“Advantages” speak instead of us.

1. AntiDolos is a communication media that covers all the news about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, New Tech, and online Startups. We scrutinize the internet and all social media every day and select and publish first-hand news from the top sources.
2. We do our best to publish credible news. We are not affected by the media atmosphere and daily trends. We check the credibility of the news several times. We guarantee to get better every day. Honesty is the top priority.
3. Specific algorithms and factors for project analysis.
You probably know dozens of -listing, rating, and researching- sites about ICOs, IEOs, and other Crypto businesses. They are all good. But the AntiDolos methods for analyzing and evaluating projects are unique and highly accurate. We examine more than 60 variables in 10 categories.
Some of them are:
  • Reviewing the history and resume of team members one by one.
  • Investigation of Smart contract, source code, and programming.
  • Social Media Status (Members, Number, Quality of Content, and Fake Members, etc.)
  • The credibility and growth potential of the project.
  • Checking the physical background and location of the team and office.
  • Investigating on business partners and related projects and previous brands of management.
  • Check the “Token” transactions, hash, and holders.
  • We don’t get satisfied by a simple review and rating. It’s a full investigation.
4. No time limit! The process of reviewing is the same in most sources. Look at the site, Graphic scoring, Checking the team members and LinkedIn status, Taking a look at social media and office positions (which are often fake). We can’t blame them because they have to check and list a dozen of projects every day.
But everything in AntiDolos is different. A team observes the target for several days. We count all their steps and check the fingerprints of team members throughout the internet. We see things that are sometimes forgotten.
5. We have no premium (nonfree) services.
All services, news, and reviews are free. We do not receive any charge from ICOs, IEOs and other businesses to change details and scores.
No user can improve their project rankings by paying.
As long as you do not have premium services, justice and honesty will be maintained between all targets.
Unfortunately, some similar media get a fee to publish an exclusive review or improve ICOs / IEOs scores.