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Blockchain news in Nigeria: Global Crypto leader by default

Blockchain news in Nigeria

Government bans have been circumvented by Crypto communities worldwide, and Blockchain news in Nigeria is no exception.


Nigerian regulators attempted to stifle Cryptocurrency. After a few months, it’s evident that their efforts were in vain. Despite the government’s prohibition, the country is a prime illustration of how individuals may turn to Crypto to cope with a challenging economy.

The Central Bank and Crypto transactions

The Central Bank of Nigeria issued an order in February directing banks to “identify persons and/or entities” making Crypto transactions or operating Crypto exchanges and ensure that such accounts are instantly terminated. In Nigeria, however, the limitation had little impact. Instead, the Crypto community has resorted to peer-to-peer trading or exchanging payments directly to one another.

According to Chainalysis, a Blockchain research organization, the dollar amount of Cryptocurrency received by Nigerian users has been steadily increasing in 2020 and 2021, which could be tied to this year’s bull market. According to the analytics firm, Nigeria received $2.4 billion in Cryptocurrency in May, up from $684 million in December.

While such geographic data is subject to caveats, it is clear that Cryptocurrency is alive and well in Nigeria.

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Wealth without borders for Blockchain news in Nigeria

According to a March survey by Statista, 32 percent of Nigerians utilize Cryptocurrency. Nigeria was also ranked tenth in Chainalysis’ global Cryptocurrency usage report for 2020.

Last October, when activists with the “EndSARS” movement used Bitcoin to raise funds to protest police brutality of Blockchain news in Nigeria, interest in Crypto soared.

Adoption appears to be aided by economic aspects as well

The recent loss of our native currency [encouraged] individuals to begin saving in Crypto-assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. She went on to say that Crypto users are primarily the youths who believe in it and are trading it over P2P.

The Nigerian naira has been losing value so far in 2021, with the country’s inflation rate at 18 percent. While U.S. dollars are difficult to come by in Nigeria, Bitcoin can occasionally be used as a stand-in for the dollar, allowing people to protect themselves against the naira’s inflation. Because most of the things Nigerians buy are imported, U.S. dollars are in high demand, and there are frequently insufficient of them on the market.

According to Keith Mali Chung, president and co-founder of Loopblock Network, an African Blockchain business, several Nigerian importers have already turned to Crypto as a payment option. “In Nigeria, almost 70% of everything is imported, and owing to financial restrictions, Bitcoin is now getting the attention it deserves,” he said.

Blockchain news in Nigeria using a Crypto exchange

Chung claims that Chinese merchants selling clothing and electronics about Blockchain news in Nigeria are adopting Cryptocurrency as payment. The pattern is similar to that seen in Eastern Europe, where Chinese merchants may be transferring tens of millions of dollars worth of Cryptocurrency across the border daily.

Latest Blockchain News

Chung said it’s difficult to quantify how much money is traveling from Nigeria to China, but he has some anecdotal evidence.

Some young Nigerians, according to Chung, see Bitcoin and, more negligible. Younger Cryptocurrencies as an opportunity to generate money as the established economy struggles due to the pandemic.

Right now, a lot of individuals are taking advantage of the [decentralized finance] business since it provides equal financial chances for everyone, regardless of nationality or anything else,” Chung added. “A lot of individuals are going into various yield farming schemes”. He continued, “and I know several people who have used Defi loans to run their enterprises.”

The most significant cause in Crypto’s appeal in Nigeria, according to Ray Youssef, CEO of Paxful, a website that allows users to purchase and sell Bitcoin in a peer-to-peer form. 

“Entrepreneurship is embedded into their DNA,” a spokeswoman for Youssef told CoinDesk.

Frozen accounts of Blockchain news in Nigeria

The Nigerian government, in particular the Central Bank of Nigeria, has not been publicly hostile to Cryptocurrency. During a public event in March, Adamu Lamtek. The central bank’s deputy governor said the regulator had never outlawed Cryptocurrency activity in Nigeria outright; instead, it had simply barred Crypto firms from receiving banking services.

