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Dolos is the Goddess of trickery, craftiness, betrayal, and guile.

So Antidolos is a non-profit media that started its work in Jan 2020. You can find the Latest Blockchain News & top IEO Rating and Review here. Our priority is honesty, freedom from censorship, and transparency in exposing projects and publishing reals. Everything you find here is free, and we don’t charge any government, agency, company, or project.

Everyone has their own “story.”

For me, the story of creating this site back to 2017. At that time, with a bit of money, I decided to enter the Cryptocurrency market. The exciting news and mind-blowing developments I heard from traders convinced me to gamble all my money without any study.

Obviously, because of the lack of knowledge and the little Market understanding I had, I failed too early and lost everything.

The massive volume of sites, channels, and blogs gave me scattered information.

My second try was back in the middle of 2018. I spent a few months studying. What is Blockchain? The accurate definition of Cryptocurrencies. Chart recognition, technical analysis, and more. At this time, I came across a vast volume of sites, channels, and blogs that gave me scattered information. It wasn’t easy to find a comprehensive and straightforward reference. These reasons led me to quit trading after six months with very little interest and prepare my capital for the third stage.

January 2019 was my start to enter ICOs and IEOs market. Attractive projects, inspiring ideas, unbelievable promises made me invest more in them. Listing and rating sites were my primary reference. They gave me moral support and comfort to not waste my money on the wrong choice. Everything was fine until a few months later, the ICOs – with a reasonable rate – disappeared one by one, and I just realized how huge fraudsters and scams we have in this market.

The faulty cycle of Crypto businesses controls money and listing sites, blogs, YouTubers, and unreliable channels.

I didn’t disappoint, and I did my best for about six months but found nowhere to tell me the facts of the projects. The masked agendas were very annoying to me.

I was done. I got tired and found a lot of gaps in this market. Every business was only thinking about its profit.

Finally, in Jan 2020, I created Antidolos. Where truth, accuracy, and honesty are the top priority. A non-profit media that made me find friends in this adventure. Friends that turn Antidolos from a personal blog into an effective medium. You can find a summary of everything in the Crypto market, NFT market, DeFi projects, and IEOs.

Check this page, if you are interested to know more about the advantages of Antidolos that make it unique from other media, blogs, and sites.

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