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Who is Dolos? Who is Dolus?

Who is Dolos? (The initial idea of AntiDolos)

In Greek folklore, Dolos or Dolus (Ancient Greek: Δόλος “Double-dealing”) is the soul of trickery and cleverness. He is additionally an ace at tricky misleading, trickiness, and unfairness. He was the child of Gaia (Earth) and Aether (Hyginus, Fabulae Theogony) or Erebus and Nyx (Cicero, De Natura Deorum).

Dolos is an understudy of the Titan Prometheus and a buddy of the Pseudologi (Lies). His female partner is Apate, who is the goddess of extortion and double-dealing. His Roman proportionate is Mendacious. There are even a few accounts of Dolos fooling divine beings into lies.

Dolos got known for his aptitude when he endeavored to make a false duplicate sculpture of Aletheia (Veritas), so as to fool individuals into deduction they were seeing the genuine statue. He came up short on the earth he was utilizing to make the sculpture and needed to leave the feet incomplete as he trembled in dread while his expertise ace investigated his endeavor at trickery. Incredibly, Prometheus was fairly astonished at the likeness between the sculptures, so Dolos then turned into an ace at his sly and dubious ways.

Prometheus, that potter who offered shape to our new age, chose one day to shape the type of Veritas (Truth) [Aletheia], utilizing all his ability with the goal that she would have the option to manage individuals’ conduct. As he was working, a sudden summons from relentless Jupiter [Zeus] summoned him. Prometheus left crafty Dolus (Trickery) responsible for his workshop, Dolus had as of late become one of the god’s understudies. Terminated by desire, Dolus (Trickery) utilized the time available to him to mold with his wily fingers a figure of a similar size and appearance as Veritas (Truth) [Aletheia] with indistinguishable highlights. At the point when he had nearly finished the piece, which was really astounding, he came up short on dirt to use for her feet. The ace returned, so Dolus (Trickery) immediately plunked down in his seat, shuddering with dread. Prometheus was astonished at the likeness of the two sculptures and needed it to appear as though all the credit were because of his own ability. Thusly, he put the two sculptures in the furnace, and when they had been altogether prepared, he imbued them both with life: holy Veritas (Truth) strolled with estimated steps, while her incomplete twin stood stuck in her tracks. That phony, that result of ploy, accordingly procured the name of Mendacium [Pseudologos, Falsehood], and I promptly concur with individuals who state that she has no feet: from time to time something that is bogus can begin effectively, however with time Veritas (Truth) makes certain to win. [N.B. This Greek tale is protected in a Roman accumulation so the names have been converted into Latin. Dolos, in any case, remains Dolus in Latin.]

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