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Top 20 Blockchain Trends in 2021

Top 20 Blockchain Trends in 2021

In this article (Top 20 Blockchain Trends in 2021), we will introduce you to ten other common cases. As we mentioned in the previous article (Top 10 Blockchain Trends in 2021), the order of these topics is alphabetical and has nothing to do with their importance.

So we suggest you read both articles carefully. Knowing this may help you to make a more accurate investment in these areas. If this article is interesting to you, join us to review the eleventh to twentieth cases. Antidolos invites you to read the Top 20 Blockchain Trends in 2021 article to the end.

Top 20 Blockchain Trends in 2021

Exact Shipment Location Data

It must have happened to you that you made an online purchase or were waiting for a postal package. As you know, every company has its platform for sharing the location of your package. For example, if you buy from Amazon, they will probably have its system and rules for sending.

Also, if you are waiting for a postal package from your friend, you should inquire about its status from the relevant postal company. These disorders are while Blockchain can create a massive revolution in this field. Of course, this may take longer than the end of 2021.

But ultimately, we need an integrated Blockchain-based system to do this. Imagine being able to have all your packages on a single, integrated system. Suppose it is possible to track every postal package, regardless of which company it is purchased or which factory produces it.

This system has its advantages. It becomes much easier to track postal items. Also, this idea will significantly reduce the possibility of missing packages. For this reason, Antidolos considers Exact Shipment Location Data as one of the serious candidates for the list of Top 20 Blockchain Trends in 2021 . But as mentioned, this project is not expected to be completed in 2021. It may take a little longer, but it can be one of the mainstream of Blockchain.

Top 20 Blockchain Trends in 2021

Fake Product Identification System

In recent years, new Blockchain technology has received more attention than ever before. We are also witnessing countless applications of this technology. When we talk about Blockchain, our minds are drawn to a popular Blockchain application related to cryptocurrencies.

As you know, not only can it effectively solve the problem of money transfer costs, but it can also confirm the legality of transaction records without relying on a centralized system for doing so. If this system is used correctly and its implementation is correct, this system can use it for anti-money laundering purposes.

Therefore, we can claim that any program which uses Blockchain technology as the basic architecture, and anti-tamper, ensures the security of its data content. In this idea of ​​Blockchain, in the case of a fake product identification system, the decentralized Blockchain technology method is used to ensure consumers’ authenticity.

 In this idea, consumers do not trust merchants in any way to determine the authenticity of products. According to new ideas, a decentralized Blockchain system is described with anti-counterfeiting products. In this way, manufacturers can use this system to supply the main products without managing direct stores. In return, consumers will be sure that the purchased product is genuine. This idea is a system that does not exist in international markets. Furthermore, the key to solving this problem is behind Blockchain technology. As a result, Antidolos places the Fake Product Identification System in the list it has prepared for Top 20 Blockchain Trends in 2021 .

Loyalty Points Exchange System

Our purpose in this part is to introduce Blockchain as a customer loyalty solution. Customer loyalty and engagement can destroy companies or bring them good profits. Therefore, reward programs reflect the investment strategy of different organizations. But because they are growing far faster than our expectations, they are still inefficient inefficiency. There are several reasons for this purpose, but the first and most important is that the lack of uniform management systems is the primary source of members’ inactivity.

Researchers have discovered how Deloitte’s Blockchain financial services suite reveals how this powerful technology can help us realize our customer loyalty programs’ full value. Any organization (from banks, financial institutions, businesses to airlines) with a reward program can use this Blockchain-based system. As a result, they can expect to reduce costs and increase brand loyalty.

Thank you for reading our article, titled ” Top 20 Blockchain Trends in 2021 ” so far. Antidolos invites you to read (Top 10 Blockchain Trends in 2021) and the rest of this article.

