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GamerHash platform is a Crypto booms in South Korea

GamerHash platform is a Crypto booms in South Korea

Games market and Cryptocurrency in South Korea

A GamerHash platform that enables players to expand to South Korea using their personal computers and add new features for hundreds of other users.

GamerHash says that over the past three years, more than 570,000 users have collected and now intend to import in South Korea. By doing so, it is estimated that by the end of 2021, a user base will earn 1.5 million customers.

GamerHash focused on games, digital goods, and NFT markets, GamerHash enables players to use their personal computers. With Crypto miners and gamers, in a match on NVidia’s graphics cards among global shortages, this can be discussed as the main example of its cake and eating it.

The figures of the GamerHash platform show that its business model is they’ll use to disclose many potentials. There are about 2.5 billion actors around the world, with data showing the sale of video games worth hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

How Games Crypto works

GamerHash platform enables users to share their computing power by running their program in the background. This application then determines the best Cryptocurrency to the mine and reward. The founders of the project say it helps some of the technical obstacles that can be extracted by crypto, which will use its tools at no additional cost.

All of this is completed by a market in which games, gift cards, and collectors can be purchased without a user with a bank account or credit card. More than 600 products can be found in the GamerHash store and a colleague market to counterparts for unauthorized signs in the pipeline.

The company is also they’ll aware that all gamers do not have hardware that is suitable for extracting profitable mining. As a result of this, a separate feature called gameplay and earnings ensures that users can play missions, such as downloading mobile apps and special games.

Knowing more about the GamerHash platform

GamerHash was born in 2017 with an idea among two friends, the founders already born. Since its inception. They have earned more than 500,000 users. The GamerHash way is that users simply share their computer by running the GamerHash app in the background. The GamerHash app will then give me the best encryption and they will reward their users with cryptocurrency. It can also be used in the store in the US store for gift cards from their favorite output. They have made one of the greatest supercomputers on this planet, which is volunteered by players based on gaming computers.

The cryptographic process is generally very complex and requires extensive knowledge about Cryptococcus, Krypto-economics, and advanced skills. The software and hardware should be properly configured and requires user constant monitoring, otherwise not only the process of side effects on devices but reduces profitability.

What is the GamerHash platform?

The GamerHash platform is a solution for all these files – and more. Mission. Their Mission is to get people (gamers) with some simple and free casualties to get bonuses from blockchain minus all the hassle. GamerHash wants to pay for it and offer an ecological solution – using IDLE Processors cards (CPU) / graphics card (GPU) computers. Gamers do not have to do any additional charges running GamerHash. Their solution has simplified the encryption process to this level that all input levels are removed. Enabling anyone to access anyone to a computer so that the tax sources they have before. And value-added to Achieved.

For users who do not have enough computing power. They get money through the completion of tasks. The games market module and earn money. Which will soon be available in their mobile app.

Users dedicate their time to simple and fun activities and reward with their Token VFA and Utility gamer coin. Which is interchangeable for their products. To summary – they are here to introduce a new kind of currency to the market and introduce it called power calculations. Their users (500K to July 20th, 2020) do not need to have a bank account, credit cards. Or cash to buy anything from their open market. In this laminate. They will explain how they are building their supercomputer. And therefore they must be their partner.

Level up

GamerHash platform has recently shown that it becomes a silver partner in Alliance Blockchain. Besides, one of the most influential in the world of the Crypto and games market. Rub the shoulder with loving Sandbox and Enjin. The platform blessed that this can open additional contributions in the future. Such as collaborations that GamerHash is currently with Chain-link and Aeternity.

Another milestone was when the gamer coin. Cryptocurrency native platform, is listed on Bithumb. This encryption permitted for players in the European Union. And also the whitepaper project registered by Maltese financial authorities in 2020.

Setting why expanding to South Korea is a vital development. Artur Pszczolkowski, the GamerHash marketing officer, said: “This country known for the approval of encryption as they’ll as Mecca for players and a large percentage of actors in the community and as the origin Many e-sport heroes. This is where GamerHash wants to be much more than that. “

GamerHash platform has had tangible turning points in recent years. But one thing to note is that GamerHash offered in three main parts: application, web platform, and mobile application.

In the future, the platform intends to launch a beta version of a desktop app for macOS devices. Also A market for NFTS that focuses on the games market and ESports, and accelerates downloading their mobile apps.


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