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Every thing you have to know about How to Report a Bitcoin Scammer

How to Report a Bitcoin Scammer

How to Report a Bitcoin ScammerOf course, if you are vigilant and aware, you probably will not easily fall into the trap of fraudsters. But sometimes, we may be deceived by fraudsters. So we want to answer the question: How to Report a Bitcoin Scammer? You may ask why Bitcoin. As the king of crypto, BTC has been able to gain a place in international trade.

As a result, many reputable companies, such as Samsung and Tesla, have decided to use bitcoin as well as the dollar and euro to sell their products. However, you can generalize the following to any other valid digital currency. Antidolos invite you to read the following article.

What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

First of all, it is better to answer the question, what is Bitcoin? It all started in 2008 with the publication of an article by Satoshi Nakamoto that introduced the Blockchain and called it Bitcoin. The anonymous identity of her was the initiator of a revolution that years later became the headline of the media, forcing economists to debate it extensively. BTC is a digital currency that you can use to buy, order online, send money to anyone you want anywhere in the world, or even consider it an investment.

The two main features of BTC, decentralization and the avoidance of printing more currencies, are significant gains against today’s currencies that pave the way for a new economic system in the future.

How to Report a Bitcoin Scammer

How to be a Digital Fraud?

Bitcoin can be considered as an investment tool, with which you can make your currency transfers and even order from online stores. The same different functions and different uses that you can have from Bitcoin. However, this digital currency may cause some problems in return for its excellent benefits.

The focus of this article is on one of these problems. Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere. We have to take care of them, both in real life and online. Remember, they are always in small quantities.

Why Scammers Use Bitcoin for Scams?

Indeed, none of us would like to be in a situation where we have to report a scam. Unfortunately, this situation is sometimes unavoidable in Blockchain commerce.

We are witnessing a significant development of online business daily. There are hundreds of thousands of online brokers, each offering you an investment or a bargain. The scammers take advantage of the lack of user awareness to use this space for profit.

One of the most common types of fraud is Bitcoin scams. There is a straightforward reason behind this choice. This Crypto is valuable money, and at the same time, you can’t track transactions.

So you can’t easily access the scammer of your money. However, an ICO scam can easily spend the BTC. So this is an excellent opportunity for scammers to use users’ ignorance to deceive them. Savvy users need to be wise in this space. One way to help prevent most profiteers from cheating is to report their fraud on ICO IEO rating and review platforms.

How to Report a Digital Fraud

How to Report a Bitcoin Scammer ?

  • Report scams on exposing sites and forums

If you are a user with experience in digital currencies, you will probably not be scammed. But if for any reason you were scammed, it is best to report the scam. The purpose is to ensure that others do not fall into the trap of profiteering.

An intelligent user would search on the Internet for How to Report a Bitcoin Scammer in these situations.

  • Make sure you are scammed

Before we get into the process of reporting a Crypto scammer, we need to tell you that you need to make sure your reporting is legal. In writing a report, you should never write biasedly against a particular online broker.

The first principle is that the report is done first hand. What does that mean? This means that you can write a valuable report when you have been scammed rather than telling the story of a scam.

Please don’t write fraudulent essays against a broker on behalf of others. Another thing to make sure of is that the broker you are considering is a scammer. One misunderstanding or ignorance on the user’s part may make him think that he has been deceived. For preventing this, it is best to contact brokerage support in the first place and explain your problem to them. If they did not answer you or try to convince you. Then suspect that the agent is a scammer.

Keep in mind that fraudsters have one thing in common. They sell you the dream of getting rich in one day. When you hear these incredible promises. Think of the broker as a Bitcoin scammer.

  • Collect documents for your report, then publish them

Collecting scam details is without a doubt the essential part of a fraud report. It does not matter if you are reporting on digital currencies or the fiat world. It would be best if you write an essay on fraud. But really, why should we collect the details of a scam? Obviously, we have to have evidence to claim that we registered with a broker, and as a result of this registration, we were deceived. Besides, when you write a report against an ICO or IEO, many people are willing to deny it.

Therefore, you must prove your claim that the agent is a fraud by having sufficient evidence. But a new user does not know what documents should be collected. In this article, How to Report a Bitcoin Scammer , we will tell you what documents you need.

First, we have the scammer’s website and record it. Second, we need to have an account on the scammers’ website. A secure account with a username and strong pass.

Third, you must prove that you have an account with this brokerage. For this purpose, you must record a screenshot of your account in the report. Fourth, you need to take a screenshot of your transaction and record it. Finally, a great way is to connect your account to Email and save all your transactions in your email to have more details.

  • Try to contact the broker again

Now that you have all the details about the broker scam, you need to contact them again. This call will be your last attempt to resolve the issue without conflict.

If they are scammers and accidentally answer. Let them know about the info gathered and the article you wrote about their scam.

They should, after hearing this, help you with your problem. But if they really worked with you to defraud you, they probably won’t help you. If no one helps you at this stage, be sure to fight them.

The first step is to publish a report. Perhaps most of our purpose in writing How to Report a Bitcoin Scammer is to expose fraudsters. It would help if you warned users about this server on all social media and some Rating and Review websites like Antidolos. Use the right hashtags to make sure your report is accessible with the slightest search.

Antidolos, as a media that has always been the enemy of fraudsters, will welcome your reports.


Finally, you can go to the centers that can help you get your money back. Of course, many of these centers were set up for fraudulent purposes themselves, and you should be careful to work with a user-approved center. The purpose of this article is to combat dishonest people. The ultimate goal of this article is by no means to introduce a center for filing complaints against fraudsters. However, you can refer to other Antidolos articles for more information on this. We are thrilled that you read ” How to Report a Bitcoin Scammer ” article, and thank you.


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