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Are you sure Blockchain tech will change everything?

Are you sure Blockchain tech will change everything?

In response to whether Blockchain tech will change everything, it can be said that Over the past few years, we have heard the words Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and bitcoin many times; they seem scary and exciting, just like the fear and excitement of the formation of credit cards or the Internet!

Over the past few years, we have heard the words Cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology, and bitcoin many times; they seem like scary and exciting words, just like the fear and excitement of the early days of the formation of credit cards or the Internet! This article will learn more about these words from the Antidolos website.

A brief history of currency exchange

From long ago, we considered intermediaries essential when looking for a transaction of money or anything else of value. We eliminated them as impossible because they were the only way to create reliability and trust for us. They performed many tasks to assist with authentication and data logging processes.

The need for these intermediaries becomes increasingly important when using digital transactions because digital assets are something like a file and all entities in the digital world are virtual; Therefore, the problems that we face in the real world are now multiplied. Do you need to recover stolen Bitcoin from scammers? Contact the Antidolos team for more information.

Today, a new solution or, in simpler words, a new technology has been created, which provides the possibility of eliminating intermediaries, and currency exchange in the digital world is not only more challenging but also more accessible.

Is Blockchain tech will change everything?

To answer this, Is Blockchain tech will change everything? , we first explain the concept of Cryptocurrency.

Currency exchange is like any regular currency exchange, except that this exchange is done digitally, and particular Cryptographic principles are implemented. Cryptocurrency uses highly sophisticated Cryptographic protocols to encrypt data nearly impossible to crack.

These currencies often have a peer-to-peer network, and no one is known as the owner or controller of these systems. Cryptocurrency is an open-source term that removes government, banks, and other institutions from the flow of traditional currency exchanges and operates independently. Get the Indonesia Crypto industry in 2022 from the Antidolos site.

How does Cryptocurrency work?

Cryptocurrency source codes and technical codes are very complex and technical. However, the general public can easily understand how this currency exchange works and use it wisely. What’s working behind the scenes and making Cryptocurrency possible is Blockchain technology.

What is Blockchain?

In simple words, Blockchain is a kind of information recording and reporting system. Blockchain tech will change everything; its difference from other systems is that the information stored on this system is shared among all network members. Encryption and data distribution can eliminate the possibility of hacking, deleting, and manipulating recorded information.

The concept of Blockchain first appeared with the emergence of Bitcoin, and the king of digital currencies used this solution to store information about users’ assets.

For a better understanding of Blockchain, consider the following example:

In a group of 100 people, I hold up a sheet of information, and everyone takes a picture of that sheet with their cell phones. Now, if I destroy or change that information, it’s no longer acceptable to that crowd because they have a copy of the original unless I take everyone’s cell phone and delete it.

This community we talked about can be several millions of people we see in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Blockchain digital currencies, or it can be used privately for a specific group.

Blockchains can be used privately and for specific purposes in an institution or organization, also called enterprise Blockchain. Of course, according to many experts, enterprise Blockchains cannot achieve the primary goal of this technology, i.e., decentralization.

Blockchain applications

As we said, Bitcoin and decentralized digital currencies are Blockchain technology’s most essential and successful applications. For example, in Bitcoin, this technology eliminates the possibility of fraud, double spending of money, and reversal of transactions.

But this technology can have many other applications besides digital currencies, and it can be used wherever there is a need to store data and eliminate the need for trust.

For example, Blockchain tech will change everything

For example, electronic and fraud-free elections can be one of the applications of Blockchain. This innovation can significantly reduce the risk of election fraud and the need for a workforce.

Or, for another example, we can mention the use of Blockchain in the supply chain and transportation. Factories and manufacturing companies can record their goods and transportation information on the database from the beginning until they reach the customer, which guarantees the authenticity of the goods and the quality of the raw materials for the customer.

With this technology, just like a society or an organization, a kind of governance can be created in a system where everyone can contribute to the advancement of that system according to their shares and powers.

Also, this technology can convert assets into digital tokens and be offered as movable assets. For example, the value of a house can be converted into thousands of digital tokens and sold against the budget of applicants so that many people (even from other countries) can invest in that house. See Bitcoin market pump and dump for more information on the Crypto market in 2023.

Will Blockchain change global economics, politics, and power?

Blockchain is a technology that promises to change the world; this technology will not only transform the Internet into an incredibly effective tool but also revolutionize global economics, politics, and power.

A new global economy in which intermediaries will no longer play a role. In this economy, trust is created not by central intermediaries but by the consensus of complex computer codes. A new global politics in which sophisticated computer codes and corruption will run all activities will be easily exposed.

Opinions of Blockchain professionals

Dan Tapscott, one of the Canadian university professors in the field of Blockchain technology, believes that technology will have a far-reaching impact on the world. Blockchain tech will change everything. And this impact will not be through social media, big data, robotics, or even with intelligence. It will not be created artificially. These significant changes will only come with Blockchain.

Of course, Blockchain technology goes beyond the transfer of money and digital currencies. Electronic voting, smart contracts, and patient health record management are among Blockchain applications. In addition, all industries that operate based on intermediaries, including banking, insurance, universities, and government sectors, will change profoundly. It will lead to the loss of many people’s jobs and the complete transformation of these industries.

But despite these adverse effects, eliminating intermediaries will bring more positive benefits. For example, the possibility of free trade for individuals and companies will be provided freely. In fact, the restrictions that institutions such as banks or governments created for business will be removed with this technology.

Blockchain technology will also eliminate many of the costs that intermediaries used to impose on individuals and businesses.

The first who show that Blockchain tech will change everything

The more considerable promise of Blockchain developers is to democratize the global financial system. Meaning better access to financial and payment systems and preventing corruption and exploitation. Blockchain is a new technology that allows recording information permanently and without the possibility of change.

This technology is a database or database that is not located on one or more specific servers but distributed on all the computers that connect to the network. Due to the use of encryption and its registration in all network computers. The recorded records cannot be hacked or deleted.

Bitcoin was the first application of this technology. Still, this revolutionary system can be used for any system that needs to reduce the need to trust intermediaries and third-party people.

To sum up, Blockchain tech will change everything

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