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Drife, the story of the 3rd generation of online Taxis

If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely dealt with online taxis too. You have probably had unpleasant experiences with payments, driver complaints, application bugs, and slight price changes. However, this is a common means in 2022, and almost all of us have used online taxis at least once. So I suggest you stick to this article until the end as we introduce to you Drife Ltd Company; the next generation of online taxi services and their features.

Why is a taxi service so important?

A taxi or cab is a vehicle for hire with a driver used by a single person or a small group of passengers for a non-shared (or shared) ride. Taxi conveys passengers between locations of their choice. Taxi services differ from other modes of public transport, where the service provider determines the pick-up and drop-off locations and not the passenger.

The transportation and logistics industries have evolved, competing with privatized public transport. They began way back with horse carriages to the first generation of formalized Government-regulated metered taxis. And they were then followed by the advent of Ride-hailing platforms mediated by the second generation Transport Network companies.

What is the Drife project? claims that this is not the pinnacle of evolution yet, as we present Drife, the Taxi 3.0. 

Drife project is a Blockchain decentralized ride-hailing platform that empowers the value creators and extractors within its ecosystem. Drife aspires to disrupt the existing business models by creating a fairer, more efficient, transparent ride-hailing economy and a valuable decentralized mobility marketplace for drivers and riders.

How did the next generation of online taxi services begin?

The Drife idea started as a simple conversation between Firdosh Sheikh and a driver, who would drop her at the Bangalore airport. However, instead of accepting the ride, the driver canceled it and then called back, informing her that he would drop her at the location if she agreed to pay Rs 200 less than what it showed in the app. Out of curiosity, she asked him why and realized that the driver only received 700-800 out of the total fare of 1200. 

After that, she completed nearly 1000+ rides to understand more about the problem faced by the drivers, and they feel stuck in the vicious circle of paying high commissions to ride-hailing companies. So, Firdosh decided to be the person who would make the change, and this is how Drife started. With Drife, the driver and passenger will get their freedom back, and their voices heard.

the 3rd generation online Taxis begin

What was the initial capital?

The drife project started with the personal capital of its founders in mid-2018, with an initial capital of about $150,000. But what sets the next generation of online taxi services apart is the significant updates in 2021 and the incredible growth over the past year.

What is the market gap in online taxis?

Taxi 2.0 is a boon to commuters like drivers, and it helps us book a cab at our fingertips. But the problem is that the more prominent ride-hailing companies have started exploiting the drivers and us using the same technology.

At peak hours, with its surge pricing, we do not have a say in the quote estimate or ride selection. Similarly, drivers charge nearly 10 – 25 % commission for every ride.

Moreover, they usually are unaware of the riders’ destination beforehand and are forced to take any ride without such vital information. In addition, the drivers also do not have the opportunity to quote their fares. Thus, these issues create a rift between drivers and passengers since there is no transparency and a closed governance system, leading to an increased lack of trust in the community.

Who are the founders of the next generation of online taxi services?

Firdosh Sheikh, CEO and Co-founder brings an expansive skillset, unrivaled worth ethic, and efficiency with a strong proficiency in accounting. She inspires DRIFE’s revenue system with the balance and forethought necessary to be a potent disruptor in an already innovative industry, further bolstered by her skills as a financial analyst at Microsoft and a finance manager at MatchMde.

Mudit Marda, CTO and Co-founder, is the mind behind the technical intricacies of the DRIFE service and $DRF token. Being a graduate of the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Mudit fuels the innovative technical architecture of the Drife project with his advanced skillset in multiple coding languages and brilliant contract creation and implementation. 

Surya Ranjith, COO, Co-founder, an MBA graduate from Christ University and imbued with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, is another person behind the scenes at Drife. He is an expert at dissecting everyday real-world problems and identifying Blockchain-based solutions necessary to tackle those shortcomings head-on. 

What were the problems at the beginning of the next generation of online taxi services?

Drife Ltd Company was a young team with ideas to solve real problems, but they lacked mentorship to guide them to the right path. Later, they got some professional mentors through their investors and partners, who have helped Drife grow. Also, building a ride-sharing platform is a specific task, and they want to implement Blockchain as an underlying technology. So it took months of brainstorming to develop a perfect and unique business model and technical architecture.

What are the competitive advantages of Drife?

We all think about the benefits and advantages of a project before getting involved and choosing it for investment; this is especially true for Blockchain projects. provides you with the needed competitive advantage over other projects, and it is an intelligent choice and a masterpiece of innovative solutions.

  • Drife charges zero commission from the driver for every ride.
  • You can choose your ride based on driver ratings and quote the price as a rider. It’s fantastic.
  • As a driver, you can choose the ride you wish to take and quote for the same.
  • Incentivize participation for both the passengers and driver through referrals, loyalty, ride activities, and rewards for their active involvement in $DRF tokens.
  • The franchise model, where the community can take ownership and run the business in their country

What value does Drife add to the next generation of online taxi services?

Their dynamic pricing model and provisional patented negotiation model help bring transparency and create trust between customers and their drivers.

With the Drife model, you can input the ride details and quote your fare as a commuter. As a result, the driver will receive your quote and know the ride details. Thus, you can calculate fair prices, which brings transparency, creating trust among several communities. Hence, no more canceled rides and no surge pricing in the next generation of online taxi services.

Who are the partners of this successful and creative project?

When evaluating a Blockchain-based startup, we need to look at its partners. What projects and companies are collaborating with them? It is the primary advantage of the Drife project. One of the essential things about the next generation of online taxi services is the companies and brands that have endorsed them— check out to see over 30 credible partners and collaborators.

