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How to identify and search for Crypto scam names?

search for Crypto scam names

Each month, dozens of new Cryptocurrencies are released, and these new tokens and coins are accompanied by a series of initial coin offers (ICOs). So many people search for Crypto scam names. Even though Cryptocurrencies were hammered in 2018, the interest among a broad pool of investors for these options has grown. All of these causes attract scammers. After all, if investors are prepared to put their money into a highly speculative Cryptocurrency, they appear to be equally willing to put their money into fraudulent tokens or ICOs.

The prospect can be frightening for a Cryptocurrency investor wanting to take advantage of a plethora of new investment options while staying protected from fraudulent ICOs and dubious coins and tokens. Even experienced investors may struggle to keep up with the language as Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology develop rapidly. While there’s no guarantee that any Cryptocurrency or Blockchain-related firm will be legitimate or successful, following the procedures mentioned below can help you be as specific as possible that you’re not being duped.

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Get to know the team and search for Crypto scam names

The developers and administrative team behind any ICO or Cryptocurrency project are perhaps the essential success element. Major players dominate the Cryptocurrency space, with superstar developers like Ethereum inventors like Antidolos capable of launching or breaking new projects merely by being named on a development team. As a result, scammers increasingly invent false founders and histories for their projects. Therefore, searching for Crypto scam names and knowing the team is one essential matter that everyone should know about. Also, it would help if you got acquainted with ICO scam tokens.

The best defense against this deceptive strategy is to examine each project’s team members before investing extensively. If you can’t locate any information on a developer or founder on LinkedIn or other social media sites, for example, that’s a red flag.

Even if profiles exist, see if their activity corresponds to the number of followers and likes they have amassed. Individuals with thousands of followers who rarely interact with them may not be genuine.

In addition to determining whether or not the development team is real, it’s vital to look at their qualifications. Are the founders as knowledgeable as they claim? Is it appropriate for this project?

Pore over the Whitepaper to search for Crypto scam names

The project’s core document is the whitepaper for a Cryptocurrency or initial coin offering (ICO). Any Blockchain-related project’s whitepaper should include the project’s background, aims, strategy, issues, and implementation timetable.

They also include the term search for Crypto scam names in their project. Whitepapers can be highly revealing: a glitzy website can disclose that a company lacks a fundamentally sound concept. On the other hand, a company with a website full of spelling problems may have a whitepaper with a good vision and a well-thought-out implementation plan.

The first step in studying a white paper is to read it thoroughly. Check if the whitepaper includes other materials, such as financial models, legal problems, a SWOT analysis, and an implementation strategy.

Avoid companies that do not provide whitepapers at all costs. Even Nevertheless, a fraudulent corporation might present a plausible whitepaper, as with PlexCoin, which managed to raise over $15 million before being shut down by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). A whitepaper should answer all of a possible investor’s questions about what sets this enterprise unique from its competitors, how it plans to succeed, and the steps it will take to reach its objectives.

Look to the token sale in 2022

Any ICO will rely on a token or currency system to assist the crowdfunding process. Legitimate businesses and enterprises make the system and the token sale’s progress transparent to potential investors. As the ICO progresses, keep an eye on the token sale figures. Better yet, keep an eye on the token sale over time to observe how it develops. It’s a significant red flag if a corporation makes it impossible for anyone to track the progress of their ICO.

Some fraudulent ICOs hide their token sale progress behind the guise of individual contribution addresses, preventing potential investors from seeing how much money has been raised and how much time the sale has left. This could be an attempt to create a sense of urgency among possible investors, even if no indication of a successful transaction is taking place at the exact moment. It should be noted that searching for the names of ICO fraudsters can be a great flag to find scams.

How feasible is the project?

While it may seem self-evident, the most successful ICOs and Cryptocurrencies are those that have the underlying framework to outlast their competitors. Many launches, even the most well-publicized ones, have fizzled out once the initial buzz has died. A company’s best chance of a successful investment is if it has a set of attainable and reasonable goals. For the time being, the company should have a compelling concept, but it must also translate that notion into action in the medium and long term.

The issue of transparency goes hand in hand with the matter of practicality. Companies with great concepts and models are more inclined than others to be as open with the general public as possible. Look for companies that post regular, detailed progress reports on their websites or social media to inform possible investors. It’s also good to see whether a corporation provides a chronology of what happened during the development process.

search for Crypto scam names

Exercise caution and search for Crypto scam names

Even the most successful ICOs and Cryptocurrencies have been chastised for relying on speculation. The prospect of making a quick profit on an investment in a hot new business is alluring enough to attract seasoned investors and newcomers into dangerous territory. They should search for Crypto scam names. Keep caution in mind when looking for new investment options in the ICO and Cryptocurrency arena. Be wary of undertakings that appear to be too good to be true.

Spend time examining every aspect, and consider that the lack of a critical piece of information could be an attempt to conceal an unsound model or concept. Before investing in a project, look for outside sources to verify its credibility, and always ask questions you can’t find answers to elsewhere. The Cryptocurrency and ICO spaces offer colossal opportunities for investors who have done their studies and can make solid investment decisions. They also contain dangers that can result in significant sums of money being lost due to scams, frauds, or even legitimate enterprises that are poorly built and unlikely to thrive.

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No clear roadmap and search for Crypto scam names

ICO ventures typically lay out their funding and development goals on a schedule for investors to view. The lack of a defined roadmap could imply that the project’s development team has no long-term goals and is driven purely by short-term financial benefits. Combined with a great premise set aside for the development team, this could be a red flag that an ICO project isn’t worth your money. So, searching for Crypto scam names can be a great flag to find scams.

ICO initiatives frequently include dedicated Slack or Telegram channels where the public can participate. Potential investors can get a feel of how the project progresses by receiving periodic updates through these channels.

Investigation about Crypto scammers 2022

On the other hand, Malicious scammers can quickly fabricate a timeline or provide fake updates on chat apps. While the absence of a timetable is unquestionably a red sign, the presence is not required to determine an ICO’s authenticity.

Investigate what professionals and tech magazines have to say about the project. If the team had a compelling tale to tell, it should have been able to secure significant media attention for the initiative.

This is by no means a complete guide on initial coin offerings. Sticking to these rules, however, should help you manage the dozens of new Blockchain initiatives that pop up monthly.

On the other hand, the team needs further inspection, which is an entirely different scenario. Don’t hand over your cash to a bunch of phantoms.

There are lots of real ventures worth investing in out there. However, there are lots of unscrupulous ones as well.

Sum-up about Search for Crypto scam names

You can read more about ICO scam letter and ICO requests phishing here, Antidolos. So you can share your comments and ideas. We will gladly provide you with more articles about ICO scams alert. So, we are publishing more news and articles for you later. Stay with us.

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