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ICO drops and near protocol

ICO drops near protocol

1          What is ICO Drops?

The ICO market is acquiring massive force as time passes. Today it is packed with an endless number of ICO projects hoping to dispatch their ICO. In any case, a couple of projects can be believed to present an ICO project on a Crypto posting site. Even though there are numerous ICO posting websites for you to choose from, The ICO Drops is the site that speedily posts ICOs projects as their declaration is made. Because of its ease of use, anybody can access the site whenever, from anyplace. The webpage includes all that you anticipate from a decent ICO posting site. Stay with us in ICO drops and near protocol ‘s article.

1.1       Key features of ICO Drops

If we want to name the main features of ICO Drops, we can mention several cases. One of these is the ICO calendar. This calendar has three different columns. These columns are Ended Upcoming, and Active. The website also has a telegram channel and a Twitter page. Through these social platforms, it can share the latest ICO news with its users. One thing that can’t be ignored is that emails to their users every week. This is an exciting feature.

There is also information for analyzing each project on this website. You can have this calendar on your mobile or any other smart gadget. This feature can make it easier for you to access this information anytime, anywhere. In the next part of ICO drops and near protocol ‘s article, we will talk about one of these features.

1.2       Introducing the three columns of ICO Calendar

In this part of the ICO drops and near protocol article, we examine this website’s three-column feature. As you know, ICO Calendar has three columns. The log, the first column or the active column, shows us a list of currently active projects. The second column, called Upcoming, shows ICOs that are not yet available. Of course, at the end of the third column or the Ended column, it shows us a list of ICOs that have been completed in the past.

It should be noted that the first ICO Drops page shows its objectives. As a positive point, we can mention the beautiful design with a suitable appearance. It is a user-friendly website and therefore much easier to work with than many websites. As a result, it can be said that it is ideal for home users. All you have to do is move the mouse over what you want and click on it. The page that opens gives you an overview of the project and its performance.

ICO drops and near protocol

2          ICO Drops and NEAR Protocol Crypto?

NEAR Protocol cryptocurrencies have been developed as an open-source and compatible Blockchain platform. The purpose of these cryptocurrencies is to provide adequate security to protect valuable assets such as money or individuals’ identities. Sharding, integrated with stock proofs, assures you that the network can be useful for existing users. The best feature of the NEAR Protocol digital currency is its ability to stay focused. In this part of the ICO drops and near protocol article, we want to introduce the NEAR Protocol.

Cryptocurrencies have grown so fast that we sometimes forget what a powerful place they have in the world right now. But digital currencies are still growing, and it is essential to note that only about 50 million users currently have wallets or wallets. In the field of decentralized applications (DApps), their databases list only 3,500 applications. While in the Apple Store, there are more than 2 million active users.

The reason for these numbers is the desire of end-users and their level of familiarity with cryptocurrencies. If one intends to perform a simple Blockchain operation, one may need to go through several short and long steps that most web users are unfamiliar with.

However, developers and validators also take this into account. Blockchain works like Ethereum Blockchain as the right solution, but at the same time, despite its programming language, it creates more barriers for developers.

2.1       Elements and features of NEAR Protocol

NEAR Protocol offers various features that attract the attention of users and developers, editors. The essential principles in the design of the Near protocol platform are scalability, practicality, simplicity, and decentralization. The purpose of the ICO drops and near protocol is to familiarize you, users, with these concepts.

2.2       Features of NEAR Protocol digital currency developers

Developers can sign and advance transactions on behalf of their users. This point significantly reduces the technical knowledge required to interact with decentralized software and makes decentralized software attractive to users.

The NEAR Protocol ciphers also provide the tools needed by developers to enable them to build intelligent applications and contracts using many programming languages. Therefore, this platform can attract most programmers who do not want to work with the Solidarity programming language or specific Blockchain languages.

Developers whose job it is to write smart contracts for use in multiple applications can receive a percentage of the transaction cost each time they sign a contract. This formula can significantly motivate developers to help expand the infrastructure.

2.3         Features of NEAR Protocol users

In this part of the ICO drops near the protocol article, we would like to talk about the features of NEAR Protocol users. Progressive UX designs the NEAR Protocol currency code to ensure those who are new to the network and want to access their wallet or assets.

2.4         Validator features in the protocol

The Near Protocol algorithm, called Thresholded Proof of Stake, is another variation on the stock proof algorithm. Agents can store their currency code in any accreditation they plan in a contract-controlled pool. Thus, validators can provide various services, making the NEAR Protocol attractive to validators.

ICO drops and near protocol

2.5         NEAR Token

The NEAR token is both the name and symbol of the NEAR Protocol ciphers’ primary token. This is comparable to how the Ethereum token is used in Ethereum 2, in that the NEAR token pays the transaction processing fee and retains its stock to validate the nodes. This token’s introduction is perhaps one of the most critical parts of the ICO drops and near protocol article.

However, NEAR token holders who want to be added to the volunteers can use the Near platform. One billion NEAR tokens were released at the time of publication. The chosen model allows you to use up to 5% of new tokens each year.

Validators are not eligible to receive any share of the transaction fee. Instead, 30 percent of the commissions go to the smart deal developer, and 70 percent of the commissions are burned.

What is near protocol?

2.6         NEAR Protocol ciphers team

In the final sections of the ICO drops and near protocol article, we need to address the NEAR Protocol ciphers team. Alexander Skidanov and Illia Polosukhin created the NEAR Protocol currency code. The two began their work with a common vision of making life easier for developers. In July 2018, they developed NEAR cryptocurrency as a decentralized platform that allows developers and entrepreneurs to build software and bring it to new markets straightforwardly.

Skidanov began his career at Microsoft in 2009 and later became the first engineer at MemSQL. He has won two medals at the prestigious International University Programming Competition, one of the oldest and largest programming competitions. Polosukhin is also the final candidate for the ICPC, which has more than ten years of programming experience, including three years at Google.

2.7         Funding ICO Drops and NEAR Protocol

Perhaps the question that arises for Antidolos users while reading the ICO drops and near protocol article is how the NEAR Protocol is funded? The first significant step of the NEAR Protocol ciphers took place in July 2019, when the project successfully funded $ 12.1 million through several well-known investors, including Electric Capital and Pantera Capital.

Following the core network launch in April 2020, another $ 21.6 million was raised to fund the Andreessen Horowitz-led Blockchain fund. In August 2020, the NEAR public token sale was a quick success, selling out in less than two hours.

Now, NEAR PROTOCOL is one of the Best Cryptocurrency Investments in 2021. And thank you for being with Antidolos until the end of this article.

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