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Rating and Review

Ideaology IEO Rating and Review

Ideaology IEO Rating and Review

Ideaology (IDEA) IEO, Risky but Profitable! (Updated Dec 22, 2020)


“Ideaology IEO is a solid and legal project, but why do we think It’s risky?”

Ideaology is a modified word derived base of Ideology. A word is the result of a combination of Idea + Ology. An ideology is a set of opinions or beliefs of a group or an individual. Google "Ideaology". You will find many businesses with this name. Although Ideaology is not a creative name, we did not have any problem with it. Only sometimes may "Ideaology" be mistakenly written "Ideology".

Score: 8.5/10

-Solid and Legal
-High RoI
-High ADs
-C2C Business
-Add Value to the Market
-Creating a Marketplace
-Too Risky
-Low PR
-No Operation MVP
-Poor on Social Media
-Slow Pace of Business Growth

A multifaceted platform for communication between investors, owners, and freelancers. How many projects do you know that have worked in this field?
Ideaology IEO has put a lot of effort into and made an acceptable project. But the main basis of this project idea is ​​the same. Even if launched in a new platform like Blockchain and with new creations.

Score: 7.5/10

-Acceptable Volume
-High Quality and Great Graphics
-Complete Description & Attention to -Details
-Clear Token Allocation and Distribution
-Disclaimer and Legal Terms
-Lack of Coordination with the Roadmap
-Failure to Provide Revenue Model
-Unclear Businesspal
Ideaology ICO Whitepaper

Score: 8/10

NameOfficial BusinessType of CompanyCriminal Record
Ideaology Portal L.L.CDubai (CHECK HERE)L.L.CNo
Ideaology GmbHZug (CHECK HERE)L.L.CNo
Registration NumberRegistration DateCountryContradiction in Info
876395 Dubai06/28/2020United Arab EmiratesNo
CHE-332.132.529 Zug07/30/2020SwitzerlandNo

Unlike most internet projects like Ucoincurrency ICO, Ideaology IEO is completely legal and all its documents are public. Although the initial capital of the Blockchain project is low ($20,000) and it has registered as a Trader in the UAE. ICO is not a registered brand and has a legal guarantee regarding the capital of the members, but it is generally acceptable compared to other projects in this market. Overall it’s in good condition. License License

Score: 10/10

Office TypeMulti-BranchAddressGoogle Map
PhysicalYesIndustriestrasse 24, 6300 Zug, SwitzerlandLocated

Score: 8/10

[stm_ratings mark=”8.8″ max=”10″ title=”Average” css_animation=”fadeIn” css=”.vc_custom_1608751864373{background-color: #333333 !important;}”]

IT Structure

DomainWeb ArchiveCreation DateIP
IdeaologySite (HERE)
Team (HERE)
OwnerWhoisUI/UX ScoreWeb Hosting
ProtectedCheckedNormal (3/5)GoDaddy
ResponsiveDNS RecordsSSL/TLS CertificateSpeed Grade
YesNo ErrorApproved ( Xolphin)68%
Connection StatusMulti-LanguagesServer LocationAbuse & Scam
SecuredNoArizona, USAYes (HERE)
Short Description
The site is very simple and understandable. The color scheme is good and graphically not bad. In terms of content, we did not find a problem, but graphically it needs to be improved. On the other hand, site traffic is low. About 4 visits a day. (Check HERE)
In the Media
Coin TelegraphCrypto DailyMarket WatchMarket Insider
Thrive GlobalPublish0XYahoo!Coinpaprika
Site Review (

Score: 7.5/10

IDStart DateMembersContent Quality
Normal (3/5)
EngagementFake MembersScam Report
High (4/5)20% - 25%No Report
Short Description
No specific item found. Member participation has increased significantly since the end of the first IEO. The quality and quantity of the content are also acceptable.

Score: 7.5/10

IDStart DateFollowersContent Quality
Page01/10/202032Low (2/5)
EngagementAverage LikesFake MembersScam Report
Very Low (1/5)4NullNo
They do not have any special activity after 9 months of launching the page. The team's main focus is on other social networks, and Instagram has remained motionless.

Score: 4/10

IDStart DateFollowersContent Quality
Page01/01/20202.9KGood (4/5)
EngagementAverage LikesScam Report
Medium (3/5)23No Report
Short Description
LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for this project. The quality and quantity of the content are satisfactory. Although we expect more followers after 11 months but the user interaction is good in relation to the number of followers.

Score: 8.5/10

IDStart DateFollowersContent Quality
Channel05/01/2020268Normal (3/5)
EngagementAverage ClapsFake ClapsScam Report
High (4/5)1.9K10% -15%No Report
Short Description
This project uses the Medium page as its blog. After LinkedIn, Medium is the strongest media of this project. However, the number of claps and its differences made us a little worried about using fake claps.

Score: 7.5/10

IDStart DateSubscribersContent Quality
Channel12/03/201969good (4/5)
EngagementAverage ViewsFake ViewsScam Report
Very Low (1/5)24215% - 20%No Report
Short Description
Ten months after launching the page, they only have one video. An introductory video that has good quality. But it has been more than 5 months since their last activity on YouTube.

