who can not work continuously and professionally in the crypto market due to their busy schedule.
But Tycoon has been able to prepare this space for everyone by providing an attractive and secure platform.
I am glad to see such a powerful and practical project in the world of cryptography.

Alfredo September 9, 2021 at 2:26 am

Really really nice project, I just started copy trading, very easy and fluent.

Semi September 9, 2021 at 1:52 am

I am an early investor in this project. This group is one of my most active groups till now 🙂 i really love the team from their telegram group … only some minutes and you get an answer to every question!
Lets see whats coming up next ! 🙂

MAKSYM UKRAINSKYI September 9, 2021 at 1:41 am

Tycoon is a platform that has a very huge potential. Thank you for the article.


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