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How to avoid ICO token scam?

How to avoid ICO token scam?

The website scammer check, biggest ICO token scam , ICO scam letter are those scams related to Cryptocurrencies. Even if there are still few uses for Cryptocurrencies in the general retail and financial industry, Cryptocurrency investors are flocking to initial coin offers (ICOs) in record numbers. 

Typically, new tokens are purchased using another coin. However, a more commonly traded Cryptocurrency is first purchased and then kept in a digital wallet using a credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. It can subsequently use the digital assets to buy the new tokens being offered and, in certain circumstances, to trade them on accessible exchanges.

At Antidolos ICO scams alert, you will know how to avoid scams and how to get rid of them. 

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Ten red flags for an ICO token scam 

When picking an ICO token scam, the most important factor to examine is the project’s technical feasibility and how well you, the investor, understand the dangers and opportunities associated. Although a fancy website, amazing news promises, and celebrity endorsements may capture the eye, it must thoroughly investigate technical feasibility.

Is the offer promising rapid or large profits, and are there any attempts to encourage investors to buy now?

Are the company’s management and development team knowledgeable about Blockchain technology?

Is there a white paper available from the company? Is there information about the business endeavor in the white paper that is relevant, thorough, and transparent? Does white paper well-written (i.e., devoid of mistakes and misspellings), and does it appropriately cover the venture’s risks?

Does the company strategy, as well as the concept behind it, make sense? Is the usage of Blockchain required by the strategy, or is it merely an afterthought? Is there a product that is feasible and usable?


Are you able to locate third-party sources that support the venture’s claims?

Token accessibility

How simple is it to buy and sell tokens? Is it possible to find out how many tokens were generated and how much money was raised?

Market transactions

Can third-party sources cooperate on all statements relating to agreements with major credit cards, banks, and exchanges?

Is the corporation frequently informing the investing public of important business developments through press releases, appropriate media, and social media? Are management and developers of the firm available to answer inquiries and give further information?

Can you check the source code in a repository if the firm claims to have created an open-source Blockchain?

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ICO token scam, like any other

Fraud occurs in the Crypto market regularly, just like it does in any other market transaction. Knowing the red signs can aid interested investors, and fraud fighters in identifying and warn others about an ICO token scam and scam that are likely to be fake. Blockchain is a fascinating discovery, but it also provides a new avenue for con artists to defraud the unwary.

The potential for fraud is so significant that the SEC developed a HoweyCoins ICO that sends you to a website that shows you how easy it is to set up an ICO token scam once you hit the “Buy Tokens” button. Blockchain technology is intriguing, but like with any new technology, caution is advised.

buying ICO token scam

How not to lose money when buying ICO token scam

How can investors identify the difference between a legitimate Blockchain project and a fraud and avoiding Cryptocurrency scams handing over their money to con artists? What are the best ways to avoid losing money while investing in Cryptocurrencies?

The Crypto sector loses around $9 million per day as a result of scammers. As a result, the acquisition of tokens, which are digital assets created by firms building Blockchain-based initiatives, is one of the riskiest sectors for investors. This will be the latest Blockchain news. 

Criminals steal money from Crypto enthusiasts via hacking exchanges and wallets, cloning promising token publishers’ websites, staging false ICO token scams, and various other methods. Some well-known thefts are worth millions of dollars. According to the most recent research, 81 percent of Cryptocurrency are frauds.

However, scaring and stopping token buyers is tough. Despite the significant dangers, everyone wants to invest in Bitcoin, which is expected to explode. During the ICO stage, investors who purchase project tokens may expect to get 82 percent of the return if the Cryptocurrency is listed on an exchange within two months. So how can you determine whether someone is a fraudster or the founder of a potential token? So is ICO genuine? 

Check the authenticity of the projects

Examine the project’s legitimacy, regardless of whether you’re investing in the pre-ICO, during the ICO token scam, or after it’s over. Scammers frequently construct a beautiful page, present an appealing idea, and then leave with the money they have gathered.

