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EpoxyDAO is DeFi Scam (Closed)

EpoxyDAO is DeFi scam Rating and Review (Closed)


“Let’s analyze why we believe EpoxyDAO is DeFi scam”

"Epoxy" refers to any of the basic components of epoxy resins, as well as a colloquial name for the epoxide functional group. "EpoxyDAO" is a shortening of Epoxy Decentralized Autonomous Organization.Epoxy alone is a good name but the epoxyDAO is a bit complicated and hard to remember. Although its pronunciation is long, it has only one writing mode.

Score: 9/10

-Decentralized Autonomous Organization
-DeFi system
-DApp protocol
-peer-to-peer (P2P) payment network
-Eliminate banks and intermediaries
-No Privacy Policy & Disclaimer
-No Legal Information
-No Team Introduction
-No Resume or Background
-Just Technical Description
-No Business Plan or AD Strategy
-Exaggerated Future (they counted on 25% of all Stablecoin market)

Score: 6/10

Whitepaper (HERE)
-Enough Explanation
-Token Distribution
-Chart and Table
-No Graphics and Images
-No Privacy Policy & Disclaimer
-No Legal Information
-No Team Introduction
-No Resume or Background
-Just Technical Description
-No Business Plan or AD Strategy
-Exaggerated (they counted on 25% of all Stablecoin market)

Score: 5/10

We searched all Indian databases. No company was registered in the name of Epoxy or EpoxyDAO.
Al Amin Siddique and Rajdip Mukhopadhyay have no Business. The first reason we believe EpoxyDAO is DeFi scam.

Score: 1.5/10

There is no sign of their location. They have no office. The location of team members is also unknown.
They claim that Epoxy is in Singapore (HERE) but the site server, team members, and most of the followers are Indian.

Score: 1/10

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IT Structure

DomainWeb ArchiveCreation DateIP
Epoxydao.comSite (HERE)
Team (HERE)
OwnerWhoisUI/UX ScoreWeb Hosting
ProtectedCheckedNormal (3/5)
ResponsiveDNS RecordsSSL/TLS CertificateSpeed Grade
YesNo ErrorApproved (Let's Encrypt)77%
Connection StatusMulti-LanguagesServer LocationAbuse & Scam
SecuredNoUnited StatesYes (HERE)
Short Description
Less than two months have passed since the creation of this site. The site graphics are very simple and unattractive. The volume of texts is very large and the site has no connection to famous media.
Most of that, some scammer created fake Epoxy token and scammed people. it was very bad for this brand value and damaged the project.
In the Media
ICOMarksP2PB2B scam

Score: 8/10

IDStart DateMembersContent Quality
Bad (2/5)
EngagementFake MembersScam Report
Medium (3/5)30% - 35%Yes (Below)
Short Description
The number of members and their activity is relatively good compared to the age of the group. Our problem is their channel. They had a channel with 2,500 members that were closed for some reason (fake members, low quality) and their new channel increased 15K in less than 4 days!! And 30% of the group members are fake. They use fake members. How we can sure about it? Check the photo below.
EpoxyDAO Telegram Report

DOGE Click Bot is a Telegram Bot that used for fake members. That’s why  EpoxyDAO is a DeFi Scam. They are not honest.

Score: 5.5/10

They have no activity on Instagram and It’s a serious bug for an IEO.

Score: 2/10

They have no page on LinkedIn. Their team is also not present on LinkedIn and we have only seen this problem in scam projects.

Score: 2/10

IDStart DateFollowersContent Quality
Channel11/18/201810Normal (3/5)
EngagementAverage ClapsFake ClapsScam Report
Very Low (1/5)1NullNo Report

Score: 4.5/10

They have no activity on YouTube and It’s a serious bug for an ICO project.

Score: 2/10

IDStart DateFollowersContent Quality
Page09/01/202012.4KNormal (3/5)
EngagementAverage ActivityFake MembersScam Report
High (4/5)370 Feedback45% - 50%Yes (HERE)
Short Description
Twitter figures are not acceptable at all. 3K members in one month of activity. The next 8K members in 5 days? Without any viral ADs. More than 45% of fake members! User interactions like large market pages.
EpoxyDAO Twitter Twitter
Epoxy CEO Twitter

Score: 4/10

IDStart DateFollowersContent Quality
Page09/01/20203.1KHigh (4/5)
EngagementAverage LikesFake MembersScam Report
Low (2/5)315% - 20% No Report

Score: 5/10

IDStart DateMembersContent Quality
User09/14/2020NullNormal (3/5)
EngagementKarmaFake CommentsScam Report
Very Low (1/5)1NullNo Report

Score: 4/10

IDStart DateRead TimesComments
Content QualityEngagementFake InteractionScam Report
Normal (3/5)Medium (3/5)10% - 15%No Report
Short Description
Bitcointalk is better than other social media. Although we expected to know more about the project, the goals, the marketing, and the value it will add to the market, but they just talked about the bounty and airdrop. However, EpoxyDAO is a new project and people have written little content about it.

