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Rating and Review

Cinemadrom ICO is scam! (Dead)

Cinemadrom is a faild Scam

Cinemadrom Rating and Review! (Last update: Dead)


Let’s check does Cinemadrom Rating and Review is Scam ?

Cinema + Drom. Noun. drom m (plural drommen) flock (of people). crowd. Means a Cinema for people.CinemaDrom is a good name. It is easy to write and its pronunciation is similar in all languages. Also, using domain COM is a good advantage over other domains. This name and domain have good originality and are easy to remember.

Score: 9/10

-Blockchain Advantage
-Creat a C2C business
-Establish a wide range of communications
-Good profitability and RoI
-Business plan & Attention to detail
-Profitability for filmmakers, actors, and audiences
-Creativity and make a value
-Duplicate and old ideas
-Complexity and misleading details
-Fake MVP
-Unusable Roadmap
-No long-term prospects
-With this experience, this team can not afford to launch such an idea.
Cinemadrom has no MVP

Score: 8/10

-Good description
-Acceptable graphics
-Token Allocation
-Token Distribution
-Team presentation
-Too many (75) pages
-Lots of useless information
-Complexity in understanding business
-Misleading details
-Fake MVP ( explain in the photo below)
-Crowded tables and chart
-Lack of multilingual support

Score: 6/10

We searched all Russian databases. No company was registered in the name of Cinemadrom.
Also, No business owned by Igor Egorov and Pavel Gubanov.

Score: 1/10

There is no sign of their location. They have no office. The location of team members is also unknown.

Score: 1/10

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IT Structure

DomainCreation DateIPOwner
WhoisUI/UX ScoreWeb HostingResponsive
Checked Good (4/5)REG.comYes
DNS RecordsSSL/TLS CertificateConnection StatusSpeed Grade
No ErrorApproved (Let's Encrypt) is scam30%
Multi-LanguagesServer LocationAbuse & Scam
Yes (2 Languages)Saint Petersburg, Russian Yes (HERE)
Short Description
The site has good conditions in terms of speed and graphics. But the volume of content and texts is very large and chaotic. External pages are too many and will definitely confuse users for a while.
In the Media
ICOBenchICOHolderICOmarksCoin jinja is scam

Score: 7/10

IDStart DateMembersContent Quality
Bad (2/5)
EngagementFake MembersScam Report
Medium (3/5)10% - 15%Yes (Below)
Short Description
The Telegram platform has been active for a long time. There are currently more than 6 groups and channels for different countries and languages.
This platform was originally used for Crypto trade and news. Some time ago, they changed the name and logo of the group and started advertising and introducing the Cinemadrom project.
cinemadrom is Scam

Score: 6/10

IDStart DateFollowersContent Quality
Page16/05/20181.5KGood (4/5)
EngagementAverage LikesFake MembersScam Report
Low (2/5)740% - 45%Low (4/5)
Instagram is like Telegram. They started their activities in mid-2018, but since early 2019, they have officially used the name of Cinemadrom and used this page to promot the project.
scam report on instagram for

Score: 5/10

IDStart DateFollowersContent Quality
Page06/01/20191.6KGood (4/5)
EngagementAverage LikesScam Report
High (4/5)24No
Short Description

Score: 7/10

They have no Medium page yet.

Score: 1/10

IDStart DateSubscribersContent Quality
Channel08/07/2018961good (4/5)
EngagementAverage ViewsFake ViewsScam Report
Very Low (1/5)3245% - 10%Low (4/5)
Short Description
They had a good situation on YouTube a year ago. 4 quality movies with a short time interval. But they have not produced any content for the past 8 months. The situation of promotional films (Airdrop) is relatively good, but the participation of the people is very low.

Score: 6/10

IDStart DateFollowersContent Quality
Page08/10/20181.3KGood (4/5)
EngagementAverage ActivityFake MembersScam Report
Medium (3/5)14 Feedback40% - 45%Yes (HERE)
Short Description
1300 followers after 2 years of activity, about 40% of which are fake.
The content quality is good, but the condition of Twitter is not good at all. The high volume of fake members, like, and retweet is a bit annoying.
Cinemadrom Twitter

Score: 4/10

IDStart DateFollowersContent Quality
Page08/07/20182.1KGood (4/5)
EngagementAverage LikesFake MembersScam Report
Low (2/5)2315% - 20%Low (4/5)
Short Description

Score: 5/10

IDStart DateMembersContent Quality
User11/27/2019103Normal (3/5)
EngagementKarmaFake CommentsScam Report
Medium (3/5)3671% - 5%Low (4/5)
Short Description
After 9 months of activity, their page had no audience and no charm. It has been more than 2 months since their last post and they do not have significant comments.

