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HerdX and UPS deliver Blockchain verified beef!

HerdX and UPS Deliver Blockchain Verified Beef

Applications for Blockchain technology just witnessed a new bounce as UPS and HerdX jointly delivered beef products using a Blockchain-based supply chain system. The use case of Blockchain is especially pronounced in the financial services sector as well as tech-based systems. 

Completing the all-new technology to beef production and its supply chain opens doors to new greater opportunities. This Blockchain verified beef shipment was showcased by UPS and HerdX.

About HerdX

HerdX, an agri-tech and data company, created the first end-to-end solution from farm to table for beef and lamb products. Starting at the farm, the HerdView system tracks animal movement providing insights and herd management tools for farmers. HerdX was founded in Texas in 2010. In July it raised $7.2 million in venture capital, bringing total funds raised to date to more than $15 million.

A select piece of that data is uploaded to Blockchain and travels through the entire supply chain where then the meat is presented to the customer at a restaurant or grocery store. The customer is able to scan a QR code on the menu to view verified health and provenance data of the meat they are eating.

HerdX’s Blockchain provides details of animals such as their birth, where the herd was raised and enables farmers to keep a watch on the animals. UPS delivers the transport solution by integrating with HerdX so that freight can be tracked using Blockchain and IoT. In the trial, a shipment of beef left Kansas in UPS’s temperature monitoring packaging. The packaging had sensors that recorded and monitored the shipment’s temperature from origin to destination. This data was then uploaded on HerdX’s Blockchain verification platform.

The Future of Global Supply Chain

With HerdX supply chain framework, as well as other Pro-Blockchain startups researching Blockchain use cases in supply chain networks, can help improve the global supply chain. The collaboration between HerdX and UPS predates 2020. The duo successfully used a Blockchain verification system to ship beef products from the United States to Japan in 2019. With the proven reliance on Blockchain as evidenced by HerdX and UPS trials, Blockchain can be used to revolutionize the global supply chain. Food traceability using Blockchain is not a new concept anymore. There are several Blockchain beef traceability projects in production. Last year, Blockchain start-up Beefchain provided customers with the ability to track the beef they buy in stores.

A few months ago, KT (formerly Korea Telecom) formed a partnership with Nongshim Data System for Blockchain food traceability. The South Korean government is also using Blockchain to track beef through the supply chain.

Meanwhile, the WWF and the Boston Consulting Group Digital Venture arm also have a food provenance Blockchain called OpenSC.

Now tell us, any experience on Blockchain-based delivery systems?
Any more ideas on Blockchain delivery startups? Leave a comment and share your idea about the future of Blockchain and IoT on food delivery. 

Beefchain: Beefchain’s mission is to create a new “rancher-centric” supply chain utilizing Blockchain technology to recapture the value now realized by third-party feedlots and processors.


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