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The Next NFT Racing Game Bridging generation and Metaverse Gap

The Next NFT Racing Game Bridging generation and Metaverse Gap

According to the internet’s latest craze, people are prepared to spend millions of dollars on non-fungible tokens and NFT racing game. Onlookers who are unsure what the frenzy is all about will find the word even more perplexing.

Metaverses are having a moment in the gaming world, in addition to the rising popularity of NFTs. In its most basic form, a metaverse is a network of virtual worlds that are always linked to the internet and allow numerous users to interact with each other at the same time.

These concepts (NFTs and Metaverses) are almost inextricably linked, especially for those who follow gaming or cryptocurrency news. On the one hand, you have stories about major social media and video game businesses wanting to move into metaverses, while on the other hand, NFTs and their use cases are all the rage in every crypto and Blockchain-related story.

DeathRoad, on the other hand, is one of the first firms in the world to integrate these two principles practically and thrillingly. DeathRoad takes gaming to the Blockchain with a complete strategy, claiming to be the first racing game metaverse with integrated NFTs.

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What is DeathRoad?

DeathRoad is a Blockchain-based automobile NFT racing game for the future generation of gamers. It includes a metaverse-style environment set in a virtual metropolis where DeathRoad racers may interact with one other as well as their virtual surroundings.

As a result, a city hall, a combat mode stadium, a vehicle rental business, a marketplace, real-estate property, and even a showroom is included in the virtual city. In the game, each area of the town has a particular purpose.

The showroom, for example, is where players may purchase in-game things like vehicles and guns to aid them in battles with other players or in races hosted within the game.

Players may purchase virtual land as real estate and then sell it to other players on the platform’s marketplace. Racers may test their NFT racing game and combat abilities against other players in the Battle Mode area.

Furthermore, the city hall serves as the platform’s governing structure, allowing players to vote on platform upgrades and advancements.

NFT racing game is more than a game

The DeathRoad metaverse’s in-game items are constructed as NFTs, allowing platform users complete control and ownership. DeathRoad is also more of a play-to-earn platform than the usual video game because of this. By merely engaging in the platform’s numerous tasks, players may get access to the NFT racing game.

DeathRoad has a native currency called $DRACE built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), an Ethereum rival recognized for scalability and cheap transaction costs.

This coin is used to make platform payments. As a result, gamers utilize it to purchase in-game NFTs in the NFT marketplace or the showroom. They may also earn $DRACE by completing various gaming tasks.

DeathRoad meant to help players create a self-sustaining economy. Racers with at least 5 NFT virtual vehicles on the platform may purchase virtual land or build a garage within the game.

Once the user has a garage full of cars. They may start a car rental business and make $DRACE by renting out their NFT-based vehicles to other players. The entire ecosystem set up so that people who don’t have access to a garage may either buy virtual cars on the market or rent from those who do.

There is also a governance incentive for players who increase their NFT-car collection since the number of vehicles a user owns determines the weight of votes in the city hall.

The Future of NFT racing game and The Metaverse

DeathRoad has already made significant progress in creating a game metaverse that includes non-fungible tokens.

So far, the company has forged many strategic alliances and even concluded an oversubscribed private round of investment that included significant venture capital companies such as Raptor Capital.

DeathRoad intends to introduce new maps, weaponry. And obstacles in the future and enhancements to the game’s user experience to increase the utility of NFTs and the metaverse.

Although there is much discussion about how the NFT racing game is the key to mass metaverse adoption. There aren’t many real-world examples. Granted, the video gaming business is booming, with a market value of more than $162 billion.

However, as NFTs go from a topic that piques public interest to practical application. As shown with DeathRoad, their subsequent significant uptake will be in the game industry via the metaverse.

Today is excited to announce of closing private round

Death road aspires to be the first metaverse NFT racing game on BSC. A complete gaming ecosystem designed for next-generation racers that use racing talents to enjoy a realistic racing experience while also earning transferable digital goods.

Raptor Capital, together with other big respected Blockchain venture capitalists such as IceTea Labs. Everse Capital, Magnus Capital, x21, and Metrix Capital, led the financing.

Raptor Capital is an investment and advising business that specializes in helping Blockchain firms succeed. Their goal is to convert the most creative, disruptive companies into the most established, hard-hitting crypto enterprises.

X21 Digital is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment business specializing in assisting Blockchain companies with their growth and visibility. They concentrate on providing the best strategic advice and assistance to help their clients and partners succeed faster. Therefore, the NFT racing game generation is going up and people are using them more.

Sum-up about NFT racing game

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