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SEC approved Crypto list

SEC approved Crypto list


In this article, we are going to look at the relationship between cryptocurrencies and this federal institution. Many people need to have the SEC approved Crypto list to have a secure investment. They prefer to invest in currencies that the Securities and Exchange Commission 2021 approves. In the following, we will give you this list.

What are the roles of the SEC?

When it comes to SEC approved Crypto list, we first need to know what the SEC’s job is. The reason for establishing the SEC is to take on three critical tasks.

  • Facilitate capital formation
  • Maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets
  • Protect investors

The SEC sets the rules for companies to perform their duties. Companies, both governmental and non-governmental, must submit periodic reports to the SEC on a quarterly and annual basis. Besides, corporate executives need to explain how they have managed their goals over the past year.

Their management performance is also evaluated by comparing last year’s goals and achieved goals. This process is called management discussion and analysis, or MD&A for short. By examining MD&A and the company next year’s goals, we can get a more accurate projection of the company’s next year. The SEC also has an online database.

This database is called the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, which is called EDGAR for short. Investors can access this and other information from companies registered with the SEC through EDGAR.

Antidolos and SEC approved Crypto list

If you are a stockbroker, you know that companies’ quarterly reports, especially state-owned companies, are significant to investors. Investors need these reports to make the right decision. Obviously, investing in capital markets is not guaranteed by the federal government. In banking systems, however, users’ capital is guaranteed by the government. It is a fact that the higher the expected profit, the greater the investment risk. But this risk should be as low as possible.

Since Antidolos is the publisher of this article, it is clear that we are going to talk about cryptocurrencies. There are huge profits in this market along with more risk from government stock markets. However, users are looking for SEC approved Crypto list to have a safer investment. The SEC helps investors make better decisions by disclosing relevant information from companies it oversees.

Since the SEC report through the public’s EDGAR system, investors can be easily accessed updated and reliable information. But SEC reports are not limited to disclosing information about companies. The good news is that the SEC also uses the EDGAR platform to educate investors and raise public awareness. It also provides an online system for investors to report violators to the SEC.

A significant portion of SEC oversight of companies comes from public reporting. Obviously, public reports are verified by the SEC. At the end of the SEC’s description, we should argue that the SEC pursues the strictest policies against Crypto IEOs to provide safe investment for the people.

Has the SEC submitted a list of approved Crypto projects?

The truth is that the SEC did not explicitly provide a specific list. But there has been a lot of news about the SEC’s focus on Digital Currencies or Crypto Exchanges. For this reason, each encrypted project, platform, or ICOs must be searched and examined separately. In the continuation of the SEC approved Crypto list article, we will deal with some news examples.

SEC approved Crypto list

Did you know Bitcoin is not approved as a security?

Crypto media news headline on Oct 1, 2019: Securities and Exchange Commission 2021 once again announced in official letters that Bitcoin is not considered secure and does not fall into this category.

Cipher Technologies Bitcoin Fund applied for registration of an investment company under the 1940 Investment Companies Act, citing BTC as a security in its application letter.

While announcing that Bitcoin does not fall into the category of securities, the Securities and Exchange Commission 2021 gave other reasons for rejecting the Cipher Technologies Bitcoin Fund application.

The Securities and Exchange Commission 2021 said the arguments put forward by the Cipher Technologies Bitcoin Fund based on the Howey Test and the digital asset framework released in April 2019 could not be confirmed. The SEC approved Crypto list claims in part that current buyers of bitcoin do not take the necessary management and entrepreneurial steps to make a profit compared to other buyers of investment instruments.

Elsewhere in the letter, the SEC states: “If bitcoin is securities, then other fundamental problems arise that point to a contradiction between the centralization of a decentralized system”. Besides, the final part of the letter says: Cipher will not do further research on Cipher at this time. Follow us on the SEC approved Crypto list for more news.

Telegram and SEC 2021

Telegram was not spared the SEC

In 2019, the SEC issued an emergency order against the Telegram Group and the Gram tokens supplier due to the initial offering of a $1.7 billion token, ordering the suspension of the Telegram Blockchain project.

According to the statement, Telegram sold 2.9 billion TON at lower-than-usual prices to 171 top Crypto investors. The report also said that Telegram had sold more than one billion tokens to US investors. However, the text of the complaint states that Telegram did not legally register its initial offering.

Following rumors circulating in early 2018 about Gram’s initial release. Telegram has worked on the TON blockchain project for more than a year.

In March 2018, on the form that Telegram registered with the SEC approved Crypto list, the figure of $1.7 billion was finally seen as the capital raised by Telegram.

The company, which was secretly pursuing its blockchain development, released project codes last month. Telegram did not even formally announce to its Cryptocurrency investors that they were working on their digital currency. All of this led to the SEC not qualifying the project and not including it in the SEC approved Crypto list.

Ripple and SEC

Ripple and SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission 2021 recently filed a lawsuit against Ripple and its top executives in a Manhattan District Court. According to court documents, Ripple is accused of raising $ 1.3 billion in capital through the unregistered securities sale as digital assets. In another part of the complaint, it is stated that the sale of these securities started in 2013 and continues. Other charges against Ripple include attempting to provide marketing services and direct sales during the distribution of XRP tokens.

Crypto projects not approved by the SEC

The SEC seems to have a bad relationship with digital currencies. All this is due to the rules that exist in the SEC. Of course, the SEC appears to support these rules and does not intend to change them. It is good to know that the SEC had recently announced that the SEC rules are flawless and will not change due to cryptocurrencies. For this reason, it might be better to choose the title of this article “SEC NOT approved Crypto list”. However, crypto projects are still trying to get SEC approval. Coinbase’s exchange request to the SEC was also reported in the media some time ago. Thank you for being with Antidolos until the end of the SEC approved Crypto list article.


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