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Ideaology Blockchain Project, The best IDO platform in 2022

Ideaology Blockchain Project

Every big company has its own story. Stories that usually start from a caravan or a garage. The great young people who once created brands with revolutionary and creative goals made life easier and more pleasant for us. We present this article to all who dare to create value with their innovative plans. And today, we want to hear the story of Ideaology IDO. A Dubai-based Blockchain startup. Which garage did this Crypto project start from, and how will it become the most profitable Gaming studio in 2022?

Ideaology Blockchain Project: Every market hole and shortage leads to big businesses’ construction.

The initial spark of this startup comes from their past experience as founders and it was split into two ideas. Ignited by Khaled Alkalbani and later combined with Amar Kovačević ideas, and the best IDO platform in 2022 was born.

12 years after the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency market became ubiquitous, the need for a unique ecosystem from idea to crowdfunding where founders can benefit, developers and freelancers in the middle, and investors in the end. Do you think investing in this Blockchain-based project can make us rich? Isn’t that very optimistic? Of course not. Stay with us.

Where did the Ideaology begin?

Ideaology Blockchain Project started in January 2020 with a capital of $150,000 and after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they had to double it. Besides, like all “grade A” businesses, the most profitable Gaming studio in 2022 has struggled with many ups and downs.

As mentioned in the “Ideaology rating and review” on Antidolos, the Ideaology IDO has faced many challenges. The timing was the main enemy since they aimed for a big platform (Activeidea com platform). They have a large team as a startup which can be costly. And a lot of time to create such a platform, token, and wallet. A perfectly legal Dubai-based company.

But let’s see the competitive advantages of the Ideaology Blockchain Project. Why do we believe it was the best IDO platform in 2022?

Also, the Activeidea com platform as an ecosystem has low fees. All are in one place, and every user benefits from the other one. Investors, idea makers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers are all in a win-win game. (for example, freelancers don’t need to wait to get hired. They can join new projects as a team member, or they can start their project). Let’s look together to see if we can challenge this project.

Indelible value for the most profitable Gaming studio in 2022

The Ideaology IDO has created significant value. Besides, the value of this Dubai-based startup is that a business network allows you to work, innovate, or invest with one login. Isn’t it extraordinary?

We talked about the Activeidea com platform. Let’s get closer and see what this Ideaology IDO made this platform. It’s a unique business ecosystem for innovators, developers, and investors.

A creative environment in which everyone is equal and make great things. All of these reasons make big projects like Ftxinfotech, Mondovision, ICOLawadvisor, Archilex Consulting, Crypto Valley, Antidolos Media, Reblock, and Bitcoin com choose as their business partner.

Thank you so much for coming up with this article so far. Now let’s start with how to use the platform of the most profitable Gaming studio in 2022.

Let’s talk a little more technically

Activeidea com platform is a multi-purpose business network offering four services: find a team, freelance, marketplace, and crowdfunding. It will have an integrated online wallet that will also be available on the mobile app (IOS and Android). wow

The IDEA token will have 3 primary purposes on the Activeidea com platform:

  1. Optional payment gateway (seller can choose between fiat, cryptocurrency, or both)
  2. Hold to achieve the benefit of up to 50% discount on fees and crowdfunding voting rights.
  3. IDEA token makes all investments.

Why do we think this project can become the best IDO platform in 2022?

For a few simple reasons. First, is a legal business. The legality is something we rarely see in this market. You can check all their legal documents HERE. Second, in less than a year, they have reached 6,500 members in the beta version of their platform.

This is an outstanding achievement. Isn’t it? And the presence of +700 holders of IDEA token shows the high trust of traders and investors in the Ideaology IEO. A project with 30 young talented people. And has been able to get the highest score on the “Antidolos ICO IEO Rating and Review” site. Aren’t you excited to use the Activeidea com platform? If you are reading this article, you are a member of one of these introduced groups.

Financial Information IDEA token

Now we want to look at the best IDO platform in 2022 and see how they have been in their IDEA token sales.

Ideaology Blockchain Project started its first phase of ICO as a private sale in October 2020, after completing its roadmap and business plan and strengthening its legal and information infrastructure. At that time, $300,000 was raised as the initial capital and about 600,000 IDEA tokens were sold at a price of $0.05. A fantastic strategy.

