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North American Bitcoin miners that might gain from the East-West shift

North American Bitcoin miners that might gain from the East-West shift

North American Bitcoin miners are attempting to gain hash rate supremacy now that China appears to be out of the picture.

North American Bitcoin miners are frequently concerned about energy use. And some have shown an interest in partnering with oil and gas companies as buyers of last resort for flared gas. Indeed, American oil drillers and digital currency mining companies are continuing to work together on natural gas usage. It demonstrates once again that Bitcoin’s thermodynamic capacity has a lot of room to grow. Despite the complaints leveled against proof-of-work (PoW) mining, it is beneficial to the environment.

With North American-based companies on the verge of creating a stronger footprint in the global Bitcoin mining landscape. We take a look at four of the region’s biggest Bitcoin miners.

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Riot Blockchain and its estimation on American Bitcoin miners

According to estimates from multiple data sources. China still controlled around 65 percent of the worldwide Bitcoin hash rate in 2020. On the other hand. Riot Blockchain was growing its operations by acquiring a slew of significant gear from prominent Bitcoin miner manufacturers like Bitmain.

Riot Blockchain spent millions of dollars on thousands of American Bitcoin miners. Its hashing capacity grew by 460 percent in 2020.

Riot Blockchain’s inventory growth has extended into 2021, with the company purchasing over 42,000 Antminers from Bitmain early this year. The Nasdaq-listed business recently announced the purchase of a large data center in Texas for $650 million.

Riot Blockchain aims to become the single largest Bitcoin mining facility in the United States after acquiring the Whinstone data center in Texas. The Bitcoin mining behemoth plans to increase the site’s capacity from 750 megawatts to over 1,000 megawatts.

BTC output number increase

As demonstrated by the statistics stated in its monthly production and operations report. Riot Blockchain sees more Bitcoin mining success due to its increased capacity coinciding with broad crackdowns in China. In April, the business said that it had mined 187 Bitcoins in the previous month (worth $11.2 million at the time). The March 2021 BTC output number was an increase of 80% over the March 2020 Bitcoin mining total. The firm claimed in its most recent report in June that had mined 243 BTC, up 406 percent from its June 2020 output number.

American Bitcoin miners report on Riot Blockchain

In the June report, Riot Blockchain’s year-to-date Bitcoin mining total was likewise stated at 1,167 BTC (now worth $36.5 million). The business has only mined 508 BTC as of June 2020, implying that this year’s output level marks a 130 percent growth year over year.

Riot Blockchain claims to have approximately 2,200 BTC in total as of the end of June, all of which came from American Bitcoin miners activities. “The flight of Bitcoin mining from China has resulted in a downward difficulty adjustment and lower worldwide network hash rate,” the June report noted, explaining the relationship between its recent production accomplishments and the situation in China. As a result, Riot is mining more Bitcoin per day than at any other moment in its existence.


Marathon is unquestionably Riot Blockchain’s main opponent in the “North American hash wars“. And like its rival, the crypto mining powerhouse has been gradually growing its hardware inventory since 2020. Bitmain sold 10K Antminer S-19 Pros to the Nevada-based Marathon Patent Group in October.

The order was large enough to raise the company’s operational hash rate capacity to 2.56 EH/s. Somewhat more than the 2.3 EH/s objectives for Riot Blockchain’s expansion. With the Antminer order for Marathon arriving in phases. The firm appears to be concentrating on attaining “carbon neutrality” and meeting regulatory requirements.

In March, the firm stated that it would shift all of its present hash power to a regulatory-compliant Bitcoin mining pool by the beginning of May. Marathon said at the time that the new pool followed anti-money laundering (AML) guidelines issued by the US Office of Foreign Control.

Marathon is developing a 300 MW carbon-neutral data center, according to Antidolos Blockchain news. Which will house 73,000 American Bitcoin miners. According to the statement at the time. The facility’s deployment will reduce the company’s carbon footprint by roughly 70% while increasing its hash rate to 10.37 EH/s.

Marathon would be ranked fifth on the current Bitcoin hash rate distribution log if it achieved a hash rate capability of 10.37 EH/s, according to statistics from

Marathon investors in American Bitcoin miners

While down more than 50% from its all-time high of $56.56 in 2021. Its stock is still up 122.34 percent year to date as of this writing. Bitcoin mining stocks are considered the next best thing for getting indirect exposure to BTC. Given that Bitcoin exchange-traded funds have yet to acquire clearance in the United States.

Marathon is American Bitcoin miners investor in addition to its mining operations. The business purchased approximately 4,800 BTC at the start of the year, worth over $150 million at the time. New York Digital Investment Group allegedly handled the purchase.

Hut 8 and American Bitcoin miners

In the North American Bitcoin miners mining arena, US-based companies aren’t the only big participants; Hut 8, a Canadian company, is also a prominent player. The Toronto-based firm, formerly the biggest publicly listed Bitcoin miner by capacity in 2018. Appears to be recovering from its earlier failures.

The Crypto market endured a devastating bear market in 2018. With coin values plummeting from December 2017 and January 2018 highs. Hut 8 announced losses of more than $136 million over the preceding fiscal year in May 2019. Resulting in major workforce reductions.

It has announced the purchase of approximately 11,000 MicroBT rigs worth over $44 million after navigating the Crypto winter of 2018 and 2019. Hut 8’s hash rate capability. Based on the capacity of the MicroBT miners, is projected to reach 2.5 EH/s after all of the machines are placed in the company’s 100 MW facility. Which is presently under construction.

Hut 8 anticipates a two-fold increase in daily Bitcoin output from 6.5 to 7.5 BTC to 14 to 16 BTC at 2.5 EH/s. It may preserve hut 8’s title as the BTC miner with the most self-mined BTC globally with such a per diem BTC mining rate.

In January, the Canadian Bitcoin miner predicted that its total Bitcoin holdings would reach 5,000 BTC by the beginning of 2022. The firm also stated that by mid-2022, it intends to increase its hash rate to six EH/s.


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