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Bitcoin payment by Amazon website support and denies rumored plans

Bitcoin payment by Amazon website support and denies rumored plans

Despite dismissing rumors that the e-commerce titan would soon accept Bitcoin payment by Amazon website. An Amazon representative said the business is still interested in the cryptocurrency space.

However, the spokeswoman did not dispute that Amazon is investigating Cryptocurrency payments, saying, “We are focused on studying what this could look like for Amazon consumers shopping.

A job posting for a digital currency and Blockchain product was listed on Amazon. Four days later, the City A.M. newspaper in London published a story citing a “source. Who claimed Amazon was “definitely” preparing to allow Bitcoin payments and establish a native token, igniting a firestorm of conjecture about Amazon’s crypto ambitions.

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Bitcoin payment by Amazon website Crypto media site

On Monday, the skyrocketing market action Monday, during which Bitcoin gained almost 15% in less than three hours amid a violent squeeze that resulted in more than $110 million in liquidations, was attributed by Wu Blockchain, a Chinese  Crypto media site, to Amazon’s speculated ambitions. In a tweet on July 26, Wu stated:

In one hour, Bitcoin rose by 12%, outpacing the rest of the market. Because the Chinese are only now waking up. “Following the propagation of the Amazon story in the Chinese community, the price of Bitcoin has clearly begun to rise.

BTC prices have started to fall as Bitcoin payment by Amazon website denied its alleged plans to support Bitcoin. According to CoinGecko, BTC was trading at $36,770 at the time of writing. Down 4.4 percent in the last 24 hours.

Antidolos reported on Amazon’s payments acceptance and experience steam position on July 23. The product lead will be in charge of developing a digital currency and Blockchain strategy as well as a product roadmap for the company.

Amazon is expected to accept Bitcoin payments this year, according to a source

Amazon’s intention to enter the cryptocurrency payments field, according to an unidentified insider, “begins with Bitcoin.

According to City A.M. in London. An anonymous source within Amazon has stated that the e-commerce giant plans to begin accepting Bitcoin payment by Amazon website by the end of 2021. Also, potentially paving the way for broader mainstream acceptance of crypto transactions.

This isn’t just a case of going through the motions to set up Bitcoin payment alternatives in the future. This is a full-fledge, well-discussed. And also a significant element of Amazon’s future working mechanism. According to a report released on Sunday. According to the source, while Bitcoin is the first step in Amazon’s crypto goals, corporate leaders are eager to add more well-known cryptocurrencies in the future. They said that the “directive is coming from the very top,” alluding to Jeff Bezos.

The project of Bitcoin payment by Amazon website as a whole is almost ready to go

Amazon rumor to researching the creation of its cryptocurrency. Maybe as early as 2022, in addition to taking Bitcoin payments.

For days, speculation regarding Amazon’s entry into the cryptocurrency industry has been prevalent since a new job posting for “Digital Currency and Blockchain Product Lead” surfaced on the company’s employment board last week. According to the job description, the new employee will help establish Bitcoin payment by Amazon website digital currency strategy and product roadmap. The post necessitates extensive knowledge of Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

This isn’t the first time Amazon has posted a crypto-related job opening. According to Antidolos ICO IEO rating and review. The e-commerce behemoth was looking for a technical lead to develop its new “Digital and Emerging Payments” platform in February.

Bitcoin payment by Amazon website is looking for a new executive to head its digital currency effort

A thorough understanding of the digital currency and Crypto ecosystems and related technologies required for the new Amazon role.

Amazon is looking to break into digital currency and Blockchain development with new large recruitment within its payments-focused division.

A digital currency and Blockchain product lead are needed by Amazon’s payments acceptance and experienced team to help develop the company’s digital currency and Blockchain strategy and a product roadmap. Besides, this team is in charge of customer payments on Amazon’s websites and through its global services.

The new position, which it announced on Thursday, calls for an experienced product leader with experience in Blockchain, central bank digital currencies, and cryptocurrencies to “make a case for the capabilities that should be developed” and steer the overall product vision.

The new Bitcoin payment by Amazon website digital currency head, according to the job, will work directly with teams throughout Amazon to develop the roadmap, which includes the user experience, technological strategy, and capabilities.

Bitcoin payment by Amazon website deep understanding

According to the application. A range of industry qualifications requires, including a “deep awareness” of the digital currency and cryptocurrency ecosystems and related technology.

It’s unclear whether Amazon intends to use its digital currency as part of the payment acceptance process for the new post. Also, it did not immediately respond to Antidolos’ request for comment.

The recent job posting evidences Amazon’s rising interest in digital currency. The company is working on a new service that will allow customers to shop with digital currency. Earlier this year, Amazon advertised a job vacancy for “Digital and Emerging Payments”. Also, a new digital payment product that the company planned to offer initially in Mexico.

In a tweet on February 2. One of the cryptocurrency industry’s most well-known players revealed that he still believes Amazon will have to issue its altcoin.

When it comes to the internet business industry in general, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of prominent crypto exchange Binance, says it’s a question of when, not if, Amazon would issue its coin.


Although he could not be sure that Bitcoin payment by Amazon website would ultimately fulfill this duty. Dorsey cautioned on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast aired on Feb 2 that the most significant Crypto appeared to be the most straightforward candidate.

It conceived on the internet, developed on the internet, tested on the internet; it is of the internet,” he explained.

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