Hacking of YouTube channels for live-streaming crypto scams

Hacking of YouTube channels for live-streaming crypto scams

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October 27, 2021 by Delnia
A continual phishing effort targeting YouTube creators is resulting in the breach and sale of channels used to broadcast Bitcoin scams, according to a new investigation by Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG). According to the TAG, the masquerading as collaborators, the attacks were carried out by a group of hackers recruited via a Russian-language forum who hacked the creator's channel. And sold at the highest price. It is also used to broadcast cryptocurrency scams once. They said they have been hijacked:
Hacking of YouTube channels for live-streaming crypto scams

According to Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG), the attacks were carried out by a group of hackers recruited through a Russian-language forum for live-streaming Crypto scams. It sells compromised YouTube channels to the highest bidder.

It renamed a substantial number of hijacked channels for live-streaming Bitcoin scams. The value of hijacked media on account-trading marketplaces varied from $3 to USD 4,000. It depends on the number of subscribers.

Cookie theft virus, a bogus program built to operate on a victim’s machine without being noticed, is being used to hijack YouTube accounts. According to TAG, the hackers also modified the names, profile images, and content of YouTube channels to impersonate significant-tech or Bitcoin trading organizations.

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Google talks about the attacker live-streaming crypto scams

According to Google, the attacker live-streaming Crypto scams videos offering Bitcoin rewards in return for an initial contribution. The corporation purchased technologies to identify and thwart phishing and social engineering emails, cookie theft hijacking, and crypto-scam live streaming as a countermeasure.

Since May 2021, Google has managed to reduce the amount of Gmail phishing emails by 99.6%, thanks to continued efforts. As a consequence of better detection efforts, we’ve seen attackers migrate away from Gmail and toward other email providers (mainly email. CZ, Seznam. And CZ, post. Also, CZ, and aol.com), according to the company.

The previous results have been shared with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for further investigation.

CoinMarketCap is a cryptocurrency price tracking website. They said it has exposed over 3.1 million (3,117,548) user email addresses.

Have I Been Pwned, a website dedicated to tracking internet hacks, discovered compromised email addresses being bought and sold online on multiple hacker forums, according to an Antidolos story.

How CoinMarketCap expose scams?

CoinMarketCap admits that the disclosed data was related to their user base but claims that no indication of a breach has been discovered on their internal servers:

We believe the data is most likely derived from another platform where users may have reused passwords across several sites because no passwords are included in the information we’ve seen.

CoinMarketCap hack reportedly for live-streaming Crypto scams

Have I Been Pwned? It allegedly traded 3.1 million email addresses belonging to CoinMarketCap accounts on hacker forums.

CoinMarketCap, a Cryptocurrency price tracking website, allegedly hacked. Also, revealing the email addresses of 3.1 million (3,117,548) users.

Have I Been Pwned, a website dedicated to tracking breaches and compromised internet accounts, disclosed the information after the hijacked email addresses were discovered to be bought and sold online on various hacker forums?

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The list of coin-based users explored. Live-streaming Crypto scams a subsidiary of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange:

CoinMarketCap has discovered that batches of data purporting to be a list of user accounts have appeared online. While the data lists we’ve seen only contain email addresses, we’ve discovered a link to our subscriber list.

On Oct. 12, the business confirmed the linkage of 3.1 million (3,117,548) user email addresses with its userbase, assuring that the hackers did not acquire access to any account passwords. Also, “we have not discovered any indication of a data breach from our systems,” a CoinMarketCap spokeswoman stated. We are currently researching this problem.

Despite the confirmation, CoinMarketCap has been unable to determine the attack’s source. Because the data we’ve seen contains no passwords, we presume they obtained it from another platform where individuals may have reused passwords across several sites, CoinMarketCap said in response to Antidolos’s request for comment.

What is clear is that the recent breach of the digital currency exchange Coinbase endangered 6K accounts.

Hackers exchange multi-factor authentication technology

Live-streaming Crypto scams carried out the assault. It implies that they had access to the users’ email addresses. Also, the attackers discovered a flaw in Coinbase’s account recovery process, according to the company.

In this event, a 3rd party find a hole in Coinbase’s SMS Account Recovery procedure to get an SMS 2FA token and gain access to your account. It’s for customers to utilize SMS texts for 2FA.

While Coinbase has yet to divulge the value of the stolen funds, the event was accompanied by hundreds of official complaints from account holders against the corporation.

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After bypassing the company’s multi-factor authentication, or MFA, feature in a concerted operation earlier this year, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has suffered another security compromise.

According to a report from Bleeping Computer. Bitcoin stole from 6K accounts. Of course, it should note that in this report, the monetary value of this theft didn’t report. Coinbase allegedly told impacted customers earlier this week that the failure occurred between March and May.

Live-streaming Crypto scams need to know more about the user’s email address

The attackers needed to know the affected users’ email addresses, passwords, and phone numbers to access their accounts. Due to this, they can know live-streaming Crypto scams. Even though phishing attempts against exchange clients are common, it’s unclear how the attackers got this information.

Coinbase has been scolded for its poor customer service, one of the world’s foremost Cryptocurrency exchanges. Customers whose accounts allegedly hacked and deprived of cash that unable to contact support personnel. Also, according to Antidolos, resulting in hundreds of complaints against the firm. Coinbase’s initial public offering (IPO) in April raised $86 billion, but the business has struggled to grow its customer support department. They have a new assistance line set up for the corporation in August. Customers who feel their account hacked mentioned it.

Sum-up about live-streaming Crypto scams

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