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The NFT fever is not stopping anytime soon!

The NFT fever is not stopping anytime soon!

The ollie of Tony Hawk tokenized in this NFT fever

Retired professional skateboarding symbol Tony Peddle is the most recent celebrity riding the NFT fever, declaring the imminent release of a tokenized video depicting his last ever 540-degree ollie via Ethernity Chain. This will be the final time fans will be able to see Hawk perform the trick, after landing his first one 32 years prior in 1989.

Presently at the age of 52, Hawk got to be one of the world’s best skateboarders at 16 years old and is famous for completing the first-ever 900-degree turn at the 1999 X-Games. He also holds a place in numerous people’s hearts for the exceedingly effective Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater video game series.

He revealed the NFTs will drop in the coming weeks and shared a video showing him practicing the stunt which cleared out tears in his eyes after completion. The former skateboarding champ has mentioned that performing tricks will most likely be harder than the days when he was young.

Be that as it may, there’s no disgrace in retiring a stunt that most 20-year-old can’t perform, and possibly cashing in on the method.

Tokenized NFT farts for $85! NFT fever is going nuts

Through the power of Blockchain technology, you’ll presently fart for cash. A Brooklyn-based artist and his buddies have just sold an NFT portraying a year’s worth of farts for $85 on NFT marketplace OpenSea.

the extend started last year amid quarantine, with no point to tokenize it until the bunch saw the silly prices that were being tossed around for NFTs online. The main man behind the farts is Alex Ramírez-Mallis. Also, he told the New York Post. “The NFT fever is foolish — this idea of putting a value on something inherently intangible.

Ramírez-Mallis’ ability to form a benefit from breaking wind might really be conceivable on OpenSea, as they don’t take gas fees upfront to mint tokens.

Star Wars and Marvel are burned into NFT

Mogul Productions. A decentralized film financing platform will release a series of NFTs in collaboration with Marvel and D.C comedian book artist Rob Prior. Besides, the first drop will include three pieces inspired by Star Wars, Marvel, and Wolf of Divider Street. Which will be auctioned off on the Mogul platform in late spring, meaning the NFT fever is planning to stay for a bit more.

Customers have the option of receiving the original artwork or watching it get set on fire by the artist via video as the result of the NFT auction. UK street artist Banksy’s art work fetched nearly $400,000 through auction.

Ripple is feeling the fever and XRP ledger is looking to accept some

Ripple San Francisco payments company’s chief technology officer David Schwartz says that he is looking at ways to bring non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the XRP Ledger. In a new interview. Schwartz notes that he personally has been curious about two specific thoughts regarding NFTs and the space they possess within digital art.

The other viewpoint of NFTs that interests Schwartz is the thought of digital rights. Schwartz notes that everybody right now has “bundles of digital rights” within the shapes of things like songs on iTunes. And eBooks on Kindles, and movies on streaming platforms.

But he says the current user experience with those advanced rights is “absolutely awful”. Due to the ever-changing marketplace in the current NFT fever. The Ripple CTO wonders in case NFTs is a step within the right heading to coming up with a long-term arrangement for digital rights.

Schwartz’s comments aren’t the first evidence of NFTs covering with the XRP Ledger. Last month, the author of Ripple-backed development studio XRPL Labs Wietse Wind reported plans to include NFTs in the XRPL.

He also sees the potential for NFTs to reform digital art rights and ownership and notes that consumers on platforms such as Hulu. Netflix and Apple don’t own any songs or movies. This leaves them, victim, to subscription pricing fluctuations and losing their content in case the platforms go out of business.

Patrick Mahomes NFT is listed for $80,000

Patrick Mahomes, one of the NFL’s highest-profile players, is moving the chains by propelling his possess NFT art display.

In a meeting this week. Mahomes announced the “The Museum of Mahomes”. Which will launch March 17 on the digital art market MakersPlace. There are also three levels of collectibles with The Incomprehensible Brief. Who are two craftsmen that incorporate Coldplay and The Chainsmokers as clients.

The price extends for the collectibles begin from $2,500 going up to $15,000. In expansion, there will be a secret sell-off piece with no set cost. Mahomes will give a portion of the continues to his establishment called 15 and the Mahomies as well as the Boys & Girls Clubs in Missouri.

The restricted version collectibles highlight two partitioned art pieces: a jewel-encrusted helmet and a jewel-encrusted football.

What is next?

As we witness the rising amount of NFT innovations and more people embracing digital art. And many of us wonder if this is just a fever or will this situation will stay for long. Many investors and analysts think about NFT as the ICO era back in 2017. Many others are referring it to CryptoKitties, and they believe that NFT could be the future of art.


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