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Key methods for profitable trade for the rest of 2020

Key methods for profitable trade for the rest of 2020


The first big trend to talk about is DeFi. As a trend, it is just starting to heat up. The rewards and the incentives are very lucrative and it continues to drive a lot of interest. There are various DeFi currencies that haven’t started to pump yet. Even the ones that are pumped and being traded, still have a long way before they reach their tops.

There are two areas that see a lot of growth, and that is DeFi on other chains and new project launches. This trend of new launches is going to continue and massive pumps are expected. And also huge gain for early investors is expected to be happening in the rest of 2020.

Decentralized exchange

The next big trend watches out for is Decentralized exchanges. The volume has been exploding for Decentralized exchange in 2020. The monthly volumes for Dex’s soared past 1.5 billion dollars to hit its all-time high in June and it is expected that the trend for people using Decentralized exchanges and the rise on the volume is going to continue. One thing to keep in mind as an investor is that the Dex tokens can be incredibly lucrative and are offering amazing rewards. So in the case of continuing this trend, there would be huge amounts of profits to be made.

Security tokens

The next trend to keep an eye on is Security tokens. The tokenization of different securities is going to be a massive thing. Real state, stocks, bonds, trusts, and many other different fields are expected to be included. Basically, the security tokens represent a legal contract giving claim to the underlying real-world asset. Tokenizing these assets will open up huge amounts of liquidity and massively reduce friction to be able to move these assets from one place to another in terms of the ownership of them. Many of the key security token related Cryptos at this time remain relatively unnoticed by the wider market.


The next trend which will continue to define the rest of 2020 is the continued domination of Ethereum over the smart contract ecosystem. The lion’s share of innovation alongside the DeFi craze is built on Ethereum. The majority of developers and the built applications are also Ethereum based. The anticipation for eth2.0 and staking is going to drive massive interest as well for Ethereum. Other chains are hungry for the market share of Ethereum, and if they are successful in building their communities to actually deliver useful technology that people want and demand, they will start gaining big time in terms of market cap and in terms of market share.

To sum up – The trends in the market can change very quickly so you have to always keep an eye on the market always. With the hype in BTC price in the march and its boring price movement last month, it may be wise to take a look at some other growing trend for early investments.


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