New Generation of Cyber Security

The fast flow of technology advancement also offers an incubating effect on cyber-attacks to become more complicated and executable. With the rolling out of the game-changing 5G (fifth-generation) networks that provide ten times faster download speeds, this will inevitably create more hackers opportunities. Faster speeds will soar the chances of more devices being hacked and the execution of some larger cyber-attacks.

There is a substantial commercial appetite for the IoT (Internet of Things). Almost everything from furniture to ancillary equipment is equipped with sensors connected to the Internet.

Due to Gartner, by 2021, there will be a rise in the number of things related to the Internet. This increase will be between 14 billion and 25 billion. Most of these new technologies have minimal security features that tend to attract hackers. Also, home automation features can make homes more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Nonetheless, not unbreakable, Blockchain has evolved to become one of the most certain forms of transacting in the digital network realm. As designed and intended, this new technology (Blockchain) has been credited for its information integrity assurance. If well-utilized, many parts may benefit from this.

One of the best services would be utilizing its integrity assurance for making cybersecurity solutions for itself. And many other technologies. For this reason. Antidolos has decided to prepare an article with the title Top 20 Blockchain Trends in 2021 for you.

Top 20 Blockchain Trends in 2021

Next Generation of Crypto Fundraising (IDO)

The ICO became very popular in 2017, but most ICOs are now considered a way to write an excellent white paper for scamming victims. In 2019, it was the initial public offering of the exchange or IEO. Where centralized digital currency exchanges such as Binance served as third parties for new token offers. They also achieved great success. By 2021, traditional ICOs and IEOs have entirely disappeared, while a new space has entered the crypto realm, the Initial Decentralized Exchanges offering (IDO), all of which is a way to raise capital that has changed over time. It is currently available as an initial public offering (IDO).

An IDO offering is a way to raise capital through decentralized finance. Hence, it is also called Initial Dex Offering. Unlike previous methods, IDO is decentralized and used for DeFi protocols to build innovative and scalable financial systems. However, it is still in its testing phase.

The decentralized financial sector. Which uses smart contracts instead of third-party intermediaries. Besides funding traditional and unprecedented financial products, has become one of Atrium’s brightest stars in recent years. During this time, we have seen the emergence of new and essential DeFi projects such as lending, borrowing, artificial assets, and more.

This type of initial offering or Initial Decentralized Exchanges offering (IDO) will undoubtedly be the most critical member of the list we have prepared for Top 20 Blockchain Trends in 2021 .

Peer To Peer Ridesharing Top 20 Blockchain Trends in 2021

Now we can use Blockchain in ridesharing too. So, Antidolos has dedicated the reason for the sixteenth item in Top 20 Blockchain Trends in 2021 ‘s list to this article.

Ridesharing and carpooling are becoming progressively popular in large cities full of traffic jams and congestions. Not harmful to know cab aggregator services have capitalized on this trend by providing cab sharing options to their users. We can improve the concept of vehicle sharing further. They will do this by implementing Blockchain in ridesharing services.

Implementing Blockchain in ridesharing has led to removing intermediaries and allowing direct transactions between the driver and the rider. It can get more people to adopt ridesharing, which is beneficial, environmentally, and financially.

Public Transportation Management

Public transportation is one aspect of the impact of Blockchain developments. We all know that public transportation is one of the best platforms to implement Blockchain. Public transportation is a sector that people and citizens have always been demanding to improve. And governments have made great efforts in this direction. Of course, one of the best solutions is to optimize this system with Blockchain. In the Top 20 Blockchain Trends in 2021 ‘s article, Antidolos paid attention to Public Transportation Management’s subject.

Everything will change with the impact of Blockchain developments on public transportation. The Minister of Public Transport of the Island of Malta has already started cooperation with the start-up Omnitude. This start-up is working on using Blockchain as an intermediary. We expect to achieve the best possible public transport management with the help of Blockchain.

Secure Access to Medical Protocols

One of the essential Blockchain applications in medicine, health, and wellness is that this technology is used to create a secure and peer-to-peer database. Join us to review Secure Access to Medical Protocols in Top 20 Blockchain Trends in 2021 ‘s article.

