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How to make a cyberpunk NFT – History of the Megaverse

We are going to talk about how to make a cyberpunk NFT. The origins of the cyberpunk genre can be traced back to two authors whose ingenuity and world-building ignited a fun and intriguing genre of literature, film, and video games.

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How to make a cyberpunk NFT: Philip K. Dick

The work is intriguing because of its future elements and because it incorporates several existential concerns. What exactly is the meaning of consciousness? Also, what exactly does it mean to be a human being? What exactly is reality? Dick approaches these subjects with noticeable sensitivity, given his history of mental illness, which led to his premature death in 1982 at 53, just before Bladerunner was premiered in theaters.

Dick’s novels are still being transformed into films and television shows. Minority Report, The Man in the High Castle, A Scanner Darkly, Total Recall, and The Adjustment Bureau are prominent productions based on his writings.

How to make a cyberpunk NFT: William Gibson

In the 1980s, Gibson published the Sprawl Trilogy, including Neuromancer, Count Zero, and Monalisa Overdrive. Besides, we recognize these three works as mainly with establishing the Cyberpunk genre, and how to make a cyberpunk NFT. He developed many of the terminologies we use to refer to computers and the internet today. The most well-known is Cyberspace.

Gibson’s writings are dystopian, with themes of all-powerful corporations and unusual heroes. The noir pieces are set shortly and examine the impacts of technology and cybernetics.

His works are likewise gritty and written from the point of view of individuals living in poverty. These characters can recognize the stark contrast between their world and the one presented in commercials. Also, they doubt an insurmountable divide between the haves and the have-nots.

These characters are reduced to eating subpar or hardly edible cuisine while sleeping in coffin motels where they can grab a bed and little else for a low fee. Some coffin hotels are more secluded than others, but they are still pits of depravity where drugs and prostitution abound. Do you need more info about NFTs assets? Let’s talk

How to make a cyberpunk NFT: Shadowrun

Cyberpunk is no exception to the rule that tabletop games are always the precursors to video games. Shadowrun is the most well-known tabletop game.

Also, Shadowrun drew heavily on Dick and Gibson’s work and a variety of other sources.

Shadowrun takes place in a near-future environment where magic and technology coexist. You may create your tale, as in traditional tabletop role-playing games. However, the themes of technology gone awry, companies wielding too much power, a corrupt government, and the integration of technology with the human mind, body, and spirit are prevalent and affect any campaign.

When the Mayan calendar ended in 2012, magical energy released around the planet, changing portions of humanity into metahumans. Elves, orcs, trolls, centaurs, you name it, these metahumans exist.

What are Humans and Metahumans?

Magic can be performed by certain humans and metahumans, although it is a rare gift. Those who can’t afford it can acquire cybernetic upgrades implanted in their bodies. However, the promotions, as well as the installation operation, are not inexpensive. Today, currency reigns supreme. But in 2055, the money is the Nuyen, not the Dollar or the Euro. So it can do the best for the question of how to make a cyberpunk NFT.

Those who refuse to work for the corporations operate in the shadows, earning their Nuyen by participating in “Runs,” They act as mercenaries. Wetwork, extraction, data and property theft, extortion, and intimidation are everyday runs. Runners should be cautious, though, because a patron may not be who they seem to be. Again, however, the dreck is preferable to being a corporate shill wage slave.

Chummer, there’s one more thing. Never strike a bargain with a dragon, and don’t glitch out if you opt to hide in the shadows.

Cyberpunk genre and the constraints of it

Given the constraints of the medium, video game adaptations of the cyberpunk genre and how to make a cyberpunk NFT have had varied outcomes. The Tron arcade game and the personal computer game Syndicate were two early attempts.

On the other hand, technical restrictions have never prevented people from striving to create virtual worlds. Cyberpunk is the most nuanced depiction of a world as Dick and Gibson envisaged it to date. It can be answer the question how to make a cyberpunk NFT.

These new perspectives allow us to use our imaginations, make predictions, and conjure our electric fantasies.

We are on the verge of a new world where analog and digital, real and virtual, will be permanently mixed. As a result, the border between humans and non-human will become increasingly blurred, necessitating a new concept of life.

Gamestate, a new cyberpunk-themed setting, is a fresh realization of this concept.

Gamestate is a cyberpunk-themed environment that connects many metaverses and Blockchains to build the “megaverse” — a massively multiplayer online gathering place for gamers to explore. Play-2-earn, and socialize in the ultimate form of incentivized escapism!

Don’t miss out on the chance to see history unfold in real-time!

About Gamestate and how to make a cyberpunk NFT

Gamestate is a Megaverse nexus that brings together gamers, fans, developers, producers, and merchants in a location where they may have fun, learn, and discover new things. In addition, Gamestate has a Rocket Launchpad incubator for independent game entrepreneurs and sales channels for games, applications, advertising, gaming equipment, music, media, and general goods.

Unified profiles address the issue of fragmented gaming accounts and achievements by allowing gamers to create and import existing game profiles and leaderboard ranks into a single portable, immutable, privacy-centric, achievements-based Blockchain digital identity profile for ultimate flexing and bragging rights!

Sum-up about how to make a cyberpunk NFT

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