Nigeria’s reality remains difficult for Crypto companies on the ground

Since February, fiat payments and withdrawals have been restricted at Luno. The Crypto wallet owned by Digital Currency Group (also CoinDesk’s parent business). According to the company’s CEO Marcus Swanepoel.

Although it unfroze the business’s bank account in Nigeria in June. Customers are still unable to transfer fiat payments to and from the site, according to Swanepoel.

“They are talking with relevant parties for Blockchain news in Nigeria at all hours of the day and night to get them to work together with the government to find a solution that works for everyone,” he continued. This includes the CBN and other Cryptocurrency platforms, with the ability to withdraw being the top priority.

Blockchain Nigeria user group

Chike Okonkwo, a member of the Stakeholders in Blockchain Tech Association of Nigeria (SiBAN) and the sales and partnerships lead for asset manager Thresh0ld in Africa, said the Crypto community has attempted to communicate with the central bank but has yet to receive a response.

SiBAN, together with two other groups. The Blockchain news in Nigeria User Group and the Cryptography Development Initiative of Nigeria. Has been working with authorities for some time, according to him.

They had met with the [Securities and Exchange Commission, the country’s securities regulator] before the CBN’s announcement, but the SEC had to put their measures in place. Because of what the CBN did,” Okonkwo added.

Because of the CBN’s ban, said that it postponing its plans to regulate Cryptocurrency for Blockchain news in Nigeria.

P2P boom of Blockchain news in Nigeria

Nigerian Crypto communities, like those all across the world, have discovered means to circumvent government limitations.

According to Youssef of Paxful, Nigerians transmitted even more bank wires to buy Bitcoin after February. The Central Bank of Nigeria’s illegal Crypto-related bank transfers. Base on Youssef, Paxful is on track to have 23 percent more deals paid using bank transfers in Nigeria than last year and 36 percent more in volume.

According to Paxful, Nigeria is the company’s largest market. With 1.5 million members and a transaction volume of over $1.5 billion.

According to UsefulTulips, the volumes of two major P2P platforms in Nigeria, Paxful and LocalBitcoins. Also, were the greatest in Africa in the first half of 2021, reaching more than $200 million. It also affects Blockchain news in Nigeria as well.

Nigerians exchanged 50 percent more on LocalBitcoins in the first five months of 2021 than in the same time last year. According to Jukka Blomberg, the company’s chief marketing officer. He also noted that new registrations had surged this year.

Peer to peer trade

The fact that P2P trades are complex for government personnel to track may explain some of this behavior. When people transmit money directly from one personal account to another without going via a third party. Tracking how the money is spent. It might be for Bitcoin they bought from someone, their monthly apartment rent, or repaying a debt.

As a result, banks would find it difficult, if not impossible. To comply with the Central Bank of Nigeria’s instruction to “guarantee that such accounts closed immediately.

According to Yele Bademosi, CEO of the Africa-focused Crypto app Bundle. Switching to peer-to-peer transactions may make the Crypto ecosystem in Nigeria healthier and more resilient. They should be very careful about Blockchain news in Nigeria.

Nigeria is part of a broader trend in the area. According to Damilola Odufuwa, Binance’s spokeswoman in Africa, P2P trade volumes on Binance have increased by 386.93 percent since January. Over the same four months, the continent’s user count increased by 2,228.21%, she noted. The company refused to provide precise information on Nigeria.

Blockchain news in Nigeria

Blockchain news in Nigeria about Central Bank currency pilot

According to someone who participated in the webinar and asked to remain anonymous because the meeting was private. Rakiya Mohammed, the bank’s director of information technology, stated the pilot would start on Oct. 1.

Nairametrics, a Nigerian financial news publication, had previously reported on the conference. According to his sources, Mohammed herself had organized the virtual meeting to discuss the idea, according to Olumide Adesina. The author of the Nairametrics post.

Nigerian financial officials have been debating how to effectively cope with the emergence of Crypto in the African country. Which banned Cryptocurrency transactions in the banking system in Feb. Following that, Edward Adamu, a deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. He stressed that Crypto trading is not prohibited in the country and that usage is growing despite the banking limitations.

CBDCs, or state-issued digital fiat currency, frequently promoted as a counter to privately produced Crypto. Which some claim has the potential to undermine a country’s sovereignty.


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