Thanks to Blockchain’s immutability, the issue of data loss will no longer be a concern. Therefore, we can use this technology to record and track the medical records of thousands of patients.

Unlike older, traditional databases that rely on a central server. Working with a decentralized system provides a higher security level in data transfer.

The decentralized nature of the Blockchain also protects it from technical errors or cyber-attacks to steal sensitive information. The Blockchain system can be beneficial for hospitals. Because they are always exposed to cyber-attacks or cyber extortion for important patient information.

The question may arise as to why patient information security can be so important. Aside from the issue of privacy, patients’ medical records may contain information from important political figures. This point encourages their enemies to use their medical information to make biological toxins. Of course, this scenario was a bit exaggerated, but Blockchain technology resists all these possible dangers to a great extent.

Trackback Your Food to its Source

We do various transactions that involved in crop production. Also, the processing will be done before the consumable food gets served on our plate. Each of the farm-to-table agricultural value chain stakeholders seeks a piece of information about crop provenance, authenticity, and movement.

Stakeholders may be farmers, logistics providers, food inspectors, distributors, consumers, etc. The mentioned complete information is maintained at different levels by several intermediate organizations giving rise to loopholes for corruption, fraud, and scams. This point can create a demand for transparency and trust. This is where the Blockchain network can be a real game-changer. It reduces the paperwork and decentralizes the data, making it accessible and available to all the stakeholders in real-time.

We hope that Blockchain can have a strong presence in this field as well. We look forward to playing a useful role in this field in 2021. That is why he introduced this field in the list we wrote for Top 20 Blockchain Trends in 2021 .

Top 20 Blockchain Trends in 2021, Transparent Charity Application, 

This section aims to answer this central question by asking two questions about how Blockchain can play a positive role in Transparent Charity Application. Join us to check the latest item from the ” Top 20 Blockchain Trends in 2021 ” list to the end.

1. Can digital currency be donated for humanitarian purposes?

Yes, we can do it. Nonprofits are continually coming up with new ways to raise funds from the digital currency community, and the demand for this is growing.

With charitable donations, investors can contribute to the humanitarian goals. That matter to them and will be exempt from capital gains tax if their digital currencies increase in value.

According to the charity Fidelity Charitable, in 2017, an unprecedented record of digital currency donations to this organization has been formed. The organization received the equivalent of $69 million in digital currency (including bitcoin). Which it claims was almost ten times last year.

The executives of this organization believe that the significant increase in the value of Bitcoin in 2017. It has played an active role in this process. When the organization announced that it would accept digital currencies as grants, many people who had not previously been able to donate to the institution agreed to donate their cryptocurrencies.

Simultaneously, one of the donors anonymously started a fund called Pineapple with 5,104 bitcoins and donated them all to 60 charities. The donation coincided precisely with the digital currency bubble last year. At the time, that amount was $55 million.

2. How can we be sure that charities are using the donations properly?

Here is where the Blockchain comes in handy for charities. Of course, there have been accusations against the charity, but Crypto has helped these institutions be accountable and transparent.

Ordinary charities can’t understand how they will spend the money donated to specific campaigns. But smart contracts on the Blockchain do not allow abuse. people can donate to charities and smart contracts help to blocked money. Any charity can only get money if it proves that it uses the money exactly as it claims. Otherwise, this intelligent system will cancel the financial aid to that institution.

To test this method, the St. Mongo Charitable Foundation, established in London to help the homeless, volunteered. It used a Blockchain-based platform called Alice and set up a $66,000 fundraiser. They donated the money to 5 homeless people to rebuild their lives.

With the help of this platform. The organization could track these people’s progress and see how they use donations to make their lives better.

Antidolos Thank you for reading Top 20 Blockchain Trends in 2021 ‘s article. Don’t forget to check our last article about Top 10 Blockchain Trends in 2021.


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