Smart contract platforms evolving; Because of Ethereum and DeFi

The decentralized finance development was a ticking time bomb holding up to explode when it finally exploded in 2020. From auto...
March 3, 2021

CME Ethereum futures launch and how it is affected

Investors are nervous that this week’s CME Ethereum futures launch will be a repeat of Bitcoin’s 2017 CME Ethereum futures laun...
February 16, 2021

ETH Gas fees have encouraged Ether killers

One of the more popular projects is PancakeSwap, a clone of SushiSwap of sorts. This means it uses Uniswap’s tech stack and Sus...
February 12, 2021

$6.5B Ethereum futures open interest signals bullish

Ethereum (ETH) price has rallied by 33% over the final five days and information appears that as this happened a few buyers sta...
February 9, 2021

$2000 Ethereum Price is Close

Significant spot volume, a favorable prospects premium, and beat dealers buying the plunge are all signals that Ethereum price ...
January 28, 2021

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) continue bullish as BTC gets stuck at resistance

Bitcoin (BTC) price tumbled more than 10% nowadays to hit resistance close to $31,000 and at the time of composing it looks jus...
January 25, 2021

Bitcoin (BTC) price 2021? Bull or Bear after $36K

Bitcoin price comes to a modern all-time high at $36,000 and has stagnated since. Here could be a recap of the likely bear and ...
January 10, 2021

All-time highs meet Alt season 2021 in the 1st financial week

Bitcoin passed the $30,000 channel, but a mammoth rise in Ether and an advertise dominance drop sets the tone for an altcoin su...
January 9, 2021

Bitcoin live price saw its all-time high, suggest what to follow in 2021

BTC drops as Coinbase stops XRP trading! $27,000 bolster fizzled to hold overnight, starting a retest of lower levels than ...
December 30, 2020

XRP price action close? Let’s take a look

The $1 price mark remains a mental boundary for XRP, with the third-ranked crypto by advertise capitalization still 85% off its...
December 11, 2020