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Free Crypto bots are scam

Free Crypto bots are scam



In this article, we claim very clear that Free Crypto bots are scam will tell you how you can be scammed. We will notify you of what they may receive from you instead of money motivated by fraud. This article is for you who have spent your time getting free digital currencies but realized that this is not easy.

What is Free Crypto bot?

A trader robot is a software that a trader can configure to automatically buy and sell various assets without a trader’s need. Trader robots typically use a series of algorithms to detect trends and decide when to trade.

Robots have been used in the stock and forex markets for many years. Now they have entered the field of digital currencies.

While price fluctuations in traditional markets are usually limited to a maximum of five percent per day, price fluctuations in the world of digital currencies are very high. This number reaches 50% in one day. Because of this, the risk in this market is more elevated and requires more supervision.

Are Crypto bots trustable?

A good trading robot provides an opportunity for traders not to miss trading opportunities all day and night. Even when they are asleep or leaving their desks. Some of these robots are free. But others have significant monthly costs depending on the number of features and characteristics the user expects from them. The degree of efficiency, the level of analysis provided to traders, and the number of orders are factors that indicate a particular piece of software.

Besides, don’t forget that most of the current trading bots available for free do not have the necessary performance, and most of the time, they only cause losses to the trader.

Professional and large traders often use proprietary robots developed by experienced programmers. In this article, we want to tell you why you should not trust free robots. It doesn’t matter if we say that Free Crypto bots are a scam or that the use of these robots causes harm. In either case, the person using the robots will lose. Of course, this view was optimistic.

Why free Crypto bots are scam ?

Another scam about Crypto bots can be described as three different areas. For example, Mining, ADs, and Social media sharing. Some profiteers may offer free digital currency in exchange for using your graphics card or CPU. Be careful in this area. Not only will these people not pay you, but they may also hack into your computer. So do not pay attention to any of these suggestions. Another issue that has been welcomed by many fraudsters today is the issue of advertising.

They promise to advertise for a certain amount of money. Then they encourage users for free tokens to distribute these ads with a dedicated link. In the vast majority of cases, this will not happen. The latest position to be abused by fraudsters is Social media sharing. Scammers may be asked to give you cryptocurrency tokens in exchange for posting their product on their social network. This claim, like other claims, is nothing more than a lie. So be careful.

Free Crypto bots are scam

Types of Crypto bots

Telegram: Telegram started as a regular messenger. It was supposed to be a regular messenger like WhatsApp. The thing that made the Telegram application unique was that it was open source. Telegram got better day by day and surpassed the message of its rival media. Many scammers soon realized that they could use the Telegram platform to trap users. They offered users digital currency in exchange for running their telegram robots. But we, as the Antidolos, suggest that you do not do this in any way. Not only will they not give you any money, but they may also be able to access your personal information by hacking your Telegram. This is probably not something you are interested in. So we repeat once again that Free Crypto bots are a scam.

Facebook: Scammers use every means of deception to deceive you. They have no mercy on any platform. It does not matter if they work on Twitter or Facebook; they are looking to trick users. Facebook scams are mostly done in two ways. The first group of scammers focused on the media power of social networks like Facebook. We mentioned them a little earlier in this article that we wrote about ” Free Crypto bots are scam “. They receive advertising projects from multiple companies and tell users that they will be given a cryptocurrency, which is a false claim in return for seeing these ads. But this is not the whole story. Do not trust these applications in any way.

Others scam Crypto bots

Browser: Another group of scammers tried to move to browsers. They knew that browsers were an integral part of our personal computers. We have to use them for browsing the internet. It was an excellent opportunity to give us their browsers and tell us that they would provide digital currency in exchange for using their browsers that are not valid.

Soon, many users began to use these browsers to rent their computer processor somehow to achieve the dream of free access to digital currency.

But they soon realized that not only they did not own any digital currencies. Also, it was very likely that much of their personal information, such as passwords and accounts, had been stolen. Scammers do not hesitate to make money. Expect any use of your personal information from them. The best way to prevent this scam is to use standard and reputable browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Dozens of scams on Android

Mobile Apps: But an interesting method that has recently attracted the attention of many scammers is mobile applications. These apps are not just about mining. If we want to divide these applications into three general categories, we must consider the first category as stealing your CPU power. The second category is the theft of your info. Also, the last one is to show Ads and make money. We live in an age where information is very important. Having a large database of a community’s social behaviors can be invaluable. For example, people location analysis can be very useful data. But many people do not like to share their information with companies because of their privacy. This is where these apps steal information from you without you knowing.

Don’t fool by Crypto games

Games: On average, people spend about 3.5 billion hours a day playing computer games. This industry can be a massive business. Video game makers monopolize a particular part of this business. Another aspect of this business is in the hands of gamers. But what role do scammers play here? Before a computer game, be a computer game; it is an application. Like any other application, this application can have all the features we mentioned in the previous sections. Many scammers tempt you to use their scam app through computers and video games. They end up cheating on you in different ways. Please be careful and remember that Free Crypto bots are scam.

Why Free Crypto bots are scam?

It is natural that in any scam, a fraudster should tempt users. For example, a scammer who intends to sell a house must make a very tempting offer. But when it comes to cryptocurrencies and tokens, it has to be believable to the user. So this is not about offers worth millions of dollars. You only get a free currency that has a specific value. This trick can tempt many users. The scheme allows you to enter their workspace, try, and then realize that you are working for them for free.

How Crypto bots scamming?

As you may have noticed, there are many methods available to fraudsters. Therefore, it is not possible to answer how fraudsters engage in fraud in this space. The only thing that we can do is for us to concentrate and not fall into their trap. Credible media have to save its users from the web of fraudsters by informing them. Antidolos has been one of the most successful media outlets in the field of blockchain in exposing fraudsters.

Free Crypto bots are scam


Our 1st priority is to fight against fraudsters and expose them. The media believes that users have the right to operate safely in blockchain-related markets with any level of information.

But in this section, we want to tell you a different point about Antidolos media. In fact, “Dolos” is a goddess of lies and deception. Since this media’s priority has been to fight fraudsters, this media’s name has been chosen as Antidolos.

This name’s choice, which means anti-lie or Anti-deception, shows the importance of fighting this media’s corruption. If you are a new user or skilled in the field of cryptocurrencies, be sure to check out the contents of this medium. This media will provide you with useful info and top news based on the experience in the most honest way possible.



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