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The Hong Kong NFT project phishing hack

Have you been heard about Hong Kong NFT project? The exploited nonfungible token project seeks to make things right before the holidays with the help of a compensation fund.

According to one Twitter user known only as “commentary,” the fraud cost him 650 SOL ($120,400). It wasn’t all doom and gloom, either. Monkey Kingdom’s staff has established a victim compensation fund and is on track to completely compensate those injured. The timeframe for disbursing the funds, as well as the mechanism for doing so, have yet to be announced.

Phishing attacks are common in the Cryptocurrency industry. Over the last year, scammers have been targeting Discord members and using the platform to organize similar NFT assaults.

Beeple’s Discord hacked, and the sale scheduled to coincide with Christie’s

It misled users into thinking they were signing up for a low-cost NFT drop by the renowned artist, which was timed to coincide with his second Christie’s auction.

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Beeple group hacks overnight

An administrative account for Beeple’s official Discord group was hacked overnight. It results in a fraudulent nonfungible token (NFT) dump that costs over 38 Ether to customers (ETH).

Beeple’s Discord moderator “Multi” announced to the group on Wednesday that it had hijacked their account. It has cost consumers a lot of money.

Fans waited all day for a chance to buy some inexpensive NFTs on Beeple’s Twitter page and Discord channel.

A Discord user identified as “NFT Simon” told Cointelegraph that he had set up his MetaMask wallet and was ready to pounce if necessary.

He stated, I ran over there and started minting as much as I could as rapidly as I could.

NFT Simon possessed six Beeple NFTs — or so he thought — but they weren’t showing up on his Nifty account. So when he returned to Discord, he was surprised to discover the phony admin writing in all capitals. It is not due to Hong Kong NFT project.

A barrage of filthy nude man GIFs met me from various sources. Unfortunately, it was a scam alert because it had hacked Beeple’s Discord. After an hour or two, the original admin recovered control of their login, and the discussion switched to disclosing the hacker’s wallets and reporting them to Binance.

The accused hacker’s wallet had just $9,121.54 remaining in it, according to Etherscan, and 25 ETH has moved abruptly. Many people, however, believe that more ETH was lost.

To everyone new, please know I will never be like HEY QUICK BUY THIS!

In response to the lack of communication, one user proposed that a “calming and understanding announcement” would be more bearable instead of a pinned message.

Animoca is reimbursing consumers who lost 265 ETH in a Discord hack

The assault is the most recent in a long line of exploits that have targeted Discord users with phony “stealth” NFT dumps.

It will reimburse consumers for 265 Ether (ETH), or $1.1 million, stolen in a Discord nonfungible token (NFT) sale by Animoca Brands and its affiliate Blowfish Studios, a Hong Kong NFT project and Hong Kong-based gaming and venture capital business.

On the Phantom Galaxies Discord server, the fraudulent minting event occurred about 3 a.m. Australian Eastern Daylight Time on Friday. Over around three hours, it witnessed 1,571 false minting transactions.

Blowfish Studios is working on Phantom Galaxies, a forthcoming Australian game. There are 94,000 people on the Phantom Galaxies Discord server.

Using a malware bot that hacked the Admin account’s two-factor authentication, which is becoming increasingly common on Discord, hackers gained control of the official Phantom Galaxies server. The hackers deactivated all funds belonging to personnel, advisers, and community moderators after obtaining the Discord service.

The hackers then started writing comments, stating that the game was currently in the middle of a “stealth” NFT minting event.

In a Tweet sent about 4 am AEDT on Friday, Animoca Brands chairman Yat Siu cautioned followers about the bogus NFT drop.

At 5:22 a.m., he tweeted again, adding that customers who it harmed will be “appropriately reimbursed.” Animoca verified this in a statement released on Wednesday, which stated that it would provide compensation details soon.

The Hong Kong NFT project and Terra Obscura project

As I was performing it, it seemed a little strange.” Gas was extremely cheap, and the deal looked to be one-of-a-kind. They “don’t generally just click links,” according to Woodz, but they fell into the hacker’s trap due to the manner it placed the message within the legitimate announcement channel.

The attack on Phantom Galaxies comes after a similar attack on prominent NFT artist Beeple on November 11. Beeple has subsequently taken down Discord connections from his Twitter page, and additional Discord links no longer appear to be broken.

According to a survey released on October 21 by cyber security firm RiskIQ, Discord is becoming a more popular platform for hackers. Researchers from RiskIQ discovered 27 different malware variants on Discord’s CDN servers.

In April, Talos Intelligence discovered that owing to worldwide COVID-19 limitations. Also, hackers were increasingly exploiting platforms like Discord to take advantage of individuals at home.

At the time, it noted, “Attackers are utilizing collaborative platforms like Discord and Slack to stay under the radar and escape corporate protections.

Sum-up about Hong Kong NFT project

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