This is what happened with the Benebit fraud initiative, for example. Its designers said that they would create a platform to increase consumer loyalty. When the pre-ICO was underway, one of the possible investors discovered images from a British school’s website in the section with the project team. By that time, the squad had amassed a total of $2.7 million. Scammers don’t hesitate to utilize famous pictures on occasion. As a result, a prudent investor’s initial step is to authenticate the project’s founders.

If the initiative has already succeeded in raising funds, this is not the time to relax. Scammers on the Cryptocurrency market can play for a long time and do not always vanish once the ICO is completed. They may continue to sell tokens and even bring them to the market while the project is purportedly built. In addition, fake news may be a warning indication of a scam. If a relationship with a specific firm is advertised, there is no assurance that the company is aware of it.

Pay attention to the tools for ICO token scam purchase

You’ve double-checked everything and are confident that the project’s coins are worth investing in. Scammers of a different type, on the other hand, are at work. They detain the funds before they reach the project’s founders. An ICO scam alert will go on to know what to purchase. 

Their trademark tactic is to engage in user interaction on behalf of the firm while providing fake payment information. For example, scammers established a bogus Twitter account during the Aragon network’s ICO token scam. People wanted to acquire tokens as soon as possible since the initiative was so popular (it earned $25 million in 15 minutes), so they sent around $10,000 to fraudsters via Twitter. Then you can protect it from scam. It can be ICO scam data protection

Making a phony ICO website is a more complex strategy. Users aren’t always willing to dig further and click past the first tab in a search engine or the first link on a forum. If the team has additional projects or their firm, you should always verify the addresses disclosed by the project’s creators on their official channels and websites. So, is ICO genuine?

Specify technical features of fundraising and storing of ICO token scam

Hacking a smart contract (a computer program built for digital transactions) is another popular fraud technique. Many projects nowadays begin their initial coin offerings (ICO) using a pre-built platform or constructor.

In this instance, it’s important to look into the experience of prior an ICO token scam that used these technologies. What level of security do they provide? Was there any evidence of hacking or leaks? Websites with serious vulnerabilities aren’t usually popular, but it’s worth double-checking. Is ICO genuine?

How to avoid ICO token scam?

Be careful with exchanges of ICO token scam

The most challenging aspect of dealing on the market is keeping money safe from theft. Real specialists carry out hacking, and no exchange, no matter how huge, is immune to cyber assaults. Furthermore, the more reputable an exchange is, the more aggressively fraudsters will look for flaws. Even if your assets are safe, hacking of such exchanges might influence the entire market, and you will suffer as a result.

Consider the recent attack on Coinrail, a South Korean exchange, which resulted in the theft of up to $40 million. The Bitcoin price dropped by 10% as a result. This is Crypto prices and analysis. 

When the team creates its smart contract for fundraising, there are more dangers. If there are any flaws in the coding, scammers can access the money. This happened with the DAO project, in which investors lost about $44 million due to algorithmic flaws.

Therefore, the project team must audit the smart contract at various stages: Internal, when project employees conduct the review, and external, when experts assess the code’s security. scam ratings often provide this service. It is advantageous if the project is prepared to give an authorized auditor’s ICO scam report call. At the very least, they confirmed the news that the audit will complet.

Do not wait for a miracle

Only 8% of projects publish their tokens on the market, and only 1 in every 10 tokens are generated to use for its original purpose. Even if the project isn’t managed by con artists or isn’t targeted by hackers, no one is safe from a poor investment. Remember that no project, no matter how good, will maintain its token price rise if the Cryptocurrency market falls.

As a result, you should keep an eye on the market as a whole, engage with the community, and learn about the token holders of projects that interest you. Then you can get rid of ICO token scam, scam, or is ICO genuine. The more long-term institutional investors and backers there are, the better the prospects of profiting from the tokens acquired.

Sum-up about ICO token scam

We are always trying and improving our work. You can also find the latest uncensored Cryptocurrency news and expose Cryptocurrency scam in Antidolos. Please share your comments and ideas here at Antidolos ICO IEO rating and review. We also love to have more connections and help you to Request an analysis ICO on the top Cryptocurrency news website.

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