Score: 5/10

IDStart DateRead TimesComments
Bounty02/02/201930954 3643
Content QualityEngagementFake InteractionScam Report
Good (4/5)High (4/5)10% - 15%Very Low (5/5)
Short Description
The Bitcointalk situation is great. It is clear that they have spent a lot of time and money for that. Participation in the ANN post was low, but the Bounty campaign was great.
But it is very strange for us that everyone is just looking for bounty and no one realizes that this project is completely a scam.

Score: 9/10

[stm_ratings mark=”5.9″ max=”10″ title=”Average” css_animation=”fadeIn”]

Technical Structure

Token NameSymbolToken Type
LUMIEREThe crypto coins LUMIERE cannot be bought on the Cinemadrom project. The LUMIERE can only be obtained by exchanging the LUT token for LUMIERE.
Distributed TokenRemained TokenPrice 1 Token
1 MVH = $0.10
1 LUT = $1.00
1 LUMIERE = $1.00

The token distribution after a year is awful. They have plans for $150 million, but only 1.5% of the tokens have been distributed.
Also, in our experience, scam projects use personal Blockchain. They distribute the initial tokens and then expire them (under the pretext of moving to a new Blockchain). Continue this report to make sure that Cinemadrom Rating and Review is Scam

Score: 4/10

Token AllocationToken DistributionTotal Supply
-Production of Projects: 35%
-Marketing, AD, PR: 15%
-Traffic & Network: 12%
-Opening Offices: 10%
-Purchase of Contents: 10%
-Bonus of Team: 7%
-Coverage of ICO: 5%
-Develop Platform: 3%
-Legal Services: 2%
-Operation Expenses: 1%
-Project Production Fund: 50%
-Project Insurence Fund: 17%
-Selling Token Investor: 10%
-Founders and Team: 10%
-Bonus for User: 6%
-Marketing Project: 4%
-Legal Services: 1%
-Charity Projects: 1%
-Bounty, Advisors, Partners: 1%
100,000,000 MVH
= $10,000,000

3,000,000,000 LUT
= $3,000,000,000
Bounty & AirdropLive PriceMarket CapHolders
Yes (Unsuccessful)$0.00
Cinemadrom has no MVP

Score: 6/10

ICO (Initial coin offering) details

A few strange points

  1. It’s been a year and a half since their Pre-ICO, and only 1.5% of their token has been distributed.
  2. They plan to sell more than $3 Billion in tokens, but their soft cap is $1mil and their hard cap is $150mil. This 150-fold difference has only one meaning. They just want money without a purpose.
  3. Their ICO time has changed 3 times and their last schedule is for October.

IEO (Initial exchange offering) details

They have announced 3 exchanges for IEO. But they are all fake. We found a lot of fake info and lies in their business. CinemaDrom is not currently listed in any exchange! This really worried us and we made sure that Cinemadrom is Scam.

Score: 3/10

[stm_ratings mark=”4.3″ max=”10″ title=”Average” css_animation=”fadeIn”]


Fake Ekaterina Ulyanova
CinemaDrom use fake team

Score: 4/10

The team is highly suspicious. I think the project is only run, 2/3 people. Most of the team are fake or left the project.  Every team member has only one photo to be found on the web. They are using Black & white photos in 2020. There is no actual profile for the team members. Most of them are fake. Photoshopped photo most probably can’t found in Google. Their website SSL over. The project has zero links to the film industry as they are claiming.

Score: 5/10

Score: 4/10

[stm_ratings mark=”4.2″ max=”10″ title=”Average” css_animation=”fadeIn”]
[stm_spacing lg_spacing=”40″ md_spacing=”40″ sm_spacing=”20″ xs_spacing=”15″]

At first glance, Cinemadrom is a good & profitable project. But after a bit of research, you think  in fact, you’re facing a failed project that has not been able to grow & is still in the first place after 2 years of launch. But no, do not pity. We ask you to pay a little more attention to detail and found Cinemadrom Rating and Review is Scam. Why? The most important reason for using a fake team and fake MVP. Also a clever scammer who made up the names & posters of 5 movies with a completely fake and unreal team. Maybe these 2 reasons are enough to destroy Cinemadrom. But we have more reasons. No office and no location! Should we ignore it? Ok, but we certainly can’t ignore a $150,000,000 business with serious legal loopholes.

First we currently offer NO short-term or long-term investments on Cinemadrom Scam. Even participating in the bounty campaign is a form of collaborating with them and encourage people to lose their money too.



Business Score


IT Structure Score


Technical Structure Score


Team Score


Success Rate Variance



  • Good Idea.
  • Attention to details.
  • Good & Complete Site.
  • Great Activity on BitcoinTalk.
  • Acceptable RoI (After The Launch).
  • Token Allocation & Distribution.


  • Fake MVP (Scam).
  • Fake & Liar Team.
  • Fake Advisors (Stolen Name).
  • Serious Legal Loopholes.
  • No Location & Office.
  • Poor digital marketing.
  • Unbelievable Hard cap ($150 mil).
  • Only 1.4% Disteributed Token.
  • Very Low Holders & Token Transactions.
  • Expired Business (2 Years non activity).

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