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Did you know Gala games are a good investment?

Did you know Gala games are a good investment?

Gala Games are a good investment and recently released a new gaming platform that integrates creation, play-to-earn, and a store all in one place.

Due to the popularity of Axie Infinity and metaverse buzz, Crypto games that combine play-to-earn (P2E) and nonfungible token (NFT) features can see a significant surge in 2021.

However, playability is still an issue, as most Crypto games are more concerned with Tokenomics than offering a friendly and pleasurable gameplay experience.

Apart from the profit potential, they rarely provide anything unique compared to traditional PC or console video games, which have engaging stories, appealing visual effects, and addicting gameplay. Axie Infinity is notorious for its repetitious gameplay, dubbed “grinding” by gamers, while The Sandbox and Decentraland don’t have very appealing aesthetics. Stay with Antidolos rating and review, and we will show you that the Gala games are a good investment.

Blockchain-based gaming ecosystem

Gala Games are a good investment and bills itself as a Blockchain-based gaming ecosystem. The Gala Games (GALA) token is its digital fuel, built using the Ethereum Blockchain ERC-20 standard. They may also use it with Binance Smart Chain.

Gala Games’ decentralized ecosystem intends to give gamers authority over their gaming assets. They not only own their gaming objects, but they also have the power to affect the entire project, thanks to decentralization. Distributed voting systems will engage players in helping to choose which games should be added to the platform.

The Gala Games ecosystem comprises five parts: games, game publishing platform, NFT marketplace, cloud hosting, and Tokenomics.

Gala games are a good investment: A combination of everything

Gala Games provides a video game platform similar to Steam, PlayStation Store, or Xbox Store. However, unlike these platforms, Gala Games focuses on projects that mix P2E dynamics, NFTs, and decentralized money rather than traditional video games (DeFi). Gamers may play for free and make money just by doing so.

Another site element is that gamers choose which games to include in Gala Games. All Gala nodes will vote, and any participant can construct a node using their computer. Users will be able to influence the platform’s evolution, such as which features to add and where developers should focus their efforts, such as producing new games and the game they choose.

Gala Games users agreed in February 2022 to add the game GRIT, which is similar to PUBG, to the site. They decided that this question could be the best one which Gala games are a good investment.

Free P2E video game development

Gala Games’ second major component is the development of video games based on Blockchain and NFTs. The business will create a new division solely dedicated to producing Blockchain games to accomplish so.

The Gala Games platform currently has nine games, with just two of them in beta testing: Spider Tanks and Town Star. Mirandus, the next game, was planned to be released in December 2021, but it was pushed out to the end of 2022 or perhaps 2023. Other projects’ start dates are similarly uncertain.

Town Star is a hybrid of a city simulator and a farming simulator, similar to Zynga’s Farmville. On PC, it is presently the only ultimately released game. Town Star launched an NFT and a P2E feature in October 2021, letting players earn money by competing in weekly tournaments, accomplishing tasks, and earning unique rewards.

The future of Blockchain-based games

Spider Tanks is a session-based PvP shooter in which two teams of mechanical spiders battle it out. The game’s unique feature is that players can build their spiders from various NFT pieces like chassis, weaponry, abilities, and skins. The game is still in beta and may be played on a PC. In-game NFTs may also be bought and sold.

Mirandus appears to be Gala’s most anticipated game. Players fight monsters, build towns, and complete tasks in this fantasy role-playing game (RPG) comparable to Skyrim. Players may purchase any kingdom, city, character, weapon, and armor in the game as an NFT.

The Walking Dead is a multiplayer survival video game set in the universe of the popular television show The Walking Dead. Players will slay zombies, gather materials, and construct homes. Because the project is still in its early stages of development, no release date has been set, but it will be accessible for PCs.

Platform Tokenomics and P2E model

GALA is available as an ERC-20 token on Ethereum and a BEP-20 token on the BNB Smart Chain. The site intends to transition to its chain, GalaChain, in 2022. According to the project’s creators, this will improve transaction speed, lower transaction costs, and solve many of Ethereum’s scaling issues impeding the project’s long-term development.

According to the project’s website, it will use Gala to acquire NFTs and pay for licenses to host nodes, while the platform’s Tokenomics are unknown. That is how we can say the Gala game is a good investment. Simultaneously, any game project will be able to develop its token, which will be available for purchase and sale on the Gala Game marketplace and Cryptocurrency exchanges and exchangers.

Combining NFTs and the games industry

Gala Game promises that anybody may not only play their games but also earn money without having to spend any money – after all, these are peer-to-peer (P2P) games. This isn’t entirely accurate, though. For example, in the already-released game Town Star, a player may get the Town project’s internal token and sell it for real money: by fulfilling tasks or competing in and winning weekly tournaments. However, to accomplish assignments, the player must have at least one unique NFT project, which it can only purchase if the player has a Gala Games first-level account. As a result, it’s a lot like staking.

Tournament participation is also out since players with special NFTs have the edge over others. NFT structures, for example, can boost resource production speed or lower costs. As a result, players who do not have these NFTs are unlikely to win tournaments and earn real money. This technique is more of a pay-to-win paradigm than a play-to-earn strategy.

Gala game is a good investment: Prospects for the games industry

There are about 1.3 million active users on Gala Games. They also purchased over 26,000 NFTs, the costliest of which sold for $3 million. These data attest to the project’s current high level of success. However, the medium and long-term prospects for Gala Games remain uncertain.

The reality is that video game creation is a time-consuming and expensive process with unexpected outcomes. We see examples of promising titles in the history of video games that failed badly after release. Most of them had excellent developers and a limitless budget. As a result, predicting the future of any firm in this market is highly challenging.

Gala Games’ prospects appear to be entirely contingent on the success of its games. The startup will survive if it can attract a large enough audience and make a profit. If they fail to attract the users, Gala Game is another firm decimated by video games.

Final thoughts “Gala game is a good investment”

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