This was a significant first step for and made a big jump for Khaled Alkalbani and Amar Kovačević. Also, after raising $300,000, they decided to continue this difficult path with more strength. Many scams of ICO and IEO projects disappear at this phase. But they have come to stay in this market and become the most profitable Gaming studio in 2022.

After the private ICO sale, Ideaology Blockchain Project’s first IEO was listed in P2PB2 Exchange. Yes, we know. P2PB2B is not an excellent option for an IEO. Anyway, it started on 1st December and ended 15 days later. showed us that its goal is beyond an IEO period. They are earnest about becoming the best IDO platform in 2022. In the first IEO period, more than $100,000 of capital was attracted by +650 investors. Don’t you think these numbers are fantastic?

Roadmap of the most profitable Gaming studio in 2022

Since Dec 2020, the Ideaology Blockchain Project has entered a new hard-work phase. And we have seen the growth of advertising and public relations. Likewise, part of this PR that was introduced on the “Antidolos ICO IEO rating and review” site was the result of the efforts of a 25-member team under the management of Khaled Alkalbani and Amar Kovačević who had enormous ideas for the Activeidea com platform and wanted to become the most profitable Gaming studio in 2022—after the 1st IEO few weeks of rest and silence prepared us for a great storm. We love big storms because they show us gold mines and money bags. But what is this excellent storm? J

Exactly, Cooperation with Bitcoin com Exchange. One of the largest and most popular media and Crypto platforms chose as its first partner. And listed IDEA token to its launch pad. 2nd IEO will start on 26th January 2021 with $0.09 for every IDEA token on the Bitcoin com exchange. They choose Bitcoin com Exchange. Because they know they are a very reputable name in the multiple spheres regarding the crypto space. Besides, their exchange is “young” that exists only for 1.5 years. And their user base, liquidity, and reputation are high. IDEA token listed in an exchange that doesn’t have a large number of tokens listed, and it is a privilege.

Why should you invest in the best IDO platform in 2022?

The IDEA token is a long-term coin. As we said, it’s deeply connected with the Activeidea com platform, with their goal to reach more than 100k users by the end of this year, and it will increase token demand by more than 100x considering current token circulation.

The IDEA token is a hybrid utility/likewise payment ERC-20 token with three primary purposes on our platform:

  1. Optional payment gateway (seller can choose does he wants to accept fiat, crypto, or both)
  2. Hold to achieve the benefit of up to 50% discount on fees and voting rights.
  3. All investments in Activeidea com platform crowdfunding will be made through IDEA coin.

A real token in a fully programmed system. That assures us that we are dealing with the most profitable Gaming studio in 2022. If you have been with us so far, we suggest you check out all their platforms and social networks. Examine their details and see if this is the same project that will multiply your capital or not.

Ideaology Blockchain Project 2-year mid-term plan?

After the Activeidea com platform is fully ready, they plan to focus on it. And by increasing the user base, they will significantly increase token demand. Since they are not only trading tokens, its tokens with a significant purpose.

Predicting the price increase of a token is not a smart move, and professional businesses do not talk about it. But if Antidolos, which has been monitoring Ideaology IDO for months, wants to talk about ROI in the next two years.

They predict the Activeidea will grow the large user base. Where everyone can use its utility purpose for a small amount of token on hold which can increase the token price drastically. Also a fully live and active ecosystem.

This project is shown through last year that it’s a strong startup that’s creating fame and gathering a lot of enthusiasts in both the crypto and platform sphere—a Crypto and Blockchain-based project that has entered the market with a good policy. And strategy, and its first goal are not only to attract capital.

It is a business that seeks to bring attractive added value to the market. With targeted and extensive advertising and public relations, a long-term plan lies behind each of its actions. The best IDO platform in 2022 is not in the shadows and stands legally in front of the audience and is very transparent.

Finally, we did our best to provide unbiased and honest information and not try to exaggerate. Finally, we suggest you consider Ideaology Blockchain Project a good opportunity and think about and research it. We sincerely appreciate you for being with us until the end of this article.


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