Score: 7.5/10

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Technical Structure

Token NameSymbolToken Type
EpoxyICO EPIEthereum
Distributed TokenRemained TokenPrice 1 Token
0.01% EPI99.99% EPI0.0025 ETH
3.00% EPX97.00% EPX$1.00
Total ReceivedETH Wallet
Epoxy Wallet1.1 ETH
Short Description
After reviewing the smart contract and the company's wallet, we realized that they could not even distribute 1% of their tokens in the ICO. The project site has no system for sale. There is no wallet and they have no algorithm for assigning tokens. ICO system is very simple. You deposit ETH directly into the project manager's wallet and wait for them to give you the tokens. (maybe!) scam

Score: 6/10

Token AllocationToken DistributionTotal Supply
Minting: 75%
Founders: 10%
Development: 14%
Bounty: 1%
10,000,000 EPI
= 25,000 ETH

100,000,000 EPX
= $100,000,000
Bounty & AirdropLive PriceHard CapHolders
Yes (unsuccessful)$0.00$100,000,000 !!22
Short Description
There is no balance between their Hard Cap ($100,000,000) and their marketing. Even if they are reliable, their chances of success are still very low. They also do not have a specific Roadmap. They only specify a series of steps, without precise timing.

Score: 5/10

ICO (Initial coin offering) details

DeFi system and the change of laws in India have caused us to face a large number of Indian fraudsters (Like CryptoBharat and Cryptochrome). Just like this scam that has not been creative in ICO. You must deposit ETH directly into the project owner’s wallet and receive the token. They have gained 1.1ETH in this way, and after examining holders, we found a huge difference between sales (1.1ETH) and 8 holders.

IEO (Initial exchange offering) details

They have started their 2nd round of IEO at p2pb2b Exchange. The existence of such exchanges has made it very easy for fraudsters. Exchanges that list projects simply by taking money without checking the identity of members, or legal issues. Fortunately, although 9 days have started since the 2nd round, participation in this project has been very low and make us sure that EpoxyDAO DeFi is Scam!

Score: 5.5/10

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Team of

Score: 6/10

Fake team02

Score: 4.5/10

Score: 3.5/10

[stm_ratings mark=”4.4″ max=”10″ title=”Average” css_animation=”fadeIn”]
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At first glance, EpoxyDAO may be a good situation. A good option like Ideaology Blockchain Project. But for some reason, we do not consider it reliable.

  1. Another repetitive idea (DeFi System). The market is saturated with these scams.
  2. Completely in the shadow and there are serious Legal Loopholes. We do not see them in any meeting or event. Even their location is unknown.
  3. Social media activity is good, but the lack of activity on some media such as LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram is a little worrying.
  4. Fake team and stolen content. this is so bad.
  5. The history of that major scam (Check the photo below) also worries investors and erodes their trust.
  6. Create a temporary token (EPI), an illegal & defective ICO system, and working with the infamous P2PB2B Exchange.

What do you think about EpoxyDAO ICO? Do you want to participate in Airdrop? Do you think EpoxyDAO is DeFi Scam? scam

We currently offer NO investments on EpoxyDAO Scam.

Even participating in the bounty campaign is a form of collaborating with them and encourage people to lose their money. Don’t waste your Bitcoin on this project. A long-term multi-stage investment is recommended if they fix project bugs, clean up fake team members, fix legal issues, and find a coherent ICO system.



Business Score


IT Structure Score


Technical Structure Score


Team Score


Success Rate Variance



  • Strong & Fast Initial Start.
  • Good Digital Marketing.
  • High Activity on Social Media.
  • Acceptable Structure.
  • Proof of Lock (PoL) & Proof of Burn (PoB).
  • A Hybrid system ( DeFi+Stablecoin+DApp).


  • Another Repetitive DeFi Idea.
  • No MVP or Demo Version.
  • Serious Legal Loopholes.
  • Stay in Shadow With no Office or Location.
  • Fake team with Stolen Names & Photos.
  • History of a Major Scam.
  • Cooperation with Scam Exchanges.
  • Very Low Token Transaction. (Only 3%)
  • Low Chance of Success & RoI.
  • Temporary Token for ICO with an Illegal Sale System.

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