Smart contract exploits are more ethical than hacking!

There has been much talk about recent decentralized hacks, especially in Harvest Finance and Pickle Finance. According to Ciphe...
April 21, 2021

Singapore authority issues a warning against Crypto

As you get involved in the new digital financial mechanisms called cryptocurrency, it does not take long to acknowledge there i...
April 8, 2021

$600K went away as the result of a Bitcoin scam app on the Apple Store

Phillipe Christodoulou wanted to check his Bitcoin balance last month, so he looked at the Apple App Store on his iPhone for "T...
April 4, 2021

Leading Cryptocurrency scam methods in 2021

Appears each day there's another headline around cryptocurrency and the hold it’s presently quickly taking on Wall Street and M...
March 29, 2021

Giveaway scams newest victim; is Elon Musk to blame again?

The most recent series of Bitcoin giveaway scams to pop up on Twitter has claimed a gigantic casualty last month, with a German...
March 23, 2021

BitMEX Exchange is planning to surrender to the U.S

The British computer software engineer traveled from the U.K. to surrender to American authorities, after his legal group engag...
March 19, 2021

XRP scams lawsuit Ripple and YouTube was dropped

Back in July 2020, the Ripple company was accusing that a bunch of scammers on YouTube have been impersonating Ripple and its C...
March 13, 2021

John McAfee prosecution for ICO pump-and-dump

John McAfee, Crypto advocate, and web security ghoul face a lot of different criminal charges, based on a new statement from th...
March 9, 2021

Bitcoin helped Navalny and Russian “Foreign Agents” list

Alexei Navalny is a famous pioneer of the Russian resistance. His “Anti-Corruption Foundation” (FBK) has been a thistle in Pres...
February 27, 2021

What have we learned from Crypto hacks 2020?

2020 will be remembered as the year institutions, regular investors, and business giants started to take crypto seriously. Reac...
February 18, 2021

Weblock (WON) ICO Rating and Review

Average the project score: 4.6/10
January 29, 2021

The most common ICO scams that fooled thousands

Utilizing Blockchain innovation, beginning coin offerings have gotten to be an elective implies of securing subsidizing for tra...
December 7, 2020

Chinese authorities seized Crypto funds worth $4.2B from PlusToken Ponzi

Court filings from Nov. 19 appear that a huge volume of crypto resources, counting Bitcoin and Ether, was seized from seven con...
November 29, 2020

Silk Road wallet biggest movement since 2015

CipherTrace guessed that the mysterious client made the exchanges “to remain up to date with the Bitcoin network,” but it may h...
November 11, 2020

EpoxyDAO is DeFi Scam (Closed)

Average the project score: 4.8/10
October 24, 2020