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360 Blockchain news changes name to Codebase Ventures

360 Blockchain news

360 Blockchain News has raised C$1 million in fresh capital, which it will use towards further Codebase investments.

The new name more accurately represents the Vancouver-based investment firm’s objective of investing in early-stage technology firms to provide high returns for shareholders. 

As hands-on investors searching for the highest returns. Also, makes it logical for us to broaden our focus beyond Blockchain. So that our team can spot these opportunities ahead of the competition.

Who is Jeff Koyen?

In other Codebase Ventures announcements, Jeff Koyen will take over as chief strategy officer. Koyen will continue to oversee Codebase’s portfolio businesses in his new job while also exploring new investments. He was formerly a strategic adviser at 360 Blockchain Inc and the CEO of 360 Blockchain USA. 

In a statement, Koyen stated, “We remain optimistic that Blockchain technology will dramatically alter how business is conducted, and we anticipate our present investments to provide value to our shareholders.” “However, if we want to uncover the most interesting technological advances, we need to broaden our scope and mission.”

Separately, the Company recently closed a C$1 million round of funding, which it will use to make new Codebase investments.

Codebase’s current investments include Arcology, a Blockchain startup, ICO Ranker. Besides, a business-to-business directory of Blockchain software, service providers, platforms, Blockchain Ranker, a business-to-business directory of Blockchain software, service providers. And platforms.

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360 Blockchain news arranges more than a private placement

The proceeds will be used to fund general working capital and future investments.

360 Blockchain Inc (CNSX: CODE) announced that it had completed a non-brokered private placement worth up to $1 million for C$0.03 per unit.

According to a news statement from the Vancouver-based business, each unit consists of one common share of 360 Blockchain news and one common share purchase warrant. Each warrant has a two-year term and can be exercised for C$0.05.

The funds will be utilized to fund regular operating capital as well as future investments.

In Tuesday’s Canadian trading, shares fell C$0.01 to C$0.03 and traded for US$0.03 on the OTC Markets.

In October, Kyle Maron was named vice president of business development for the Company’s ICO Ranker portfolio firm.

360 Blockchain news poised to buy two websites

 According to Jeff Koyen, the group’s strategic advisor, ICO Ranker is a profitable editorial property.

The Company announced the possible acquisition of two properties.

360 Blockchain news Inc (CSE: CODE, OTCMKTS: BKLLF) is expanding its ‘360 family’ as it prepares to purchase the ICO Ranker .com and websites for $2.25 million in cash and stock.

The former has a list of the top Cryptocurrency ICOs and ongoing Initial Coin Offerings, among other things (ICOs)., on the other hand, is a pre-revenue website that evaluates and assesses Blockchain platforms, services, and software suppliers.

According to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers, token sales raised $13.7 billion in the first five months of 2018. More than tripling the total money received in 2017.

ICOs have passed the “hype cycle” and are “growing more mature and established,” according to PwC.

360’s strategic advisor said, “ICORanker is a profitable editorial property

This agreement validates our conviction that the token sale ecosystem has a bright future ahead of it, as legislative certainty opens the door for consumers and institutional investors to participate.

BlockchainRanker, which is expected to debut in the third quarter under 360 Blockchain news management, will refocus revenue efforts on extremely profitable lead generation and referral programs.

Koyen will administer both websites, with small staff spread around the globe.

“This year, just a small percentage of Canada’s public Blockchain firms are reporting income,” said George Tsafalas, 360’s CEO.

“We’re diversifying our assets in a way that puts income on the books right away by adding ICORanker to the 360 families. Looking ahead, we’re eager to assist in the expansion of these fantastic prospects.”


360 Blockchain news

360 Blockchain news ICO Ranker appoints new VP of business development

At CUBOCC and Engine, Maron established himself as a digital marketing specialist, according to the business.

360 Blockchain news Inc (CNSX: CODE), an ICO Ranker portfolio company, announced the appointment of Kyle Maron as vice-president, business development to accelerate the development and deployment of breakthrough Blockchain technology.

Maron worked as a digital marketing expert at CUBOCC and Engine, a worldwide data-driven marketing agency, before joining ICO Ranker.

 He has worked with household names such as Nestle, Nike, HBO, and Netflix. As the firm rebrands as the industry standard for honest, credible initial coin offering evaluations, he will supervise client interactions and drive new paid marketing solutions at ICO Ranker. Also, he’ll also create new paid sponsorship options for token sellers to engage with ICO Ranker ‘s worldwide investor community.

“Token sales, initial coin offerings, and Crypto crowdfunding campaigns continue to draw billions of dollars in worldwide investment,” stated 360’s strategic consultant Jeff Koyen.

The token-sale research, evaluations, and recommendations sectors are more profitable than ever.