What is the Drife CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)?, as the next generation of online taxi services, strongly believes in giving back to society, and that is why they introduced the franchise model. Through this, the community can participate and get ownership for the franchise to run in their town, city, state, or country. In addition, they will provide them with the necessary technical support and run the operations!

What exactly is the Drife Application?

When we talk about the next generation of online taxi services, we expect a creative, responsive, attractive, and functional application.

Drife application is your go-to ride-hailing platform for booking a ride to a choice destination at your fingertip. The total amount you pay will go to the driver’s pocket since they don’t charge commissions. Also, Safety is Drife’s priority. The drivers underwent complete background verification and are vaccinated, so you are guaranteed to experience a safer and healthier ride.

How can people use the Drife app, and what features does it have?

This app is available in both Playstore and Appstore. So you can download, register, book a ride and hop in!

Choose your ride: After you enter your trip details and select the car, you will receive a driver’s list along with their rating, from which you can choose the driver.

Boost Feature: During peak hours, drivers won’t be available. But with the boost feature, you can increase your quote so that the search radius to locate the driver will be increased, thereby improving your chance of booking the ride.

No Surge Pricing: From Sunday to Saturday, for every same trip, the rate will be the same always. There won’t be any surge pricing with Drife.

What is Drife’s current market cap?

Our estimated market cap at the time of writing is > $3 million. Of course, you can see the financial information and details of the project live at this link. Project Drife recorded a market volume of more than $10 million at its peak, showing this project’s high potential, creativity, and promising idea. Indeed, it can give us hope to be one of the most profitable projects with a high ROI in the next alt season.

How many audiences are attracted?

It has attracted over 51,500 followers on Twitter, >10,200 on Telegram, more than 10,000 on Facebook, a little over 9,500 on Linkedin, and more than 3,300 followers on Instagram

What do these numbers show you? First, of course, for a project of this magnitude with 110,000 followers across social media, it means they are all by your side and do their best to support and grow the next generation of online taxi services.

Drife Application

Where will be the next generation of online taxi services by 2024?

According to the project roadmap, they will enter the operational phase by the end of 2022. After that, the Drife App will be made available for installation on millions of users’ mobile devices and create a broad target market. Project Drife has good plans. Practical updates, creative ideas, and covering market gaps are made available to users who use the app regularly; and from all the pieces of evidence gathered by Antidolos’s Latest Blockchain News, the active users on Drife can exceed 1 million by the end of 2024; suggesting at least 100,000 holders or investors in the DRF token.

What is the owner’s plan to pump DRF token price?

  • The community has to stake $DRF to get the franchise right and operations, which will help DRF token price to increase.
  • Entry into Metaverse and the mobility platform in the virtual world. Users will use Drife as a means of transportation.
  • Rewarding users and drivers through $DRF.

Why should people invest in a $DRF token?

Drife is a good project. A fully dynamic, creative, and brilliant system that reasonably meets one of the daily needs of urban communities through a Blockchain-based user-friendly application. As the next generation of online taxi services, we accept all this. But why invest in their tokens?

Drife has both real-world and virtual world products based on Blockchain technology. In addition, drife helps bring the Blockchain and $DRF tokens to your day-to-day life activities. 

In Crypto friendly countries, our tokens will serve as a mode of payment. We also intend to partner with some Metaverse projects to increase our token utility.

What usage do the DRF tokens have?

Avail discounts – Get riders’ fares and platform subscription fees for drivers. 

Participate in platform governance -DRF token holders can create proposals and vote for new features. Franchise contenders have to stake DRF tokens to win FNFT auctions and, consequently, the rights to run operations in a region. This FNFT gives them admin privileges to govern platform operations in their respective areas. 

Earn Interest by staking – Delegate to Franchise owners – Drivers and Riders can delegate their DRF tokens to be staked on their behalf for Franchise candidates in return for a pre-decided revenue share.

In Crypto-friendly countries, DRF tokens will be a mode of payment for the service.

To incentivize the participation of active community members in the platform through rewards, referrals, loyalty, and more.

Why do we claim that the $DRF token will never expire?

A token loses its value when the project loses its market share. Drife franchise has introduced itself as the next generation of online taxi services, making it superior and preferable to its antecedents. But why do you think they can’t upgrade to the 4th generation when the market needs a new wave?

They are fully flexible to adapt to new ideas and needs. DRF tokens are helpful in our day-to-day virtual Metaverse world and the natural world.

Furthermore, it is helpful for interested persons who intend to open a franchise. It’s the guarantee they give you!

What is the short-term plan to increase the value of $DRF?

  • Beginning of Franchise Staking in Bengaluru, India
  • Global expansion – Franchise requests, onboarding, and operations
  • Entry into Metaverse and sale of NFT car
  • Launching of proof of ride for mobility platform to reward users 
  • Listing of $DRF in multiple centralized exchanges

Is there any weakness in the Drife business?

The first area of improvement they are working on right now is marketing so that $DRF reaches all the audiences.

The second is that they have both a real-world and virtual product, and both get the necessary focus and attention. Since both our products are inter-related

The third is that they make sure $DRF has increased the number of utilities in staking, franchising, rewards, and Metaverse.

Final thoughts about the next generation of online taxi services

The Cryptocurrency industry is full of various surprises and novel ideas. However, according to the latest statistics, over 90% of projects are scams or fail in the ICO phase. From the remaining 5%, only 3% can survive, and through Antidolos IEO rating and review, we carefully select the best projects out of the 3% for you. You can safely invest in the best of the best, like the next generation of online taxi services. Do not miss our other articles if interested in this innovative project and information. Do well to send this article to your friends and comment below.

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