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NFT environmental impact aims to combine usefulness and assets

NFT environmental impact aims to combine usefulness and assets

With a Cryptopunk in its Treasury. This NFT environmental impact intends to introduce new and expert players to a post-apocalyptic world separated into four factions.

It must utilize smart contracts to hold the digital asset’s laws to exchange, generate, and use NFTs in a game. Each smart contract is made up of a piece of self-executing code that is stored on the blockchain. Gamers will most likely encounter various earning opportunities, with in-game NFTs being one of the most prevalent. Somewhat of earning fungible tokens, players may earn NFTs, which are collectible objects with varying values based on their rarity or use in the game.

While the initial NFT games primarily featured in-game digital treasures, future titles will combine this with a play-to-earn framework, giving gamers the option to earn a more consistent income. Many non-gamers or people new to the gaming world may find it challenging to start because each game is set up differently. The game Hewer Clan has been released to cater to both groups.

Hey  NFT community

According to their team, Hewer is a new NFT effort that aims to “reach and welcome newcomers to the NFT community, as well as seasoned NFT people.” “At Hewer Clan, we strive to link functionality with an asset that will appreciate with time, with a cool-looking art piece that you’ll be glad to possess, and have fun with the advantages that each Hewer Tag unlocks for its holders,” they say.

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A plague-ravaged world for NFT environmental impact

Potential players might imagine a planet that a horrific epidemic has destroyed for the past 100 years to acquire a sense of the game. The virus swiftly spread over the world, reaching every nook and cranny. Fortunately, some people developed immunity to the illness throughout the century. Hewers were the name given to these individuals. They eventually formed a clan known as the Hewers. Within the clan, each member wears a tag that certifies their talents and status as members of the elite. Hewer Clan puts it like way: “the tag opens all doors!

Members of the Hewer Clan are split into four primary groups based on where they reside and their behaviour: Gentlemen, Riders, Necromancers, and Bandits. When it comes to earning opportunities, these factions come into play.

On the plus side, the Hewer Clan game will allow players to earn through frequent airdrops for NFT environmental impact holders of other projects, as well as new community collections.

The Battlefield, where four groups battle for dominance in a post-apocalyptic world, is one of the game’s play-to-earn elements. Because each Hewer Clan has its unique set of talents, they must use them to their advantage to determine the battle’s result. Each tag bearer can start climbing the leaderboard to collect goodies and possibly share them with their group.

Hewer Clan also has a CryptoPunk in their Treasury. This means that every Tag bearer has a little piece of CryptoPunk #5202, a prominent NFT presently worth 360k USD.

Building a better game, together

Shortly, Hewer Clan plans to employ a Merge Protocol to facilitate interaction with other avatar-friendly NFT environmental impact projects. When NFTs combined, new custom-made digital assets created.

The team assures that there are no unmet promises on their roadmap. “From the outset, the community will be able to recommend and assist in selecting the future for Hewer Clan,” they say, good gamers. To help influence the future of gaming, the project has donated 40% of all revenues (roughly 230 ETH) to the community treasury.

Uncovering the value behind highly sought-after NFT environmental impact

High-demand projects like CryptoPunks and EtherRocks continue to sell at a premium, despite a dip in NFT trading volume this month. Even though both of these works of art were among the first to appear on the Ethereum blockchain, Andrew, the founder and chief marketing officer of Stablecoin project, told us that due to the limited supply of 100 coins, he believes EtherRocks will continue to appreciate. Punks, Rocks, and Kittens are all examples of vintage Ethereum Crypto art from last year. Thousands of kittens and punks, on the other hand, and just 100 rocks.

Snowfro, the inventor of the NFT environmental impact, agreed with Andrew and told us that CryptoPunks, in general, function separately from the primary market.

Too much supply, but not enough demand for NFT environmental impact?

While highly sought-after NFTs may have some features, the Bitcoin market is constantly flooded with new NFTs. Even if these NFTs have a high level of uniqueness, distinctive characteristics. And accessibility, the concern of whether there will be too much supply vs demand remains. Furthermore, assuming this is the case, NFT environmental impact will inevitably depreciate over time.

Snowfro, on the other hand, has a different take on the subject. Arguing that “too much supply” is a paradoxical idea when hundreds of artists are vying for a chance to display their work in a way that has never been done before.

According to Lau, there are many parallels between NFTs and conventional art in terms of value loss over time. He believes that certain NFTs would eventually lose value due to supply, possibly outweighing demand. While others gain value as new producers and experiences gain appeal.

Sum-up about NFT environmental impact

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