ICO Ranker is a well-known brand in the business, and I’m delighted to welcome Kyle to the team. 360 Blockchain news has announced a seed investment in the Blockchain technology platform.

announces a seed investment

360 Blockchain news announces a seed investment

(FSCwire) – Vancouver, British Columbia – 360 Blockchain news Inc. (“360” or the “Company”) (CSE: CODE – FWB: C5B – OTC: BKLLF) has announced its investment in Arcology, a first-of-its-kind 360 Blockchain news technology developed by Alberta-based Capital Blocktech Inc. 

Arcology will tackle the challenges that afflict existing industry leaders, such as speed and scalability, by employing machine-learning and pattern-recognition technologies to construct hierarchical Blockchain systems. Mr. Laurent Zhang, the originator of Arcology, will lead the development, aided by 360’s leadership and advisers. 

Arcology’s initial funding will come from a $1,000,000 equity infusion, which will entitle 360 to 30 percent of the Company’s issued and outstanding shares. 

Arcology will receive up to $2,000,000 in funding from 360, subject to the conditions; the entire $2,000,000 will entitle 360 to 51 percent of the then-issued and outstanding shares. 

Mr. Jeff Koyen, 360’s Strategic Advisor, stated, “Laurent Zhang has created a unique Blockchain news 24/7 technology that self-organizes and self-recovers, and we’re pleased to lead the investment”. Also, “We believe his radical new network structure has a promising future. It will open up international markets for both commercial and public applications.” 

Mr. Zhang and Blockchain trends

Mr. Zhang is a leader and visionary in Blockchain trends, Cryptocurrencies, distributed system architecture, artificial intelligence, algorithm optimization, and performance tuning. 

Mr. Zhang has also worked with QuickFlo Health Inc. As Vice President of Engineering, HPIS Technologies as Chief Technology Officer, Baker Hughes Inc. as a Research Scientist, the University of Alberta as a Research Engineer, and also MKS Instruments as a Manager and Senior Engineer. He besides holds an M.Sc. In Intelligent Systems from the University of Sunderland in the United Kingdom and a B.Sc. Honors in Computing from Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom. 

Mr. George Tsafalas, 360 President and CEO, stated, “By spotting this potential, 360 Blockchain news will help push Blockchain technology to where it needs to be in a decade, not just years”. Also, “The Blockchain revolution is only getting started, and we’re excited to be a part of it”. 

About 360 Blockchain news Inc

To provide finance and experience to Blockchain innovations to create exponential value.

360 Blockchain news Inc. Has a long-term goal of investing cash and experience in expediting the development and deployment of breakthrough Blockchain technology. We believe that Blockchain technology. Besides, a transparent and incorruptible distributed ledger, can change the way businesses are conducted, offering unprecedented levels of security, cost savings. And efficiency in our internet-connected world.

360 Blockchain news will concentrate on discovering and enabling Blockchain technologies to utilize in Crypto-currencies, smart contracts, eSports, and data management. Also the internet of things, stock trading, privacy applications, and more. You can also have the Latest Blockchain news in India.

Forward-looking statements

Certain material in this press release may include forward-looking statements subject to significant known and unknown risks and uncertainties. Also, statements concerning the Company’s future financial condition, business strategy, use of proceeds, corporate vision. Potential acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures, strategic alliances, and co-operations. Budgets, expenses, and goals and objectives are examples of forward-looking statements. Also, this type of forward-looking data represents management’s current opinions and is based on information currently accessible to them.

Forward-looking statements can sometimes. But not always, be identified by the use of words like “plans,” “expects,” “is expected,” “budget,” “scheduled,” “estimates,” “forecasts”. “Predicts,” “intends,” “targets,” “aims,” “anticipates”. Besides, or “believes,” or by the use of words like “targets,” “aims,” “anticipates,” or “believes”. Actual results or performance may vary significantly from any future results or performance expressed or indicated by forward-looking information due to various known and unknown risks, uncertainties. And other factors. These forward-looking statements are subject to several risks and uncertainties. Some of which are beyond the Company’s control, such as the impact of general economic circumstances, industry conditions. And also reliance on regulatory approvals, to name a few. Readers warned that the assumptions used in developing such information.

The Canadian Securities Exchange and its Regulation Service

360 Blockchain news while reasonable at the time of preparation, may turn out to be inaccurate. And that it should avoid excessive reliance on forward-looking statements. Except as required by securities laws, the Company assumes no responsibility to update or modify its forward-looking statements. Whether from new information, future events, or otherwise.

The Canadian Securities Exchange and its Regulation Service Provider (as defined in the Canadian Securities Exchange’s rules) take no responsibility for the correctness or accuracy of this announcement.

Sum-up about 360 Blockchain news

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