Score: 5.5/10

IDStart DateFollowersContent Quality
Page05/01/20204.5KGood (4/5)
EngagementAverage ActivityFake MembersScam Report
High (4/5)11 Feedback10% - 15%No Report
Short Description
This Twitter page has been created in 2010. This means that about ten years have passed since the activity of this page. However, the posts related to the project started 4 months ago. We checked previous posts by The base idea of the project started in December 2019.
Ideaology Twitter
Twitter Report

Score: 7/10

IDStart DateFollowersContent Quality
Page01/10/20204.6KNormal (3/5)
EngagementAverage LikesFake MembersScam Report
Medium (3/5)515% - 20% No Report

Score: 7.5/10

IDStart DateMembersContent Quality
EngagementKarmaFake CommentsScam Report
Null11% - 5%No Report

Score: 5/10

IDStart DateRead TimesComments
Content QualityEngagementFake InteractionScam Report
Good (4/5)Very Low (1/5)NullNo Report
Short Description
This is the only announcement we found on BitcoinTalk.
They announced in August 2020 that they had a special plan for October 1. Their private sale started on 1st October. However, we did not find any acceptable information in their smart contract. The turnout was lower than we thought and they could find only 2 investors in the private sale.

Score: 6.5/10

[stm_ratings mark=”6.8″ max=”10″ title=”Average” css_animation=”fadeIn”]

Technical Structure

Token NameSymbolToken Type
Distributed TokenRemained TokenPrice 1 IDEA
TransfersHoldersTotal Supply
801680500,000,000 IDEA
Ideaology ICO Pricate Sale

Score: 8/10

Token AllocationToken DistributionTotal Supply
-Server/grow: 30%
-Operation: 25%
-Marketing: 20%
-Foundings: 15%
-Kickstart: 10%
-Sale: 54%
-Development: 30%
-Reward Program: 6%
-Marketing: 5%
-Team: 3%
-Operation: 2%
500,000,000 IDEA
19,160,000 USD
Bounty & AirdropLive PriceMarket CapHolders
Road Map Bug

Score: 7/10

Ideaology IEO submitted this file as their prototype. It is a nice file with a nicer description. knows how to make everything look beautiful and professional. Since Sept 2020, they have introduced as a prototype. It’s a good MVP but it is still in the experimental stage

A platform on which all services and the main structure of ICO services are offered. It is better to check the site yourself. A strong site that can cover a very large target market. Although this prototype has had its problems and should have become a strong MVP a few months ago, its services can still be hoped for. A good project, unlike

Ideaology IEO MVP

Score: 7/10

ICO (Initial coin offering) details

Why do we say Ideaology IEO is risky? Because they have a poor sales strategy like Cinemadrom. A good and solid project with poor marketing and failed ICO. In the previous version of the site (HERE), they had planned for Q2 2020.

But after passing a hard Private Sale, ICO decided to change their Whitepaper and site and eliminate ICO altogether. They currently have no ICO. But they managed to raise $300K in that hard pre-sale.

IEO (Initial exchange offering) details

Ideaology IEO finished 1st IEO on P2PB2B. The CEO admitted that P2PB2B was a wrong and hasty choice. But the cooperation of scam projects like EpoxyDAO ScamCaracalcoin Scam with this exchange has reduced the trust of investors. At the moment, their 1st IEO round is completed with $40,000 raising, and they are ready to list in one of the largest exchanges ( The 2nd round of IEO will start in Feb 2021 and a high turnout is expected.

Smart Contract
Ideaology (IDEA) IEO

Score: 8/10

[stm_ratings mark=”7.6″ max=”10″ title=”Average” css_animation=”fadeIn”]


Score: 9/10

Ideaology Team is Amateur

Score: 6.5/10

Score: 7.5/10


The Ideaology IEO Team Status At One Glance!

polar | amCharts
[stm_ratings mark=”7.9″ max=”10″ title=”Average” css_animation=”fadeIn”]
[stm_spacing lg_spacing=”40″ md_spacing=”40″ sm_spacing=”20″ xs_spacing=”15″]

Ideaology IEO is an honest project. But there is no doubt about this. They established a legal structure. From the beginning, they introduced themselves legally and clear, and with a large initial investment, as well as they built a relatively good project. But Ideaology IEO has 3 main problems. The core of the idea is duplicate, and many startups have developed this idea before. Despite widespread publicity, their PR is weak and the lack of proper marketing policies has led to an increase in the risk. There is no operational MVP but they have a good prototype. As a result, we see a great project with 680 investors, The current situation is difficult but has a bright future.

We don’t propose a large investment but is good and we should monitor it. Besides if they can cross 1/4 of SoftCap and reaches +850 Holders, Ideaology IEO is recommended for a multi-stage long-term investment. Listing at Exchange is definitely a big leap forward. Now, after a fast Private Sale (Check Here), they have eliminated their ICO and IEO and are waiting for a jump in February 2021.


Ideaology IEO

Business Score


IT Structure Score


Technical Structure Score


Team Score


Success Rate Variance



  • Strong Structure.
  • Fully Legal & Solid.
  • Good Ads Strategy.
  • Real & Verified Team.
  • Registered in 2 Countries.
  • Active on All Social Media.
  • Useful Prototype
  • High RoI (Return on Investment).


  • Duplicate Idea, No Creativity.
  • No Operational MVP.
  • Too Risky, Very Low PR.
  • Young Amateur Team.
  • Low Participation in Social Media.

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