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7 ways to hold your Crypto assets safe

7 ways to hold your Crypto assets safe

What are the ways to hold your Crypto assets safe? The terms “Cryptocurrencies” and “Digital Assets” have gained so much popularity over the last decade, first with the emergence of Bitcoin, then followed by other alts (alternative coins or tokens), and this continues to experience an upward trend in recent times. So naturally, security and safety issues are always on the front burner in our daily lives, and the reason is not far-fetched. In other words, security is everything. 

There are numerous ways to protect your holdings, but we will discuss how to keep your digital assets safe. This article will be helpful to anyone interested in knowing how to keep their digital assets safe. In addition, we hope you’ll be able to put into practice everything you’ll learn from this write-up. So let’s jump right into it!

  • Keep your secret/recovery phrase

To begin with, cryptocurrency handling is not for careless people. When setting up a crypto wallet (either software or hardware wallets), you must write down some sets of phrases or words. Please note that the total number of these phrases may vary (i.e., 12, 24, or more). Furthermore, you should never give out your recovery/secret phrase, nor should you screenshot it or send it via emails, texts, or phone calls. In short, do whatever it takes to keep it safe. Do you want more tips for Crypto traders and investors? Stay with Antidolos Media to the end.

  • Use a cold wallet to hold your Crypto assets safe

I understand that the term “Cold Wallet” wallet might sound strange to you, and this is entirely normal. Let’s break it down for you. A cold wallet is a piece of device capable of receiving and storing a cryptocurrency or any digital asset that is not readily connected to the internet.

It is otherwise referred to as an offline wallet or the more popular name, “hardware wallet,” thus adding an extra layer of security or protection to your digital assets or cryptocurrencies.

An example of these hardware wallets is the Trezor wallet and Ledger wallet. These portable and cheap devices guarantee maximum security for your holdings. Despite the drawbacks of using cold wallets by active traders (i.e., losing fees while transacting) through repetitive withdrawals, it is still better to keep most of one’s assets in a hardware wallet. Try as much as possible to avoid leaving your funds on the exchange, especially the centralized exchanges, to reduce counterparty risk. Do you need more info about how to hold your Crypto assets safe? Stay with Antidolos ICO scams alert to the end of this article.

  • Use only secure internet connections

On several occasions, many people always want to connect to any private or public internet they find available for free. For instance, they connect to someone or public networks in the workplace, airports, train stations, etc. Unfortunately, sometimes this poses a significant risk to your assets. 

Make sure to use a very reliable and proven internet connection and provider. In addition, the internet speed also needs to be relatively optimal to enjoy the best available products and services. Worthy of mention is also the interaction with the so-called DeFi protocols

Do not interact with unsecured, unprotected, and unproven DeFi protocols to prevent your wallet from being hacked; otherwise, they have unrestricted access to your wallet and can transfer your funds anytime.

In the Crypto industry, sharing or distribution of airdrops are also very common, but most airdrops in Crypto are scams. So, avoid picking free cherries in front of freight trains.

  • Keep multiple wallets to hold your Crypto assets safe

Keeping multiple wallets simultaneously for enhanced security is better based on professional recommendations. Specific wallets would frequently interact with the “outside world” (i.e., the internet), while the others can be used only occasionally as the need demands.

It is also essential to do this if hackers attack any of your wallets. You can easily switch to the other wallets. Use reputable mobile software wallet applications like Trustwallet, MetaMask, or SafePal wallet.

Check Antidolos Marketing Services to learn how to open a safe and secure wallet on SEC approved Crypto list.

  • Protect your device from phishing

Phishing scams are increasing daily. These Bitcoin scammers usually attack via emails and social media groups. These bad actors always send different links to one’s email address, Telegram, or WhatsApp, hoping to get you to click on their link so they can get unrestricted access to your device. As a result, avoiding clicking on links, you cannot guarantee or trust while using your mobile devices or laptops is advisable. We also recommend changing your email address, and social media account passwords from time to time while ensuring that you use a very strong password. Furthermore, always enable 2FA (i.e., two-factor authentication on your accounts) and preferably use anti-spam or anti-malware software to prevent these threats.

  • Don’t stop learning

Generally, learning stops only after one’s last breath. Therefore, learning more about the Crypto industry and its functions is paramount. The more helpful information gathered, the better the outcome for you regarding acquired knowledge of the industry and, most importantly, your ROI (i.e., profits).

  • Find independent and reliable media

Are you a newbie? Do you want to get into Crypto and hold your Crypto assets safe? Then, you can learn from our site and make passive income by following our professional ICO Rating and review.

A non-profit media that started in Jan 2020. Find the Latest Blockchain News & top IEO Rating and Review here. Our priority is honesty, freedom from censorship, and transparency in exposing projects and publishing reals. Everything you find here is free, and we don’t charge any government, agency, company, or project.

Conclusively, keep your gains proven and reliable when taking profits in Crypto. And tested Stablecoins, especially USDC and USDT, to avoid “stories that touch” and regrets. If you fail to strictly adhere to the above fundamental principles and ways to hold your Crypto assets safe, you’ll have yourself to blame.

Final words about how to hold your Crypto assets safe

Although we’ve provided various examples about BovineVerse Platform Review, you still have to take responsible actions for a good profit. If you also want to learn how to spot a good ICO, the methods and guides on Antidolos basics Crypto Learning can be pretty helpful.

Stay vigilant while doing your due diligence. Endeavor to read other posts on Antidolos latest Blockchain news, and please leave your thoughts and comments, and remember to share them with your friends and family.

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Crypto is by no means secure. No matter what you do, eventually there is always the possibility of risk and losing your money.

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