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Does it make sense to create NFTs for free on OpenSea?

Does it make sense to create NFTs for free on OpenSea?

Do you want to create NFTs for free on OpenSea? We will tell you how to make one, including how to sell it. We’ve been testing a novel method for issuing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that eliminates the requirement for creators to pay gas over the last month. It’s the world’s first free NFT creator, and it’s now running on Ethereum.

Some developer tools and a no-code NFT minter already exist, but these require users to spend some gas to install a smart contract and then pay gas to mint each NFT. What is gas? These are the fees miners charge to write new data on a Blockchain. The cost of minting an NFT ranges from $2 on a calm day to $32 on a challenging week. Such as now (September 2022), irrespective of the platform, would have cost you a lot if you were an artist who made 10 NFTs every month.

Today, we intend to unveil the Collection Manager on OpenSea, which allows you to make your own NFTs free without paying for gas. It’s also gas-free to sell these NFTs; all you have to do is set up your OpenSea account once.

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What does it mean to create NFTs for free on OpenSea, and how does it work?

Because the NFT isn’t moved on-chain until the first purchase or transfer is made, the new management allows you to easily create NFTs for free on OpenSea without incurring any gas fee. Likewise, this is directed to as “lazy minting.” It separates the information from the on-chain issuance of your NFTs.

Even the creation of collections is now completely free and instantaneous. To begin, go to and create a new ERC-1155 collection. You will be managing the objects in a collection.

TIP: You may change the picture of an item after you’ve created it. Metadata encryption is on the way.

Now, this has some money-making potential!

We hope you’ll like this info and find it helpful. So, stay with Antidolos basics Blockchain learning to the end and learn it makes sense to create NFT for free on OpenSea. Once you complete and choose a collection, you’ll notice an Edit and Add New Item button.

You encode your wallet and the total token supply in the ID when you generate an art. Thus, no one but you will be able to mint more, and purchasers will be able to rely on a strict supply cap imposed by the code.

You may use the same interface to deploy your contracts, control their appearance on OpenSea, and establish currencies and selling commissions for contracts you created on platforms like Mintbase or Rarible.

The ERC-1155 is tracked by NFTs created with the Collection Manager, partially to aid with gas-free minting and partly to help us introduce exciting features soon…

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These NFTs can be traded on top NFT marketplaces before being built on the Blockchain. The intelligent contract publishes the correct findings for each NFT you make and complies with the ERC-1155 standard, allowing them to be traded and moved off-platform! Some of the reasons why they’re being sold on OpenSea.

Fungible items that we know to create NFTs for free on OpenSea

Set the number next to supply a value larger than one to generate fungible things (items it can reproduce). The maximum number of copies you may print for the token is often known as the “supply cap.”

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So, the “supply cap” field is disabled by default, but it may be enabled by appending. Enable supply and valid at the end of the URL. Just remember to set the Quantity to one in your ads so that purchasers can buy only one copy if they want. Likewise, it can obtain only twenty copies of a single listing if the customer acknowledges all twenty. This restriction will be lifted soon. It is the easiest way to create NFTs for free on OpenSea.

Other features of the collection manager

The Collection Manager includes a few additional capabilities in addition to making NFT creation free and instantaneous:

Multiplayer collections are now unrestricted! Every authorized editor can add new items to the group and change the collection’s parameters.

The Payouts page has been completely revamped and rebuilt. You can quickly check your pending secondary payments and the commission you’ve received from each NFT or bundle transaction.

Results of the November Beta: $400/creator

Some artists introduced the new gas-free collection manager to a small group of people to work out the bugs and polish them over a month.

The concept of a single ERC1155 minter drew a lot of attention. After one month, 80 producers generated over 1K free NFTs, making 58 ETH in income from 506 sales, with testers earning a norm of $400 per month.

Two notable Crypto artists migrated their collections to the new collection management, and one creator made 12 ETH for charity.

 If you want to learn more about creating a free NFT on OpenSea, stay with Antidolos rating and review.

Do you want to try it and create NFTs for free on OpenSea?

While much of today’s Crypto is solely about currency speculation, the NFT art industry is well-guarded and with insane value.

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The number of creative NFTs and user-created material sold has increased from $1 million per month to over $20 million per month in just the first half of 2022. In just six months, that’s a 20x rise.

From 1,395 in June to over 8,770, art vendors have increased by over 500 percent.

Some interesting statistics

Here are a few more recent figures: Art NFT merchants have averaged 9.7 ETH per user over the last six months. That’s over $1000 per wallet monthly at the current exchange rate of $650, lower than today’s pricing.

Nearly the last six months, developers have sold an average of 5.4 ETH for their Non-fungible tokens. The Art category alone sold 9.7 ETH on average per artist. 45 different artists have sold over 100 ETH in prior artwork sales in the last six months. These super-artists sold 44 ETH each month on average in previous work sales.

A brand-new industry has emerged, and it’s astonishingly egalitarian on top of being fun and safe. So you can start a profitable creative business no matter who you are, what language you speak, or what banking infrastructure you have access to. All you need is a little imagination and access to the internet.

Selling an NFT on OpenSea 

Concerning selling an NFT on OpenSea, you should select your profile image on the website.

Then it would help if you chose the NFT on your wallet. Then you can sell it. If you don’t have any NFTs to sell, you can read our instructions on Antidolos’ comprehensive review of new projects.

  1.      Select Sell in the upper right corner to go to the listing page.
  2.     You’ll be sent to the listing page, where you may set the sale price and type.
  3.      Your price does not change at a fixed price when you want to sell your NFT.
  4.     You may also choose how long the deal will last. The default settings are one day, three days, or one week, but you may also use the calendar to define a custom period.
  5.     You may also put the item in a bundle.
  6.     Finally, you can reserve the item for a specific client. Paste their address into the “Reserve for a specific customer” form.
  7.     The possible fees from the sale will be indicated at the bottom of all those alternatives.

The transaction includes OpenSea’s 2.5 percent “Service Fee” and a 10 percent “Creator Royalty” for 12.5 percent in this scenario.

How to create NFTs for free on OpenSea and complete your sale?

You should sign in to OpenSea to confirm your deal. Besides, if you advertise for a “not minted item” on OpenSea through a bespoke contract, additional permission and signature may be necessary before OpenSea may trade it on your behalf.

After you’ve finished your listing, you’ll get a confirmation pop-up. Don’t forget to share your ad on social media!

How to list items without paying to “mint” them?

Because the NFT moves on-chain until the first purchase or transfer performs, the new OpenSea collection manager allows makers to generate NFTs without incurring any upfront gas costs.

The ERC-1155 standard is followed by NFTs created with the Collection Manager, partially to aid in gas-free minting and introduce exciting features soon.

Please don’t forget that if you list your first art on OpenSea, you must pay a gas fee to set up your account. Having learned to create NFTs for free on OpenSea, you also need to know that processing times may take longer as the Ethereum network’s demand and congestion grow. 

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and ideas with us.

Conclusion on how to create NFTs for free on OpenSea

Although we’ve provided various examples about NFT marketplaces, you still have to take responsible actions for a good profit. If you also want to learn how to spot a fake NFT, the methods and guides on Antidolos basics Crypto Learning can be pretty helpful.

Always stay vigilant while doing your due diligence. Endeavor to read other posts on Antidolos latest Blockchain news, and don’t forget to leave your comments and share them with others.

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