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BitMEX Exchange is planning to surrender to the U.S

BitMEX Exchange is planning to surrender to the U.S

BitMEX vs U.S government

Benjamin Delo is one of the co-founders of the BitMEX exchange, and has finilized his surrender to U.S authorities, and also has appeared before a New York judge and pleaded not guilty to all charges against him.

As Bloomberg now reports, Delo showed up before Judge Sarah Cave of the Southern District of New York in a remote continuing. He pleaded not guilty and was discharged on a $20 million bail bond. Beneath the terms of the bond, he can travel back to the U.K. and return to the U.S only when called upon by the court.

Delo faces charges of operating an unregistered trading platform and damaging the Bank Secrecy Act. The Justice Department claims that he, alongside Arthur Hayes and Sam Reed, allowed U.S citizens to utilize BitMEX Exchange without observing anti-money laundering laws. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) also pressed comparable charges, in expansion to further violations under the Commodity Exchange Act.

Delo has maintained his innocence, naming the charges as an overreach by the U.S government. Rachel Miller. As the BitMEX Exchange a representative for Delo, expressed, “The charges against Ben are unwarranted and represent unwarranted overreach by the U.S authorities. Ben intends to defend himself against the charges and clear his title in court.

The idea is that Mr. Delo would show up at first in Hawaii, then appear before your Honor remotely, and after that, he would proceed to reside overseas with travel to the United States for appearances as needed. And of course, in the event that there’s a trial, that he would show up inside the United States for that trial in New York,” she told Judge Cave.

Voluntary surrender in Hawaii court looks close for BitMEX Exchange

Lawyers for the previous CEO of crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX is proposing Hayes’ voluntary appearance on April 6, with his potential release on bail subject to a $10 million individual recognizance bond.

Lawyers negotiating on behalf of Arthur Hayes, one of four BitMEX Exchange administrators and co-owners charged with violating the Bank Secrecy Act by United States authorities, have finalized the terms of his proposed voluntary surrender to a Hawaii court on April 6.

As a letter submitted to the Southern District Court of New York traces. The counsel’s negotiations with the government on behalf of Hayes started in the blink of an eye after his indictment was unsealed in October 2020. The proposed bail conditions. Which should receive the court’s approval. Stipulate that Hayes, who has lived in Singapore since Jan 2020. Would possibly be released on a $10 million individual recognizance bond. Secured by $1 million in cash and co-signed by his mother.

Further proposed conditions include Hayes’ maintenance of a passport for travel between Singapore and the U.S. And his execution of a waiver of extradition in a form that would be commonly agreed upon by the government. And Hayes’ defense. Travel difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ended up in the council asking that Hayes be released on the date of his starting appearance on April 6, expecting the bond is cosigned within 10 days of that date which he pays the $1 million cash security within five days.

U.S government contact with the local FBI

The letter demonstrates that the U.S government is in contact with the local FBI office. To arrange for the logistics and transportation associated with Hayes’ court appearance in Hawaii. Pretrial services meet procedures will be conducted online. And Hayes would have to stay in Hawaii for a quarantine period before returning to Singapore. The guide proposes that he will travel to New York for future court appearances and meetings with his attorneys as required by the progress of the criminal case.

As detailed, the case against Hayes and his colleagues began on Oct. 1, 2020. When the U.S government Department of Justice filed criminal charges against him and three other officials for charged infringement of the BSA in their operations at crypto subsidiaries BitMEX Exchange.

moreover, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission recorded a civil enforcement activity against the four men. In this case for alleged violations of Anti-Money Laundering directions.

Others linked with the Crypto Exchange

Greg Dwyer, the exchange’s first worker and however another high-ranking executive, has declined to surrender. U.S authorities revealed that he is as of now residing in Bermuda and they are working to extradite him.

Sam Reed is another one of the co-founders. And she was the primary BitMEX Exchange executive that authorities arrested in Massachusetts on October 1. He was afterward discharged on a $5 million appearance bond.

What would this case mean for the Crypto world?

The pursuit of the BitMEX Exchange administrators by U.S authorities is the clearest sign that the time of cryptocurrency Wild West is behind us. For a long time, numerous exchanges and digital currency projects have been working on a ‘Crypto Crime Cartel’. Also, that has flouted regulations at will. Be that as it may, the reckoning has begun and BitMEX Exchange is fair the primary domino to drop. It won’t be long before the likes of Binance, Blockstream, Kraken,, and more drop.


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