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Is it possible to sell NFT Art without marketing?

Is it possible to sell NFT Art without marketing

If you are a digital artist and want to know how to sell your Sell NFT Art Without Marketing, keep reading. So many artists and collectors are already making good money using this method of ‘digital art collective.

According to, it has traded nearly $400 million worth of NFTs in the hands-on NFT marketplace over the past three years. The market for these kinds of digital assets continues to grow and may continue to do so. This shows the feature of NFT collections.

How can I get a piece of the pie as an artist? Read this guide of Antidolos  Blockchain Basics Learning first to understand how to sell NFT arts.

Where can I sell NFT Art without marketing?

1. OpenSea

OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace in the industry right now. The site includes art, virtual world materials, trading cards, domain names, collectibles, sports, and utility tokens.

The platform has a wide collection of over 1 million art listings on index art from other NFT marketplaces. All items are priced in ETH, some are available to set prices, and others are available through auctions.

Any artist can apply to have their digital art listed on OpenSea. Still, submissions typically need to go through a review process by our team before being approved for full public trading on the platform. The artist can also define her parameters for royalties for the work. Also, you can Create NFTs for free on OpenSea, which its guide is available on Antiolos market pump and dump.

How to sell NFT on OpenSea?

• To sell NFTs on OpenSea, you need to:
• If applicable, mint (create) the NFT in OpenSea.
• Click your profile icon, select the NFT you want to sell, and click the Sell button.
• Here, select the type of sale: “Fixed Price” or “Timed Auction”. You also have the option to reserve items for specific buyers.
• If you have never sold on OpenSea before, initialize your wallet (one-time gas fee).
• Sign the transaction to confirm the list. Additional approvals and signatures may be required if the NFT was not created by OpenSea.

Rarible: another way to sell NFT art without marketing

Rarible is another excellent platform to create and sell NFT art. At Rarible, each item is priced in ETH and can be purchased now or auctioned.

Although, if you want to get the most out of the Rarible as an artist, you must apply and get a verification badge from the team. The approval process often takes less than a week and it must submit original proof of work. Plus, artists must share a link to their social media channels, one condition for a strong following and active community to earn the Verified badge.

Rarible’s top sellers earn up to £100,000 a week and receive a 10% royalty if buyers resell their art for a higher price. Rarible provides an OpenSea integration that allows an artist to use OpenSea to view and manage their Rarible-created assets.

While using these platforms, remember Avoiding NFT scams all the time.


SuperRare bills itself as a marketplace for collecting and trading “one-of-a-kind, single-edition digital artwork.” Artists can list their work with various tags, including 3D, animation, painting, abstraction, illustration, surrealism, and more.

Anyone can sign up and sell NFT art without marketing on SuperRare, but it’s not the same for artists. At the time of this writing, SuperRare is still in beta, requiring interested artists to submit a form before full release.

Existing artists will receive 85% of the sale price per item plus a 10% royalty commission if a collector resold the work. Meanwhile, the buyer pays their 3% transaction fee upon purchase, which goes to SuperRare.

Besides, you could Promote NFT on Twitter. Here, you need to know some techniques that we have provided on Antidolos Crypto Basics Learning. Now that you know where to sell your NFT art, the next step is to sell your work.

How to sell NFT art without marketing

To sell NFTs, you need a crypto wallet and a marketplace account (or someone who wants to buy privately). If you have purchased NFTs that you would like to sell, chances are you already have a cryptocurrency wallet and marketplace account. Below, you will read how NFTs are sold:

  1. Create a Crypto wallet. We made NFT payments in crypto (probably ETH, but this depends on the market and blockchain used). Once you receive this Crypto, you have to store it somewhere and that is your crypto wallet.
  2. Upload NFT files to the marketplace and create NFTs on demand. If the NFT has already been created, it should be transferred to the marketplace. Note that unless you are using a marketplace that offers lazy mints, you will need to pay gas and sell NFTs before minting.
  3. Set up an NFT auction. The exact process depends on which platform you’re using, but if your NFT is on your platform, it’s usually as easy as clicking the sell button. Most times, you can choose to sell at a fixed price or let buyers bid on it instead.
  4. Be prepared to pay a commission for selling NFTs. If you sell NFTs, you will not receive the full sale price. The platform makes the cut. Fees vary by platform, but 2.5% per transaction is common, and some marketplaces receive more fees.

Also, there is an NFT marketing campaign, which you can use to sell your NFT art.

How to price an NFT Art without marketing

How to price an NFT Art without marketing?

How much do NFTs cost? Whether you are selling for a fixed price or setting the lowest auction price, it’s essential to clearly understand the value of your NFTs. If you’re making multiple copies of an NFT as a limited edition, each one isn’t worth much. Having only one copy of an NFT makes it unique, and more worthful.

To find the right price for your NFT, you need to find out how much similar NFTs sell for. That means you have to find other artists, musicians, or creators in your niche who have approximately the same audience and profile as you. See what their NFTs are selling for, then position your NFT in the same way.

It is good to know that some NFTs sell for life-changing sums. So, maybe you want to rush and sell NFT art without marketing right now!

F.A. Q

How does loyalty work with NFTs?

When a creator creates her NFT art on OpenSea and other platforms, they may typically receive up to 85% of the amount realized in the primary sale. Royalties on her second sale by first-time buyers are around 10% or more, depending.

Can I create NFTs on other Blockchains?

Yes. Most existing active NFT marketplaces are based on Ethereum, but other Blockchains such as Tezos, Binance Smart Chain, and Zilliqa offer NFT mining capabilities at cheaper rates. With a large developer and user base already investing in NFTs on the network, Ethereum remains the platform of choice.How much can I earn by selling NFT

How much can I earn by selling NFT?

There is no guarantee that an artist will sell his art for the same amount. Therefore, how much money you make from selling your NFT art will depend on how well you build your following and how well-known you are by listing your work in popular marketplaces.

Conclusion: sell NFT art without marketing
The road to imprinting the first NFT art may not be completely smooth. Although, it’s definitely worth it, particularly if you want to reach a whole new audience with your great work.

The market will grow as more digital artists learn to harness the power of NFTs. As a pioneer, you can educate others and make a statement in an industry that many believe is far from achieving its potential.

Final word how to sell NFT art without marketing

NFT is still in its early stages and is evolving day by day. New ideas can spread rapidly in this fast-growing field and bring about significant change and wealth. In this article, we have summarized some of the standard features of the NFT collection and mentioned some new features that have gained popularity in innovative projects and are likely to receive more attention in the future. You may find it interesting that you can create NFTs for free on OpenSea and use its features.

Always stay vigilant while doing your due diligence. Endeavor to read other posts on Antidolos latest Blockchain newsand don’t forget to leave your comments and share them with others.



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