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Cardano founder dependent on the peer review mechanism

Cardano founder dependent on the peer review mechanism

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson wonders aloud, “What the heck is the point of Bitcoin?

I can’t understand what Bitcoin is for.” Hoskinson enquired. However, although Bitcoin has shown to be an adaptive blockchain for over a decade, many in the Crypto assets community are skeptical about Hoskinson’s project, Cardano.

Vitalik Buterin met Fridman

Vitalik Buterin met down with Fridman for a heated conversation a week before this interview aired. Cardano was brought up, and the Russian-Canadian programmer was asked if he felt Hoskinson’s idea had a future. Buterin challenged Cardano’s dependence on the peer review mechanism. Buterin prefers the heuristic method to the academic proof. This was a subtle insult; the mike of a super-geek dropped.

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Bitcoin is its own greatest enemy, and Ethereum will defeat it

According to Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson, Bitcoin is excessively sluggish compared to Ethereum and other proof-of-stake networks.

Bitcoin (BTC) is at a severe competitive disadvantage owing to its sluggish speeds, according to IOHK CEO and Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson, and will be overtaken by proof-of-stake networks.

On the other hand, Cardano’s founder said that Ethereum’s network has developed to match Bitcoin’s but that it has an elegant development culture that encourages growth.

Hoskinson did concede, though, that the struggle for Crypto price supremacy is a “far more complex game” than the competition between Bitcoin and Ethereum, claiming that “many other Blockchains are now contending for substantial blockchain market share,” listing Cardano among them.

For those new with Cardano, peer review is a recurring theme across the developing proof-of-stake Blockchain platform. Investors are reportedly ecstatic about this. In an ideal world, this would be the case. But, unfortunately, peer review is the most common criterion used to assess academic credibility. Thus, the evaluation process is crucial for growth.

It’s been said that the phrase ‘peer review’ is a smart marketing gimmick for Cardano founder, a clever method of giving the proof-of-stake blockchain platform an air of superiority. On the other hand, Hoskinson is a firm supporter of peer review and a zealous defender of any critiques leveled against it. He looks to be completely committed to scholarly proofs.

Is Cardano founder, however, a wise investment?

When one looks at the current condition of the peer-review system, it appears that the answer is no. After all, we’ve been warned that the peer review system is positively “toxic.

David Rosenthal, a well-known British-American scientist, published an article titled Breaking: Peer Review is Broken last year. Peer review, according to Rosenthal, has been in chaos for “far over a decade,” with incidents of fraud occurring regularly.

According to Science magazine, “the number of publications withdrawn by journals has grown 10-fold over the last ten years,” with fraud accounting for “approximately 60% of those retractions.” What seems to be happening is that things are not getting better after three years. They’re growing worse. Then it is good for Cardano founder.

Biases and tribalism continue to afflict the peer review system across the board, from math to social sciences.

Are there instances in which the scientific method ought to work, but the technique does not offer ‘an accurate picture of the world’ — that is, a correct description of the way things truly are?” asks John Baumgardner, Ph.D. “Unfortunately, the answer is yes,” Baurngardner concludes. Science, in the words of Freemason Dyson, is more mystery than fact.

What the hell is the point of Cardano founder?

What is Cardano if Bitcoin (BTC) is nothing more than a dynamic religious movement? Fridman posed this question to Hoskinson, who then proceeded to lecture for 9 minutes straight on how Cardano offers individuals in underdeveloped countries “digital identities.”

Others, on the other hand, consider Hoskinon’s creation to be considerably less honorable. According to Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz, Cardano is a “cult” and a “strange” one. As a result, Cardano’s founder is a cult leader by default.

Whatever the benefits and drawbacks of the technology that underpins the Cardano blockchain, and whatever Hoskinson’s ardent supporters believe are worthwhile investing in, the fear is that the cult of science is very real — and that an overreliance on the peer review process could prove to be extremely problematic.

What is peer review?

The irony of Cardano founder argument is that, while Satoshi Nakamoto may not have gone through the hoops of peer review to publish his white paper, the market has already made up its mind on Bitcoin (BTC). If peer review defined as “the appraisal of work by one or more individuals with similar competencies as the work’s creators“. Then Bitcoin favorably evaluated over the past decade by some of the world’s most skilled engineers.

It certainly has its detractors. It undoubtedly has faults. However, Bitcoin’s resiliency strengthened by its exposure to the real world. And, as tech historians like to point out, Betamax technology was better than VHS, so whether Cardano founder will survive in the real world is still up for dispute.

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